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  1. Saw the multi coloured MULE today but was frozen on the spot.
  2. I have always been curious and frustrated by the qualifying times how they relate into actual distance. Today Lewis qualified 38 thousanths behind Max which is prety close, but how close?? Trying out some crude mathamatics I reckon that could be as close a 1 metre at the finish line. Anyone able to work this out if say they are crossing the line at 150mph.
  3. And a whole new breed of new Forum members.
  4. Longest for me was a trip to Gretna Green Loaded up for me own wedding. 300 miles and about 6 hours. Plus the return journey 2 days later.
  5. At a meet near Norwich today.
  6. A small gathering today at East Carleton close to Colins resting place.
  7. Thought that the lower estimate was a guide to the reserve. If it does not reach that lower estmate the seller can negotiate with the highest bidder.
  8. Can't wait to see the JPSpecial paint job.
  9. If the black mule has the AMG engine it didn't sound anything like the V6 when it passed me today.
  10. A lonely little Elise on the ealc stand today.
  11. They are, all part of the game going into the next round.
  12. As Barry said a few weeks ago you never know what you might see when out and about. Only, Ayrton Senna's winning trophy for his first win at Estoril. Standing in the corner of a room at a job today.
  13. Found this on my m100 near side door.
  14. Had its first shake down in nearly two years today, then a good ol polish up.
  15. NCFC are offering one lucky winner an FE240 Elise. Win a Lotus Elise and support Norwich City's Community Sports Foundation - News - Norwich City ( First of the production line for the FE and hand over at Hethel. All proceeds to the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation. Raffle tickets available here Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition - Bridge Classic Cars Competitions : Bridge Classic Cars Competitions
  16. At the launch last night I thought that the back of the black car looked it longer but didn't really get a good look.
  17. Two tickets for Friday on Seloc
  18. Along those lines then, Radio, always makes everything go better.
  19. That's amazing! Would he be classed as a 'stunt operater'? 😁
  20. Probably down to age again. Being older you are more likely to have had at least one vaccine but still statically more likely to die. It may also be some of the older population who haven't taken up the jab now finally getting caught up by the more virulent version.
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