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  1. Listened to 5 Live "Debate" on the way to the Office this morning. Nicky Campbell asking questions about Climate change to candidates of EU Elctions: So Mr (Green Party) So Mrs (Lib Dems) So Mr (Tory) So Mr (Labour) Brexit "Before I ask you to comment farage has denied Climate change"...... Then about Immigration: So Mr (Green Party) So Mrs (Lib Dems) So Mr (Tory) So Mr (Labour) Brexit "We know what you think after Farage has been pictures infront of Right wing posters"...... In the end the Candidate said "Thanks for pre-framing all my questions to make me look bad.
  2. Pfffft. I'll have you know I represent that remark!
  3. Well this post went to shit really quickly!
  4. Sadly I am at the Poker Championships that weekend and fully expect to either be: 1. Hanging and poor 2. Hanging and Rich 3. Hanging
  5. I am happy to meet anyone and everyone, though obviously the answer to your question for most members will be "Kimbers" of course! But I know secretly I am only used to get at my dad @Bibs especially has used me...... and often..........sorry what were you talking about again? In all seriousness I have met so many members here and formed close friendships. The Scottish Members especially.......I can't get rid of....following me around....Christ on a bike, I even bumped into @bingoking in Geneva! @C8RKH I bought his car! and that other Scottish bloke with an Orange Wannabe Lotus @Andrew C just keeps Facebook Stalking me There are too many to mention but one I do want to meet is my Brother from a Different Mother, who, when my father had his seizure and had to be resussed twice, called me all the way from Australia. Never forgotten it and would love to meet you @ramjet
  6. Passed My annual fitness test second time round after having a cold first time. Gets harder every year. Not sure how much longer I can keep up with the demands of that particular job.
  7. What? In the Back? You mean ladies in C&A let you put it in the back? Why was I not told when I was younger!.............Are we talking the same thing still?
  8. In the UK they put it at the back at the top stitching. Just saying.............makes more sense
  10. Arya will kill her. I think it felt rushed and I was left feeling that the characters had changed far too much in too short a time. Infact George RR Martin has said the same. Dany turned evil, killing women and children, Arya turned back in to a 12 year old scared girl, Cersei cried and was scared, all of a sudden the Scorpions couldn't hit a barn door despite the fact they hit the other dragon every time, the Golden company were.......less than useless it just felt......meh
  11. All the ships have the both throwers fixed to the front, why didn't she just come at them from behind. Why didn't the good guys ships just beach themselves, they had a lot more men so could have saved loads more. Why, once again, did they split their forces and send a really weak section out to get slaughtered by the pirates? I mean, it's not like it's happened before.....oh wait..
  12. I think it was building up to a certain Targarian going "Lala" and wiping out everyone against her. Turning John Snow against her and that's the final battle!
  13. Kimbers


    So so sorry Mike. We do love our dogs like our children and it's a horrid wrench when we lose them.
  14. Welcome mate! I like it, looks lovely. Had a black car before though and never again!!
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