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    2010 Evora 2+0, Sportage PHEV 262HP, Sportage HEV 226HP (Mrs car), plus kids will never pay me back for their cars so they are mine too!
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  1. Kimbers

    AI... Artificial intelligence could lead to extinction, experts warn! Yeah that's enough for me. Everyone is trying to save the planet from global warming which will slowly happen over 10's or even hundreds of years, but AI could wipe out humans a lot quicker!
  2. Partly my fault as I was away and partly my Mechanic being too busy. Would have been out end April otherwise. The Cleaners and Valeters are on the A140 at Swardeston next to the Sugar Beet pub. Don't use them! I thought My mechanic Glenn, was going to get arrested he was so angry when he went to visit them!.
  3. They totally washed their hands of it and said it was done before it got to them. Funny how that one bit had been polished so much it is almost through the paint! F**king Bunch of absolute basteds. My Mechanic, who is also a good friend and his dad is one of my dads friends, has offered to pay for it all and hasn't charged me for the full service which I have demanded he does. He's an Ex Lotus Race Mechanic and simply awesome and there's no way I am letting him shoulder the blame. I just said to him if he sorts out the shut lines and panel fits I'll pay for paint rectification.
  4. I am at a loss mate. My guy has offered to pay but is that fair? But it took me 6 weeks to get my Kia done so god knows how long it will take this. Lights pushed back. Shut line is wrong on the door. I'm totally pissed off. Totally and utterly
  5. Got my car back. Stored all winter, Big service including pretty much everything, superb job by my Lotus guy. Hands it to a Valeter to clean and Polish and this happens. Frankly I could cry. I was so looking forward to getting her back. They totally denied everything of course! Somehow its affected the passenger door and the lock no longer works. Using the key, inner door handle or button the passenger door is locked and there's no way to get in!
  6. Yeah and their Admin fee's make £150 look like a drop in the ocean. So if you aren't sure about what "Admin" a dealer does to get your car on the road. Paperwork for the sale includes legal documentation that the Govt and monitoring authorities require, plus whatever the Dealer has to do for the DVLA, AFRL and even for whatever system they use such as Kalmazoo etc. Then there is dealer required Documentation for Accounts and internal checks. Then there is Admin in prep'ing the car to ensure everything is done for you to collect. I won't go into how many check sheets need to be done. 1 for Admin, 1 for Salesman, one for Sales Manager to oversee the other 2 etc. Then there is Finance Paperwork, if you don't want Finance there is paperwork to say you don't want finance and that it has been offered to you as a requirement. Then there is Insurance Documentation and additional options such as paint treatments and GAP insurances. Again if you don't want these the Salesman has to get you to sign to say it was offered, not for legal reasons but because his boss will sack him if he doesn't "sell" which is his job! Then there is admin for the handover, final check lists, Inspection by the Saleman to make sure its perfect (he has to sign to say he's done it so it's on his head if you find an issue). Finally on collection the Saleman has to do another check on your used car, ensure its the same as when he last inspected it when doing the deal. Then Admin has to collate all that info, send the relevant forms to the relevant people to scan in so Govt and insurance/finance authorities can ensure its been done to their satisfaction and updating the computer systems that communicate with others including the DVLA to ensure you don't get pulled for having no insurance or tax. Now some of this has been automated in some bigger companies but instead of a form the Salesman/Admin/Manager has to do it all online and get you to click your esignature. The process is the same and time consuming! The other point was, in the old days we used to hide the admin cost in the price but these days you aren't allowed to. Everything has to be above board and costs seperated so you can see what you are paying for. I think one of he only industries involved in sales to the public where you have more Admin to do, is the Insurance IFA industry, but again, Car dealers need specialists because they sell those products as well!
  7. You are all numpties. Never own a car unless its guaranteed to go up in value like a classic or Lotus. I bought a 6 month old Kia Sportage which was worth £35k and I pay £230 a month. Then hand it back after 3 years with enough deposit for the next. in those 3 years. Never have an MOT, never have a repair bill and don't have any depreciation. I only ever buy what I can afford, as C8RKH says. If my circumstances change I can simply hand the car back as I ensure the terms are such before signing up for it. Only car I have owned in the last 20 years are Lotus's (and the odd car I made a small profit on).
  8. Kimbers


    Got my arse kicked on Vodaphone during the week. Sure they will come back by the time I retire in about....... ohhh 100 years.
  9. I just blew you away Saved my Wild card for last week and changed all my players to those playing twice or having an easy ride in the last week! Good luck!
  10. Happy Birthday Brother from a different mother!
  11. You are a star Mark. Can always reply on you trying to oust me as Dads favourite son!!
  12. In Cyprus? Specifically has to be Latchi (prob the most expensive place there). Never used expedia, will take a look.
  13. I haven't looked at holidays for 4 years after going to Cyprus in 2019. Then the prices of a Villa holiday including flights and car hire in a place like Coral Bay/Polis was £2500 all in for wendy and I so around £1500 a person on average. We have decided we would like to go back to our favourite place and i nearly fell off my chair. Looking at the company we normally use their prices were a little more expensive but not much more. I was chuffed. Looking at a place in Latchi which was £1500 a person I called up because they didn't give me any flight options. "Oh no, that price includes just the Villa, theres no flights or Car included anymore!". After looking at the cheapest flights I could get (TUI airways) it adds another £900 to the Holiday and car hire another £400. However thats only on a Wednesday which the villa won't do, as thats Saturday to Saturday! So I look at arriving Saturday and apart from losing 2 days because you don't arrive in Cyprus till 11:30pm and you leave at 8am (how's that 14 days???) it also adds another £400 to the price! So what cost me £2500 in 2019 is now looking to cost me £4700!! Holy Shit on a stick! This just reinforces my thoughts on buying a place out there and renting it July August and September and holidaying any other time just for the cost of flights!
  14. Hey Everyone I have exactly a day to put together some pictures for a TV producer (Sorry can't say what) for filming Thursday. Due to work at Dads house and us putting some stuff into storage, we are unable to find any pics of Dad with Famous people or cars. Things I am looking for if you have any or know where some are: Famous people. Famous Cars Especially if you have him with any James Bond cars (Or even a White S1). Any of special interest (Him at Events/royalty etc). Thanks if anyone has one they are happy for me to Save and send to said Producer please post below.
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