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  1. Kimbers

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    I am a huge advocate of the same. I have a 2 daughters who have been encouraged to be the best! One is a Doctor in A&E and going for Consultant. The other took a different route which is fine, and is a Mom. Her choice. My wife (as you may know) is now an award winning Artist with a Painting in the Queens Private collection, whilst Juggling being a Nursing Practitioner level of work in the Community. I also believe that there should be more women in Policing 100%. I also believe there should be more women in Big Business. However I don't believe in indirect discrimination by favouring one person over another due to their Gender, Colour or sexual orientation. Lastly, back on topic, The Phrase "Some men are already like this just not enough". If I said "Not all women are feminists who hate men, just not enough" I would be absolutely cut to pieces and rightly so. So what is right about saying that about males who bully or indecently assault someone...or letch over them? It's the implication here that counts. Next I have real concerns over the visual "Intention" and the way it misrepresents the majority of men. to Show a huge number of men BBQ'ing ....and thats a gender stereotype if ever I saw one.... all watching a boy beat up another and say "Boys will be boys", like Zombies. Whilst only 1 jumps in to help is absolutely incorrect, misrepresentative and an insult. At least 90% of those men would have done that. yet out of 20-30 men only one does so. How can you not see that is misreprestation of the highest degree? I feel it has lots of visuals like that. Next It's Gillette shaving products. If it was a Govt information program I would still have issues with the representation of men but I would understand it more. the last thing I need when buying a shaving product is a side order of guilt and a helping of shame, over something myself an every man I know would never do anyway! Oh Yes......many years ago I used to take my then Studying, Doctor Daughter to the gym with me. After encouraging her to lift weights with me (Cause obviously all men are sexists according to the advert) this is her now, in competition. Having met the Olympic qualifying weight. Girl Power!.....but equally Man power!
  2. This new Advert is absolutely getting a kicking as "Anti Male". with over 280,000 dislikes and only 50,000 likes it is being seen as tarring all men with the same brush plus lots of other negative setiments about being a man. So your thoughts. Is this kind of Anti Men feeling ok? (Directed by a female). My thoughts are that this has totally missed it's target audience. Firstly no one wants Proctor and Gamble telling them they are bad because they are men and secondly only 1 man in each scenario does anything while up to 20 do nothing. That's not only wrong is misrepresents our Gender as the Majority would do something. Just my Opinion.
  3. Kimbers

    Euro question - 23rd June

    I can't believe people are saying they won't vote again if this all turns to crap! Surely if you are for Brexit the only way to get your message across is UKIP. Once they got in first thing to do would be leave and then the other parties can go whistle. I know, I don't want to vote for them particularly either but it would get your point across.
  4. Kimbers

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Sorry to hear John. Send our love and condolences to Wendy.
  5. Kimbers

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Yup May saying if they don't vote for her deal there will be no Brexit. Once again the Corrupt Politicians get their way. Despite the referendum the Politicians could only see their huge pensions disappearing and so virtually none are representing the public that voted. Frankly, I saw it coming ages ago (And posted it here). As a leaver and a law abiding MOP what do I do now? Vote for UKIP or take to the streets? Frankly I am absolutely livid and the second seems like a good idea!
  6. Kimbers

    Future of Lotus

    Most manufacturers fell. Kia were one of the few who actually increased sales but many had a terrible year.
  7. Kimbers

    Bittersweet Days

    Condolences to you all Lee. Her strength and Love will live on in all of you and anyone who knew her.
  8. Kimbers

    New Years Resolutions/Wishes

    And i've come down with a cold which, while doing wonders for me not drinking (Don't feel like it) I also don't feel like exercising or doing....well anything! Still not had anything other than fish and Veg though!
  9. Kimbers

    Euro question - 23rd June

  10. Kimbers

    Stelvio trip

    Not allowed time off in September. New registration month and my second biggest of the year.
  11. Kimbers

    Pyrenees trip

    If there's porkers there I would be out. Wouldn't want to be embarrassed stopping and cutting peoples hair every few miles!
  12. Kimbers

    Anyone an expert on antiques?

    One thing I don't collect is pin cushions. Huge market and very competitive. plus I know nothing about it other than bits of silver go for rediculous money.....point in case
  13. Kimbers

    PlayStation VR

    Are you sure you're not my twin brother, what with the silver and now VR?
  14. Kimbers

    PlayStation VR

    @Dan.GI have it. It is friggin amazing and Wowsa. When you are in it with the earpieces in you are totaly isolated and find yourself really believing you are in it. Your brain is totally tricked. Only down side to that is you take all your phobia's in with you. On a Shark dive I got terrible vertigo and fell over. After an hour or so I also can get motion sickness. We also have the Hand controllers that act as swords etc and a gun you hold in 2 hands like a shotgun. Using it is wierd especially when you lift it up to look at it and turn it over etc, the gun does it as well. Holding the hand controllers acts as your hands/sword/bow etc so in Skyrim you actually have to draw your bow properly to use it. My son was sword fighting a dragon and knocked me on my ass as I walked past him. Caught me a cracker on my chin! Then you have the Rec room. Imagine Ready Player one but with Minecraft graphics. You have loads of different games to play and jump through doors to go to other places etc. Any player can design a new level or game and put it on there.
  15. Kimbers

    Stelvio trip

    I would be up for it in the Evora with the wife.