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  1. I'm really looking to buy used, as I don't want to miss the summer, my car is with Caterham on SoR at present. Will probably think about new if I cant find the right car in time though. There seem to be very few about. Definitely looking for a launch edition spec, I have had a passenger ride around Oulton in one, and was very impressed at the time. Pete.
  2. First post alert I've been lurking on here for a few days, as I'm wondering about a 2-Eleven as a replacement to a Caterham R500. I was finding the Caterham a bit too intense perhaps, all the noise and vibration detracting from the business of driving it! Last trackday it managed to mess up my dodgy back, and I got black flagged for noise. Some in 7 circles will now brand me a wuss, but I've had four of them, so time for a change me thinks.... Anyone on here graduated to a 2-Eleven from a Caterham and how did it compare? I've read all the articles and watched all the videos, but you can't beat real experiences. Just got the small problem of finding one for sale...... Thanks all Pete.
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