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  1. Am I invisible....hello? Is this thing on? tap tap tap...................
  2. Boris just tested positive!
  3. Massive number of people out clapping last night.
  4. I have a Nurse and a Doctor in the Family and it's not said enough how proud I am of them. I always was but having to go work at this time is awful and I know both have had patients die in the last few days from this awful Virus. So big thanks to all Nurses and Doctors, Care staff, people working to keep beds free for those most in need and yes, Administrators who I know are working tirelessly to keep the wheels from falling off. Volunteers giving up their time to drive and clean and everyone who is a private Carer and has to go our to keep someone safe and alive. You are all appreciated no matter what you do to help society! Thanks
  5. The thing is, in this country, we don't have a Paramilitary Police like everywhere else in Europe and mostly the world. It's why we aren't armed and we rely on the goodwill and desire by the majority of the public to obey laws, instead of enforcing it by strength or powers. We Police by Consent of the Public and therefore our powers and approach tend to be different to that of our Cousins from abroad. (It's interesting to see where this comes from if you have any spare time). That being said, when life and limb is at risk Police have more than enough powers and the new emergency measures will allow Police to do more of what you see European Police doing. Up till now Police just didn't have the powers to stop people having the freedom of movement or gathering outside. It's really important people understand that and don't blame the Police. Plus, to be honest, look at it this way. 1. In France 200,000 Police were deployed immediately to keep the Peace and keep people inside 2. The French have 21500 Municiple Police, 145,000 National Police and 98,000 Gendarmerie & military Police to police 60 million or so people. French Military Police have jurisdiction over the Public 3. Spanish Police have the Civil Guard, Municiple Police AND National Police all with different jurisdictions but covering, in total about 200,000 or more Officers to Police 44 Million people 4. The British have 123,000 Police combined and 12,000 Special Constables to police 60 million people, which is a considerable amount less. British Military Police do not have jurisdiction over the public. 5. The Italian Police have 325,000 Municiple, Carabinieri, Polizia and Guardia (The latter you normally see at Airports etc but they have Police powers over the Public) to police 60 million people and is the largest Police per Capita in Europe. Frankly put. If the country goes into lock down the Police will struggle to man the 3 Shifts effectively. Which is why you hear of Officers being redeployed from other things like Desk jobs, control rooms, Training roles etc.
  6. Yes, it's being done and more regularly than you think. Simple. Cough on me, smile and you've got a nice place to stay and a criminal record for Assault Police.
  7. They have been reported and the post disappeared so Ebay are obviously taking it seriously. It's now been relisted at half the price.
  8. Make sure you report anyone like this you see on Ebay. Profiteering from sick children by buying up all the stock and then reselling at these prices is absolutely disgusting. Thanks Simon for the heads up!
  9. Our sites need cash flow. Just checked and cheapest is £3 a day..........still that may change
  10. Dan, renting cars at 50p a day from airport sites............maybe, just maybe it's effecting my trade as well.
  11. Auction today of 100 cars through motobility on average were making £2000 a car behind book trade value. I have just been and put down 30 commission bids on gold and silver items in a local auction. Every bid is a minimum of £10 behind lowest estimate, some further behind. Am hoping to win some due to no one turning up!
  12. Does it really matter? It's not the UK anyway!
  13. Ambo were telling me last night that many of their ambulances have had their sterile wipes and hand sanitiser Stolen. Our local Waitrose has had all the plastic gloves stolen from the Fuel station dispensers. Some absolute cock womble has stolen all the Dog Poo bags from the dispensers at our local park What....the ...absolute....F**K is wrong with people! They say at times like these you see the true side of people and maybe I am biased because I work in a job where I see the truly worst of people all the time. But I really do worry for our country if the scum can even steal stuff from an ambulance during a health crisis!
  14. Oh No! I can't make a cake with pre packaged cake mix! But no need to panic, one thing they aren't panic buying is Wine! Which is really stupid of people because..... Where's it made? And no flights coming in, no production in their home's gonna be in more short supply than Bog roll!
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