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  1. Not as in depth as you think by the title but.............. First its banning advertising certain kinds of foods now its certain kinds of cars. I am not a conspiracy theorist at all but even I can see where this is going. Stand in line please, now do as we tell you, no you can't have freedom of thought and no you can't have a burger or a 4x4. No, sorry, our new Alcohol pricing means a pint is £10, you can't have a quick cheap pint its bad for you.....what's that? You want to keep some of your wages? How could you possibly do that, we are still paying for COVID/HS2/putting in green infrastructure. You are obviously an awful person and people need to call you names and tell you you are destroying their future.....etc etc. You get the idea. This insidious creeping policy of banning anything one person or organisation doesn't like or is offended by, is creeping into society. Education not Legislation. Educate people on fatty foods. Make packaging clearer, Use the money to make healthy food cheaper than fast food rather than just banning everything! Ultimately, like smoking, certain things will become socially more unacceptable through choice, BUT you have to leave people the choice! The stupid thing is that I drive an SUV that they want to ban, it's also got less emissions and better fuel economy than a small city car that they don't want to ban. These people may be experts in clean energy but they know nothing about the car industry or advertising or the real life working of cars. And this is true across the board right now. The people making the rules are NOT experts, they are people who want to interfere for their own reasons! This idea that Govt needs to Police how we spend our money and what we can buy, based on people like Greta Thunberg and certain pressure groups must stop!! Adverts for large polluting cars 'should be banned'
  2. He must have been drunk he didn't even mention my comment about having rear seats in his old Evora!
  3. I too could do with rear seats. They would never be used but my CD's slide around in there something rotten with no seats.
  4. No Numpty I own @C8RKH's Evora. He loved that so much he just can't have a negative opinion about it!
  5. His old Evora which now resides with me! I WIN!!!
  6. I must admit, after spending a lot of time in Spain's tourist areas, even before COVID I wondered "Why are Spain letting us in?". The behaviour of some Brits is awful!
  7. Cyprus have now said it won't accept UK residents on holiday unless they have a valid negative Corona Virus test from no more than 3 days before they arrive. Jet 2 has since cancelled all flights to Cyrpus until mid August. Yet here we are saying we think Spain is a risk.....laughable really. We were worse than most countries put together!
  8. I love him. His rant on being "Offended" was one of the best I have ever heard. Brilliant stuff.
  9. Yet they still won't lock down. Hence why they have the highest infection rate and their deaths are off the chart! "Irrational" web of fear my arse!. Take it from someone who has had it. Having a Temperature, not being able to taste or smell anything is uncomfortable. Coughing continuously and not being able to breathe is scary! I never went to hospital as I was "Mildly" Ill with Corona. But felt like I was on my way out! Since then I have spent 3 months getting better but I still have issues related to it. I don't care about the conspiracy theories. It's here now, its worldwide and anything and I mean ANYTHING you can do to reduce the chance of getting it even by 0.5% is worth doing.
  10. Kimbers


    How awful for you.................... I hate you very much.
  11. Kimbers


    Very Jealous. And no, Always wanted to go but never gone.
  12. I understand its very late in the day Chris. it should have been introduced much earlier but it is what it is now. But it still needs to be done. Don't go on holiday to Spain, their police fine you e100 immediately if you ware not wearing one. Then e600 the second time or if you argue. My friend who lives there has seen whole prisons full of British Holiday makers who have refused or argued with the Police as they then get locked up. You even have to wear one in a restaurant and remove it to eat then put it back on. Its the way its going to be moving forward. Like it or lump it. The more people who refuse the worse it will get and eventually the Govt will introduce strict measures like Spain.
  13. I would always look at your local Air Ambulance. I have seen and used the East Anglian Air Ambulance many times in my "job" and believe me they are absolute god sends to those in need and in getting people to where they need to be quickly. They also carry a medic and an advanced Doctor on board which even Ambo's don't have. i always use them and Cancer research as my 2 main charities and EA Air Ambulance is also my nominated go to charity for Amazon Smile.
  14. Just wear a frickin mask. How hard is it? Even if there's a chance it helps or a small % decrease in the chance of infection then anything is good! Believe me, from someone who only had it "Mildly" and was absolute shit for 2 weeks, you want to take any and every small increase in the chance to not get it!
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