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  1. Nearly lost my young daughter due to her siding completely with her mother in the years after our divorce. The years rolled on and evevtually she worked out things for herself and it all came good.
  2. Don't shoot me down if i'm wrong but chatting to Scott at the weekend he did openly mention that they should start delivering in September. Some of the supply problems are really small mundane items but essential all the same as the cars can't leave the factory without them attached.
  3. It's an S1 with tartan interior and belongs to Scott Walker. He's in the picture standing next to his 700 mile Elise.
  4. After many years in storage CTL have restored Fred's car for the family to enjoy once more. The Cortina Heads Home - Classic Team Lotus
  5. Lotus 430 Cup press car wrapped and covered in individual poppies. Used for promotion of MISSION MOTORSPORT
  6. One of them has moved to Heveningham Hall!
  7. Hazel Chapman Memorial Garden Party - Classic Team Lotus
  8. Can't help you there @Bazza 907 as it is the same hand as yours. Came from an ex Team Lotus mechanic, originally fitted on Elio's car.
  9. The pics in their listing are outside Guy Mundays, maybe it's still there?
  10. Over on the other side @hamza S2 Lined Soft Top (
  11. No picture i'm afraid but white does look very nice on the road.
  12. Seen several on the roads around here for quite a while but this is the first chance i've had to stand beside a stationary one. Parked up on local estate with some interesting little gadgets. And what could these be for
  13. Could you have anyones face. Brill 😄
  14. Saw a black lhd yesterday heading towards the factory.
  15. Looks like Erica's Cortina has had a respray, she was going to leave it as original after dragging it out of storage.
  16. Is Matt handing over a set of keys there 😁
  17. Classic Team Lotus extends parts service Acquisition of Paul Matty Sportscars Parts Business. For many years, Paul Matty has been a leading light in Lotus classic cars. Paul Matty Sportscars developed into a principal supplier of parts, both direct to owners and to other classic car specialists. Recently, Paul made it known that he had decided to retire from the classic Lotus road car parts supply business. For some time, Classic Team Lotus has been considering extending its parts service, so this opportunity was well timed, accelerating our ambition into reality. We now have the enviable task of relocating the Paul Matty 'Lotus Treasure' to Hethel; getting things organised then continuing to offer this vital support to customers to help them keep their wonderful cars on the road. Clive Chapman comments: "I have enjoyed knowing Paul for many years and admire him for doing so much to celebrate and support the history of the marque. I am pleased that Classic Team Lotus has acquired his 'Lotus Treasure' and we will do our best to maintain and build upon such an important resource for Lotus owners worldwide. A big 'thank you' to Paul for entrusting us with this exciting opportunity." For further details please contact: Rupert Manwaring Business Manager, Classic Team Lotus Email: [email protected] Phone: +44 (0)1953 601621
  18. Yes indeed he has, went to his proposed Bond museum at the weekend.
  19. chipp

    Formula One

    There appeared to be a light under the front of ( I think) Hamiltons car, something related maybe?
  20. Only one for a Lotus fan The Bird In Hand, Wreningham (
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