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  1. No problem with that at all, just saying as feedback that the statement of basically taking away something to try and get subscriptions puts myself off a bit. There are lots of sites that don't charge for you to have a read or look at some pictures, but if you want some 'perks' then there is a subcription. And you're right about the ads, quite annoying when they take over the page virtually.
  2. Actually putting me off.
  3. 81/5 just been rstored Zero miles 40 year old F1 Lotus - Classic Team Lotus
  4. Asking prices soaring as well. 1978 Lotus Esprit S1 For Sale | Car and Classic
  5. How can you not know the correct number of your LF1. 🤔
  6. In that case you may need to get the correct hand if you are replacing the glass as well.
  7. Yes, S2 mirror will be the same. Either hand will do if you just want the parts.
  8. If you still have two can you not just click it back into the back of the mirror lens?
  9. As far as i'm aware this is obselete and you'll be lucky to find one. I had to purchase a complete secondhand wing mirror just to get this same spigot. Always worth a try on Lotus Elan Central • Index page
  10. Yes it is. Also made 45k on themarket. Would love it myself as it has family history.
  11. This has been for sale for less than £50k for several months.
  12. No 25 is for sale on Seloc and is a RHD, contradicting to the register.
  13. Just like they done with the v8 engine 😲
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