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  1. chipp

    Lotus elan M100 na

    Try putting the same question here chipp
  2. Is that the 50,000th car the Princes Trust one? chipp
  3. Hi Danny and welcome. Sounds to me that you may just op for the Exige but if you have a local dealer who can set you up some back to back test drives that would help you decide. Not had a Porsche myself but many on here have and they will help you compare. chipp
  4. Looks like you have bought yourself a very smug and devilish grin there Paul. Enjoy. chipp
  5. First thoughts are similar to a Matra Bagheera or Opel Gt but probably neither of them. chipp
  6. They probably said that because they couldn't work out what it is. Anyway, what is it? chipp
  7. Just smoke and mirrors? A lot of activity around the track this morning though might be related. chip
  8. Did it look like the motorsport building had gone and the watch tower is a bit battered. Work must be under way for the new visitor centre. chipp
  9. Absolutely have to agree with you there Michael. My work has been mainly outdoors for the last 35 years and I have been constantly saying that the last ten years it has been getting more frequently windy chipp
  10. Crikey Stuart that is brave, have you done any of the shorter sprint races in the C1. chipp
  11. Very nice...was away on a stag weekend so would not have made it anyway. chipp
  12. But why does the bottom of the picture not look in perspective, is it because the kids are standing on a wall maybe. chipp
  13. chipp

    new shed

    Depending on how you are using the shed you could look at something like Wisadeck or bus, as used in buses, lorries and trailers. Or even a hard wearing laminate floor laid cross bonded. chipp
  14. He definitely has good car control and it looks a lot of fun for him and his passengers, but that looks like it all happens on public roads. chipp
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