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  1. I think you should give yourself a Helpful Badge for that Bibs 😁
  2. I found it it usefull when I forgot to shut the boot on my car and could see the fixed wing bobbing up and down in the mirror ( sorry TT content here) Couldn't pull over but when I got to around 40-50 mph it shut itself with the downforce on the wing. 😃
  3. Hi Carl, You could post in TLF Australia on here as i'm sure there are members who have imported before. If not their are some good indepenants who would be interested in assisting you with moving it on in the UK. I would recommend @Guy Munday as a possible initial point of enquiry. chipp
  4. chipp

    Formula One

    Fabulous, absolutely fabulous ending to the season for me. Didn't really mind who came out on top as those two have gave their all this season and are head and shoulders above the rest. Beside all the controversy at the end, I as many was on my feet head in hands for that last last, what a spectacle. Got to say I am looking forward to next season as Max has finally got a championship under his belt and Lewis will want to show the champ he is still the best out there and get an eigth title. He will surely go down as the all time best F1 driver if he does acheive it when we look back in a few years time.
  5. Heard that it broke down at Hethel and the potential buyer pulled out, wonder if they'll screen that.
  6. chipp

    Formula One

    Just watched Max's pole attempt lap, he was really going for it. Used every inch of that track really on the limit, he wanted that bad. Shame. Going to be interesting as it is a very fast tight track so several safety car stints could be on the cards. Can't wait to see the outcome but hope it all comes down to the last race at Abu Dhabi.
  7. chipp

    Esprit footwear

    I use these from Sparco. Some more styles here Premium Collection - Sparco Fashion UK or here collection-racing-spirit - Sparco Fashion UK
  8. There is a Sparky that joined in 2010 and posted about immobilisers and engine sump. Is that you @garry
  9. Lovely blue sky but there must be a bit of a chill in that breeze. 😋
  10. Just noticed the AU reg which means it was probably registered in Norfolk by Lotus or Stratton Motor Company.
  11. If you haven't already try a post on Seloc.
  12. Apart from all the other issues the damp one throught he window (velux) would probably be quite easy to rectify.
  13. Got my invite but the Hethel dates coincide with me not being in the area, bum bum bum.
  14. That bend reminds me of Lydden Hill for some reason but without the stands.
  15. Agree with Stephen, saw a military grey on the production line and it really is a breath of fresh air as a colour option.
  16. Saw the multi coloured MULE today but was frozen on the spot.
  17. chipp

    Formula One

    I have always been curious and frustrated by the qualifying times how they relate into actual distance. Today Lewis qualified 38 thousanths behind Max which is prety close, but how close?? Trying out some crude mathamatics I reckon that could be as close a 1 metre at the finish line. Anyone able to work this out if say they are crossing the line at 150mph.
  18. And a whole new breed of new Forum members.
  19. Longest for me was a trip to Gretna Green Loaded up for me own wedding. 300 miles and about 6 hours. Plus the return journey 2 days later.
  20. At a meet near Norwich today.
  21. A small gathering today at East Carleton close to Colins resting place.
  22. Thought that the lower estimate was a guide to the reserve. If it does not reach that lower estmate the seller can negotiate with the highest bidder.
  23. Can't wait to see the JPSpecial paint job.
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