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  1. Kimbers

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Bit like the remainers then!
  2. Kimbers

    What made you happy today?

    Nothing I'm an absolutely stressed out mesa and grumpy to boot!
  3. Kimbers

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Brexit, the total Hash May and her team have made of the negotiations when they could have saved everyone the pain and just had a hard Brexit 2 years ago. Plus the fact that it has divided the country. Despite being an Avid leaver I can't help but think putting us all against each other was intentional to hide the total cock up they knew it would be. That and the continued relentless attack on Brexit by the BBC who obviously have an interest in remaining and couldn't be "neutral" if it slammed them in the face.
  4. Kimbers

    TLF Business Networkers

    Lovely carpets! I produce something @pete We get large numbers of new cars and create used ones! TADA!! Oh and I buy Antique and scrap Silver and produce usable silver ingots from the Scrap which couldn't be used for anything!
  5. Kimbers

    Euro question - 23rd June

    But they will have set a precedence so Leavers will then demand another vote till they get what they want! And there will be riots in the streets and the country will truly be divided then!
  6. Kimbers

    Euro question - 23rd June

    The only issue I now have is that if this doesn't go through then they will force through a new "Peoples Vote". In my mind the people did speak and they said leave. If this gets voted out, instead of Corbyn getting in, the Tories need to push through a no deal Brexit and do what we wanted all along! LEAVE!!
  7. Kimbers

    is vegan now a race or gender

    And who decided that the pretentious bollox Quinoa should be pronounced "Keen-Waa" WTF? That's like the Hipster Restaurant AXE
  8. Kimbers

    Work shysters

    Sorry to hear bud! Sounds like you have a case for unfair dismissal as they kept others on who started after you!
  9. Kimbers

    is vegan now a race or gender

    Is it just me or do most vegans seem very unhappy with life? Many of the Vegans I know are depressed, or constantly whinging and whining about everything from other people having things they don't (like money) or their health being so poor and having "No energy to work" which is always blamed on some such condition as they make up at the time. Then they moan about how Tories are the devil while bemoaning the fact evil humans keep cutting down the rain forest and killing monkeys whilst blaming meat production instead of the real reason which is to feed their requirement for palm oil based products, Advocado's or Soya. They then live in a house (Which the moaned wasn't affordable) which sits on the land that their food was grown on, because its cheaper to build on green belt than clearing brown belt, but really don't give a shit about that as long as "they are alright".
  10. Kimbers

    is vegan now a race or gender

    And do the bees really give a shit if they are doing what they do? I mean, do they really wake up in the morning and say "Fuck me! Someones stolen our bloody larder again! Oh well best we go get some more!" It would be interesting to get the input from someone like @Dan Basterfield who is a bee keeper. Part of the Vegan argument is that if you take their honey they die, which I can't see happening with a professional beekeeper! Surely they leave enough to feed the hive and take the excess!
  11. Kimbers

    Does anybody have access to

    I was considering After having my DNA tested I am really interested in tracing my Jewish Roots.
  12. Kimbers

    LEF Jokes & Gags thread

    Apparantly they weren't happy with what Teenage boys sent in!!
  13. Kimbers

    Useless Facts about anything

    I lay my clothes out every night as I am so organised, but I don't have a chair or bedside table so lay them out on the floor. Wendy (Who gets up first) invariably kicks them into a pile as they are "In the way".....yes honey a pair of pants, joggers and trainers is blocking the 20ft bedroom. Should I continue to tell her off or understand that anything of mine is in the way yet all her shit is there by necessity?
  14. Kimbers

    Tut, David Duncan

    Awful news again of a member of the Lotus COmmunity passing away. RIP Tut.
  15. Kimbers

    Windsor Art fair 10th & 11th November

    What, like these @Chillidoggy