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  1. Hello Nigel and welcome. Sorry I can't help you with any of the technicalities but I must say that is a fabulous mascot on the bonnet there. Chipp
  2. I thought they had obtained permission to demolish the tower after all. They have also just completed some additional parking areas with landscaping and screening along with improved surface water drainage. chipp @NedaSay pm sent
  3. Could have been Dave Williams. chipp
  4. @modifiedv8engines What time were you there yesterday, about a dozen of us turned up mid afternoon. chipp
  5. I have used a couple of times. Sometimes works out reasonable. chipp
  6. Sorry Richard, we can't help you there. She alien to us coming from Surrey with a Welsh mother. Chipp
  7. He was well enough to attend a local car event yesterday in a single seater. (wheelchair) chipp
  8. Was it the VLN series this weekend? chipp
  9. Have a word with Gary Craske
  10. By coincidence I saw three of your compatriots cars at ES workshop today being prepped for that event. chipp
  11. A little bit of investigation myself shows it to be a map sensor which regulates fuel and air mixture so this could be cause a few problems if leaking. chipp
  12. Hello Sarah, i'm sure someone here will be able to answer this question for you but there is a large helpful community here which is everything M100. chipp
  13. chipp

    Morgans (lots)

    Passed around 20 heading towards Caistor Sunday lunchtime. Chipp
  14. chipp

    Lotus Festival 2019?

    They've got the builders in so may not be possible this year but lets still hope. chipp
  15. Would it still have the long tail roof in late 2001, pics would be good to see. chipp
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