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  1. Happy Birthday brother from a different mother!
  2. My point still stands, its not the leads fault. Its the electrical system, normally an extension cable TBH. I had an "outside plug socket" fitted 3 years ago and as a heavy duty socket I have not had a single issue. But I have used plug sockets in hotels, BnB's and other peoples houses and also never had an issue. What you haven't taken on board is that all of this will be an invalid argument as the Manufacturers are phasing them out and will not support vehicle warranties if you don't use the main lead linked to a totem. "You must use one of our leads", followed by "which we don't make anymore" is just a way to say no, you can't have one. It's all a fix I tells ya! A Fix!
  3. Based on the above, the Govts around the world are already cracking down on my point 6. Peugeot stopped supplying trickle charging cables last year siting "Risk of fire" as a reason. There has never been a fire based on trickle charging, unless you use a non tripping extension cable as the supplied Proper cable is super insulated and can take the charge. I have experienced plugging my trickle charger into a standard garden extension cable and it trips every 30 mins or so cause it gets so hot. However parking closer and using the trickle charging cable supplied is fine. Just last month Kia announced they won't be supplying a trickle charger with any electric car, even a PHEV. Which also, like Peugeot said any use of non approved cables will result in warranty being null and void. However, you can't order a Kia cable as they have stopped making them. Effectively making every PHEV just a petrol car unless you have Totem fitted (which isn't price effective for just 30 miles range at £1000 to fit it and then the increased charge cost). Speaking to all Peugeot and Kia dealers they totally agree this is wrong and the only reason for it is to prepare the infrastructure for Taxing. personally I have got round it by keeping my charge cable from my last Kia. Its a proper Kia one so they can't say my new Kia Warranty is null and Void. Grab them while you can because they will be phased out by all manufacturers following Govt requirements. (Incidently they are happy not to supply them as they cost £650-800 each so thats extra profit in their cars).
  4. The issue with the Nio thing is the availability of sites to swap. One of my oldest friends, Steve Hubbard, used to work in F1 as a designer and was head hunted by Nio 5 years ago from Williams. He's been working on this since then so I know quite a bit about it. Several things to note, positive and negative. 1. You need tens of thousands of sites countrywide. This on top of everyone else's preferred systems of charging 2. It's really expensive. "It's free to swap!" I hear you shout! Yes it is, but the cars themselves start (or will start) at 6 figures. Their biggest seller in China is £250k 3. Range is slightly less than current charging technology in real life, just from additional weight of the trays and additional electronics. 4. It's quick. Really quick. 5. You don't need a massive infrastructure such as lots of Charging totems 6. It is easily taxed. An electric car can be charged in 1-2 days of trickle charge costing basic electric pricing, from a 3 DIN plug. Currently the govt are looking at Taxing home charging at the same rate of Carbon fuels. This will be done directly from Electric companies based on the "Charging Totems" fitted to houses. Currently you can bypass this by trickle charging from a standard plug with the correct cable (I know I have one).
  5. Next door neighbours Sponsored family arrived saturday. 2 little girls 3 & 5 and a mom. Mom is well educated professional. Dad is.....well, doing what you would expect. Talking to my neighbour yesterday I commented I hadn't heard anything from the little girls, playing out in the garden or with each other. She looked sad and shook her head. And there you have it. If a 3 and 5 year old have such awful trauma from what is happening that in 4 days I haven't heard a single peep, Not a row, a laugh, or even a word in Ukrainian, then there is going to be so much more needed than just rebuilding. Offered my help in any way I can.
  6. Kimbers


    I'm still well up on my investments but down from where they were a short while ago. My best are the likes of Diageo Unite Group and Renewi, whilst my worst are the investment companies, mainly Aviva and Abrdn, Legal and General has weather the recent drops so far. On a positive I did slap loads into gold last year when it was 25% lower than it is now so, win some lose some.
  7. Dad and myself lived just outside Bologna and he worked as President of Lambo for quite a while. I was only there for less than a year. Many of his changes were constantly blocked by an overly powerful Union movement and actually, the Mafia (Yes really). It'll all be in his book. However, yes he had a seizure whilst in a helicopter to a business meeting. He was resussed by Piero, his Carabinieri Bodyguard. He had to retire after that. From there he worked for Tata and Proton until the offer at Lotus in 2005 (yes it says 2006 everywhere but he worked for a year behind the scenes as a contractor).
  8. 5 days away for first holiday since 2019! Love this place.
  9. My smug look of having had my electricity bill drop £30 in Feb has been wiped off my face with a £110 increase this month. BT put my bill up, Council went with 4%, so well over £220 a month now, Oil for heating and hot water went up double from November and even my water has gone up £30 a month. Now I earn a decent crust, but 66% of my salary is commission and with vehicle shortages thats been single handedly halved in the last month and for the forseeable future. So whats everyone looking at to deal with these increases? I have cancelled Sky Movies and Sport, Apple TV, Sold my PS4 (cancelling the Premier subscription) Window cleaner, 2 of my DD's giving to charities (still supporting Air Ambo and Cancer) and downgraded the wife's car. My sons have also seen an increase in their rent by £50 each to £250 a month. And all that has done is keep us equal before the bills rose. So no saving "per-se". Next it will have to be Insurances, and maybe even Netflix, Sky TV etc.
  10. Jesus mate. If anything ever did happen between me and the Mrs I'm pleased to say we both only have access to the Joint account that pays all the bills. Everything else is kept seperate. I have my spending money and she hers. But then her disposable income is around the same as mine (I pay all the bills out of mine).
  11. I have a stinking cold. After 2 weeks of COVID I get 2 weeks of feeling ok then POW! Have a nasty cold. Reckon I was a bad person in another life!
  12. Ohhh baby, come to poppa!!
  13. My Baby is coming out of storage early cause the weathers gonna be so nice for the next few weeks! Plus it costs me £50 a month and I need to save money........ though the tax of £360 means I haven't actually saved anything...... anyway....... erm, where was I! Oh yeah, now just gotta find fuel! @windymiller if you are out and about anytime over the next week let me know! Would be great to meet up and say hi!
  14. Oh no! That's awful! How on earth can you stand leaving the UK for such a dump................... I hate you.
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