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  1. The lead work does look wider than 6", probably 9" or more. Going up the lay board would probably require more like 18" as mentioned above. The three bottom ridge do look to have been re-bedded fairly recently as they are on a slightly higher morter bed and you can see a lighter grey one that has been replaced with similar as on the neighbours roof. This may have been already broken and be the cause of the ingress to start with as there are signs of damp higher up the rafter (also causing the neighbours problem by travelling along the trimmer that will stetch into both properties) or it broke when they lifted the ridge. Similar as to what may have happened on the lower ridge where two tiles have been replaced on the neighbours side and one on your sister's. They may have used a wider lead on the lay board, you can't tell unless you lift the bottom tile. Some terrace roofs have the coverings run continuosly along the length of all the buildings but sometimes you may have the party wall extend above the roof line with a capping of some sort. Here seems to be a ridge capping, are they all like this along the street? If they have lifted the three ridge tiles I would expect that this would have been done to make good any damged felt. It's possible this has not been done on both sides as only instucted to carry out work on one side. Although informing the neighbour would be courteous. Try getting their contact details and ask them of their findings whilst they were up there. πŸ™‚
  2. chipp

    Type 133

    I've seen a mule around lately but cant tell if it is the 133
  3. Not related to your experience but I'm wondering how you've joined on Oct 10th, in three days time. πŸ˜„
  4. The Elan Register organised a get together for today at the factory. Was a small gathering of around 40 Elans from far and wide plus a surprise visit from Clive Chapman. CTL factory tours took place as well.
  5. Had a nice day at Dunstan Hall for the EALC Ruby Jubilee lunch a couple of weeks ago. Lotus Cars Group PR manager Alistair Florance arranged a couple of Emiras for display.
  6. @Kimbers you must be feeling a very proud man tonight, can't imagine how Wendy feels but flattered to be the least.
  7. Classic seem to have the parts department up and running. Classic Lotus Car Parts | Classic Team Lotus Welcome to the Classic Team Lotus Parts Store We provide a range of parts for Classic Lotus road cars. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please call Clive Green on 07789 495635 or email ELAN SHOP PARTS EUROPA SHOP PARTS ELAN +2 SHOP PARTS ELITE/ECLAT SHOP PARTS ESPRIT SHOP PARTS EXCEL SHOP PARTS ELAN M100 SHOP PARTS ELISE/EXIGE/EUROPA S SHOP PARTS EVORA SHOP PARTS
  8. Nice to see you still have that wicked sense of humour @Barrykearley πŸ’ͺ
  9. @Warren King has a nice M100 but has not been active here for a while. Maybe @Parramint can contact him although i would have thought he should know about this event.
  10. Nearly lost my young daughter due to her siding completely with her mother in the years after our divorce. The years rolled on and evevtually she worked out things for herself and it all came good.
  11. Don't shoot me down if i'm wrong but chatting to Scott at the weekend he did openly mention that they should start delivering in September. Some of the supply problems are really small mundane items but essential all the same as the cars can't leave the factory without them attached.
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