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  1. Go back to the page and the contact details should be a bit lower down. chipp
  2. Been for sale for around 18 months now. Not sure if he is on here but he does have a very nice v8 as well. chipp
  3. There was some interesting stuff turn up recently after someone found some items in the loft of a property they moved into. Can't remember exactly what it was now but @Parramint maybe able to shed some light on it for you. chipp
  4. Latest interview with Phil Popham. chipp
  5. chipp


    I sent a bottle to an online auctioneers in Scotland and they sold in on for me. chipp
  6. I know of the whereabouts of a very similar car to this not sure if it is the same one though. chipp
  7. Hello Nigel and welcome. Sorry I can't help you with any of the technicalities but I must say that is a fabulous mascot on the bonnet there. Chipp
  8. I thought they had obtained permission to demolish the tower after all. They have also just completed some additional parking areas with landscaping and screening along with improved surface water drainage. chipp @NedaSay pm sent
  9. Could have been Dave Williams. chipp
  10. @modifiedv8engines What time were you there yesterday, about a dozen of us turned up mid afternoon. chipp
  11. I have used a couple of times. Sometimes works out reasonable. chipp
  12. Sorry Richard, we can't help you there. She alien to us coming from Surrey with a Welsh mother. Chipp
  13. He was well enough to attend a local car event yesterday in a single seater. (wheelchair) chipp
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