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  1. chipp

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    🙂 But why does the bottom of the picture not look in perspective, is it because the kids are standing on a wall maybe. chipp
  2. chipp

    new shed

    Depending on how you are using the shed you could look at something like Wisadeck or bus, as used in buses, lorries and trailers. Or even a hard wearing laminate floor laid cross bonded. chipp
  3. chipp

    Exige picture & video thread

    He definitely has good car control and it looks a lot of fun for him and his passengers, but that looks like it all happens on public roads. chipp
  4. chipp

    Evora Crash on M40

    Ein bisschen luft…..maybe chipp
  5. No idea how many banners were at the 70th but if they did become available there is bound to be a lot of interest. Maybe to give everyone a chance to get hold of one they could be auctioned with some or all of the proceeds going to some charities or good causes. chipp
  6. @Steve1 My father in law had an ice blue around that time in Norwich with plate 71 JAC, now wouldn't that be a coincidence. chipp
  7. chipp

    Classic Team Lotus Tour Tuesday 20th November

    I went a couple of weeks ago with Guy during a V6 Experience day. Seeing all the cars in one space now is just amazing. Hope the Indy car is still there for you guys. chipp
  8. chipp

    What made you happy today?

    How can you get that excited about a bench vice? chipp
  9. chipp

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Enjoyed that, thanks. Good vid after that one if you let it run about F1 Liveries starting with Team Lotus. chipp
  10. Allan, try Steve here He does quite a few Esprits and has a supplier of an equivalent material so may be able to give some advise. chipp
  11. It's got a Lexus badge. chipp
  12. Great event and wouldn't want to fault it in anyway but maybe if the event was publicized earlier giving people more time to plan travel, accommodation, time off work etc. If it did become an annual event and the numbers attending was kept to a limit again it probably wouldn't effect the popularity as there was so many people who were not able to attend, so the demand would probably still be high for exclusive tickets. Getting cars and pedestrians in seemed to work well bar the 'no right turn' at the end of Potash Lane, don't know how to overcome that one without adding a second entrance. A few more displays (static and moving) with emphasis on anniversaries and these would vary every year keeping things a fresh. Its good to hear ex and current employees being interviewed over the pa and possibly talking a little bit about key projects. And definitely a guest ex F1 driver getting the VIP treatment starting with the resident Mr Donnelly. chipp
  13. Lotus have mentioned that they would like to hear peoples feedback from the 70th Party bearing in mind they may have an annual event. Use this thread as a one stop post for Lotus to collect your views from the day. Everything from tickets to logistics, displays, CTL, talks, catering, parking anything you can think of that would give Lotus food for thought. chipp
  14. Yes Steve and how the food outlets were all reasonably priced compared to lots of other events. chipp