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  1. Always nice to hear your thoughts and comments on developements. Can you comment on the v10 that was tested. chipp
  2. That's Andre's car no22, says on behalf of customer. Apparantly sold on The Market auction site but now details removed. chipp
  3. Sorry can't help with any of the above but thought i would add this one for discussion. Currently up at Anglia Car Auctions. No 48.
  4. @Bibsi see another milestone coming up fast. chipp
  5. Servus Marius, willkommen. chipp
  6. SuperGT300 race win in Japan.
  7. Just checking on Julie's profile shows she has not been active here since 2014. Maybe you could PM her or try social media to track her down. chipp
  8. Also depends how you drive the thing, getting on it at the right time/gear/revs. Have you seen Kimbers driving, i have. chipp
  9. Welcome Nik. I think Jep is spot on starting with the the purest of the ethos. Having had that mix of splendid cars already you need to experience the fun of light weight at lower speeds and you'll get this is any of the earlier Elise models. If you then want a bit more useability (Evora) or power and pace (sc Elise or Exige) you can trade up. chipp
  10. Hats off too Wendy, a lovely gester for her colleagues. chipp
  11. Glad to see you have found another project at last, I'm sure it will be lavished upon. But as you usually move your vehicles on eventually would it not be a shame to vary it away from its originality. As a commemorative edition originality is surely more appreciated when the time comes to move on. chipp
  12. You could try Boss Motors in Snetterton. chipp
  13. They're looking for a 'Head of new model launch' chipp
  14. Not quite memorabilia but a member of the prestigious club sadly passed away. chipp
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