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  1. They're looking for a 'Head of new model launch' chipp
  2. Not quite memorabilia but a member of the prestigious club sadly passed away. chipp
  3. There was one in Norfolk that got destroyed by fire but not sure of the extent of the damage. chipp
  4. Mansells Type 87 from 1981 mid season. Started as full Essex livery then gradually went over to full JPS for later part of that year. chipp
  5. Also has a mobile number in the ad, could give them a call. chipp
  6. Silver 1971 last changed hands in 2012 and taxed till Oct '20. it's out there somewhere, good luck with finding it. Try here chipp
  7. Hethel offered as a Nightingale? chipp
  8. Have they run an Elanscan to check the fault code indicator. Obviously they will have done lots but just chucking in my limited knowledge. There's also a vacuum pipe that runs to the turbo transducer from the plenum, this can be split but not be noticeable. chipp
  9. Have you replaced the oxygen sensor? chipp
  10. Do you have any idea what the problem is. chipp
  11. Gerald at GST is very good took all three of mine there. LEC can help with a lot of tips if you fancy doing some yourself as these can like most cars eat up your cash. chipp
  12. If you hadn't already heard by now they closed the factory on Tuesday. (sorry only now catching up with this thread) chipp
  13. Transporter went in to main dealer yesterday for serving and mot. Annoyingly only failed on cuts to tyres so all need to be replaced. Only thing they can't get any appropriate load rated quality tyres for several days so I brought it home and sorted some locally. Was going to take it back for retest on Friday but even though they service blue light vehicles they are closing down from tomorrow. chipp
  14. chipp

    Priti Patel

    My daughter worked in the International Development Department when she was Secretary of State. Well known for being very rude and a b1tch. (not my daughter) chipp
  15. Don't think it is in factory 2 extension as it looks like the roof is off that one. Looks like it is in the one just opposite between the entry road and track. chipp
  16. Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't that @jonnyboy chip
  17. chipp

    Type 72

    As Neil said it will be quite desirable so seek for some good advice. Check out @jonnyboy on here, he's not to far from you and should be able to advise and would probably be interested in it as it is. Good luck chipp
  18. Looks like there is a new revised entry level GT410 at £3k less.
  19. Go back to the page and the contact details should be a bit lower down. chipp
  20. Been for sale for around 18 months now. Not sure if he is on here but he does have a very nice v8 as well. chipp
  21. There was some interesting stuff turn up recently after someone found some items in the loft of a property they moved into. Can't remember exactly what it was now but @Parramint maybe able to shed some light on it for you. chipp
  22. Latest interview with Phil Popham. chipp
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