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  1. Kimbers

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    So sorry to hear mate. They seem to be here for such a short time yet take a big old chunk of our hearts.
  2. Kimbers

    What made you happy today?

    Took the car to the Gym with ACDC on the radio........even though it was hot I didn't give a monkeys.
  3. Kimbers

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Yeah it is Tim. £200 from the states. £700 in UK, £1500 from Lotus. Hows that for a mark up!! Will get one from teh states but then have to pay for it, then the fitting, then the condenser I have now been told is on its last legs so that needs doing too. So its not an easy "I'll use my normal wages" kind of repair.
  4. Kimbers

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    I didn't drink a huuuuge amount, as I knew I had to drive the next day.
  5. Kimbers

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    So, leading on from what made me happy today............ I spent the weekend in the Lotus in Notts. And it was friggin hot! My double decision for the last 2 months, one to use my first bonus for a new driveway and the second month to use my bonus to go on holiday, seemed to be a bad one as I literally got out of the car in a puddle of sweat after 3 hours driving up there. Even having the windows open just blew hot air into the car and gave me a blinding headache. The drive back was worse as not only was it swelteringly hot again but I had a liver that was working overtime. I got out of the car half way home and noticed I had tide marks on my Blue shorts. 2 bottles of water over my head later I reluctantly got back in the sweat box and drove the rest of the way. Now if someone wants to lend me a COmpressor that would be great. If not shes going away until the hot weather finishes cause I feel really ill from dehydration today and really didn't enjoy that trip!
  6. Kimbers

    What made you happy today?

    Spending the whole weekend up in Notts in my Lotus (Radcliffe on Trent) and hooning then partying. Car went down a treat and one young man was particularly impressed when he told me to "FLoor it" at a set of lights with a Porker Boxter next to me. Needless to say, Said hairdressers car couldn't match me. However.......... see my post in what made you unhappy today.
  7. Kimbers

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Not saying that Bob. What I am saying is that here, in our press, he's been slated for actually telling the truth for once because Truth hurts to those that lost the Referendum. For all the rest of what you say I refer you to my comment "Bit of a knob really isn't he". My comments aren't based on liking him, agreeing with him or even believing him 99% of the time, its purely on this one incident. And also the fact that a lot of people who have other agenda's have been marching today to stop someone being here who has a legitimate reason to be here, for good or bad.
  8. Kimbers

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    What you guys don't see in America is that he is only making sense to us. Like the guys above say, he was voted in, we didn't have a choice in the EU which is run by mainly the Germans and French....guess who gets all the best deals!....anyway, the first time we get a choice we vote to leave in a free and fair Referendum. The same people who are protesting today are the same people who, when the vote didn't go their way decided to do the same about staying in the EU and constantly bitching about it. So now we have a situation where trump comes along (Bit of a knob really isn't he) but actually tells us like it is "You can't have free trade with America and the Word if you agree to this half hearted agreement to semi come out of the EU, because the EU won't let you because you aren't lining their pockets by doing it that way". Absolutely 100% true. But idiots like those protesting don't want people to say the truth so the BBC (The UK and EU mouthpiece for remaining) decided to show it all in a negative slant. There are sooooo many less people protesting than are getting on with working for a living (something most of those interviewed at lunch time who are protesting clearly don't do). Like the 50+ year old lady with Purple hair with peircings everywhere who was saying "He just needs to grow up dun't ee!"........ erm, pot kettle black?
  9. Kimbers

    Holiday to Sorento

    @scotty435 Cheers dude, all booked up and off in just 2 weeks! Can't wait to chill while the Mrs wants adventure.....maybe I can find her a nice Italian man so I can sleep and relax!
  10. Kimbers

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Thats not the British way dear boy! You could always vote to come back as a British Colony. We would get rid of him pretty quickly and send him to Russia or somewhere.
  11. Kimbers

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Ahhhh. it's Friday 13th! that explains it! All the Crazy people are out in London with some big baloon, protesting over a head of state we don't have any influence over coming over to negotiate deals to keep them in jobs...if they have them, cause its a work day and they are protesting instead. Then other people are getting upset over Brexit when the vote is over and done but don't believe in democracy because they say everyone who voted for Brexit is ignorant. Then on top of that normal everyday human beings work hard to pay their bills, taxes and bring their families up whilst trying to ignore all the idiots who can't seem to stop interfering with other peoples lives just because they didn't get their own way or want to "show their disgust" at a head of state they didn't vote for and have no influence over, costing the country millions in extra policing, holding up people trying to go about their daily jobs and making us look like a bunch of children. Grow up! Happy Friday 13th!
  12. Kimbers

    Hello :)

    Awesome! I can't fit in them myself (had an S2 Exige and could barely get in that) but looks great! Glad you like the car and welcome to the Forums! Where are you in the country? We have lots of active regional clubs from Kent to Scotland! Lastly, if you need anything or have any questions hunt down a person with a blue "Moderator" below their name and feel free to ask!!
  13. Kimbers

    What made you happy today?

    Trump telling May what everyone from both sides of Brexit have said since she announced her plans "You can't stick to EU rules and be independent and have free trade with the rest of the world".
  14. Kimbers

    World Cup

    Lets face it. If we were told 3rd or 4th place in a world cup, 4 years ago, we would have been amazed. I think the lads did really well. They were a new bunch of players thrown together who had 16 days together over a year, to make themselves a team. In the first half they really showed what potential they have for the future and don't forget our under 17's, 20's and 21's all finished highly in their World cups (or won them) so future is looking good! I do think, yes, we need more creative midfielders. They tried to get the ball through to Kane and Sterling but just couldn't and we ended up lofting balls forward in the hope one of them could get on it. I also think Sterling has proved he is not an England player. Everyone keeps saying he has speed but he had no quality on the ball and either fudged it or lost the ball. No one weas surprised when he was taken off. Rashford or Vardy going forward I think. So overall I am well chuffed. Congrats lads you did us proud and should hold your heads up high. You have given everyone a great ride!!
  15. Kimbers

    New V6 Exige incoming - L7TSX White

    Welcome mate! Look forward to seeing you about! Tubular Manifold is awesome. Mine sounds like a pride of lions getting very angry........