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  1. Good old BBC only 3 months behind the news when it happens! For everyone's information the market has stabilised now but at a much higher level. Nearly New (3 to 12 months) are actually only slightly behind new car pricing. Discounts on new don't happen as there are none being built and if you want a new car some models and brands have waiting lists well into next summer. We have some large 4x4's that were ordered in May 2021 and still don't even have a build date, we won't see those till March maybe even a year from order date!
  2. Many happy returns Jamie!
  3. Kimbers


    I still put a spoon in a jar and pour on hot water. Its cheaper, quicker and does the job! Though I have upgraded from "Any old shit" to Gold Blend recently.
  4. My Comment @basalte Dan was purely based on what I had seen. Initially the "Protesters" were put up with, many people even laughing at them. But as time has gone on there has been a change in the atmosphere at these protests especially as they block the same route and catch the same people again and again. My comment was serious. It had escalated to where some of the protesters were at risk of violence or even worse just being driven over. There is no doubt that legitimate protest and freedom of speech should be protected in the country. 100% and every Police Officer would agree with you. However these Protesters were actually doing more harm than good. Your normal everyday person has actually been turned off their message because of their methods. There has been several revelations about the people protesting which has made people laugh at them (One has done a 4x4 trip round the world recently, one is rich etc) . Look how many Police are needed even before the law was changed to allow Police to remove them quickly. Think of the amount of Police taken from frontline duties to attend these incidents, then process them in Custody, then do paperwork...... They have said their "Legitimate protests" were ignored and they couldn't get their message out. Well there's always reasons for this. There are about 200 of them. As minority views go that's pretty minor! Their message is too focussed on one thing and even legitimate climate protesters say they need to look at a bigger picture. Yes we all know insulation is important and should be included as part of a climate change plan, but it it is not a subject to focus on entirely! What maybe they should protest is the poor state and quality of new build houses in terms of their insulation. Lastly mate, your comment I know is in good faith but "Earning you your daily crust" is very much what some were doing before getting caught up in the protests, they weren't all middle class business people like me, just going to an appointment (Yes twice I've been caught). They have been Affecting people who couldn't afford to get affected. People who are living hand to mouth. Businesses struggling because they still haven't got over the effects of COVID, people trying to get to loved ones in hospital to say goodbye, people with medical emergencies and people who had legitimate and important reasons to get where they were going in time. I do re-iterate my comment above. I suspect the reason they have stopped for the moment is that public opinion had turned from Sympathy, to exasperation to anger and someone was likely to get hurt.
  5. The cynic in me thinks that they are suspending things for 10 days because they were all about to get a kicking or worse. I am surprised someone hasn't run any of them over yet!
  6. And in Answer to your question. If you need to build quick and cheap they are going to be Crap aren't they!! In the next "Village" to me, called Hethersett, which had a population of around 5000 10 years ago. Then they approved a New Housing Estate of 600 houses. It took them 4 years to build. Next they approved another estate of 1500 more houses ......... Now take into account there is no plan to increase infrastructure.......... This time it has taken around 2 years. They have just applied for another 200 houses. Now take into account several things: 1. There are 4 Doctors in the Surgery and they service all the surrounding area as well as the Village, 2 Dentists, One Tesco Express, a chippy and a Farm shop. No extra roads or infrastructure has been built. The schools have a waiting list, the Doctors is failing and is now shut from 3pm even online to cope with the demand, its now shutting one day every 2 weeks. 2. It took less time to build 1500 houses than it had 600. The new 200 Houses they have applied for are on the "Green Area's" they had allocated and the area for a new School, in the agreed plans. 3. They are using Apprentices to build some houses unsupervised 4. My Friend runs a building company that "puts right new build issues". Its all they do. He condemned several houses there recently as they would cost more to put right than rebuild. 5. Profit. Profit. Profit. They build on Greenfield sites instead of Brown because its cheaper. They cut corners and use cheaper and cheaper materials as the builds go on. My friend said that on the majority of estates the gardens in the last houses built are much smaller than plans because they have fitted an extra house or 2 in by cutting gardens and Green Areas. 6. They often agree things in their plans with the Council and then change them without permission because they know the councils don't have the money to take them to court. For Example: The 1500 housing estate in Hethersett said it would Protect all the Oak Trees on the agreed Site. However, as the build has gone on they have slowly been disappearing to excuses like "The roots were accidently undermined" etc. This culminated earlier this year in nesting season, when they cut down all the mature hedging and Trees surrounding the site that weren't even theirs!!!! Please read this if you think I am exaggerating 7. We are next. My village of 400 or so houses will look like this soon. Also with no more infrastructure. Its all about the money people! We need to be protecting our natural habitat to help combat climate change and flooding (a mature Oak drinks up to 400 gallons of water a day) not building on them! "But people need houses" Great! build up not out! Why are we one of the only developed country where people think it's their right to have a house instead of an apartment? The blue area to the North is an "Ancient Woodland" planted about 10 years ago with British Native Trees. The "E" in Melton is my house
  7. I have to ask @C8RKH............. What are YOU doing reading the Mirror??
  8. On the positive I have just had a Maccy D's and though I'm not a fan it did help! On the negative I have been unable to answer the question "How many Burgers can you eat while badly hung over!". After 4 meals I am still hungry
  9. Drinking on a Sunday Night and into Monday morning. Stupid Stupid boy! Feel like crap! (Managed to work though).
  10. My Brother in Law always buys 2. One to build and one for investment. But then his friend does work at Lego as a designer in Denmark.
  11. Sadly this will continue for at least another year. And with such a huge lack of cars out there the price is now being driven more by "Essential" purchases. Cars written off, broken down permanently and even Companies who need cars for employees etc. These have historically bought new on Contract Hire/Lease but can't get a new car so are having to buy used. Creating new demand for used at a time when supply of used is down 70%.
  12. So the Industry has now virtually ground to a halt. the last bastion of supply, the South Korean car makers have announced they have nothing coming through until March next year. All the other Manufacturers are putting on a brave face but secretly behind the scenes we are being told buying a new car will soon be virtually impossible. Don't get me wrong! You will be able to order a new car, but there will be no "production date" applied to it. Examples are blaringly obvious for those of us in the industry. Kia Sorento's ordered 6 months ago for January 2022 supply are now back in May 2022, but this can't be guaranteed. Peugeots ordered in July for November still don't even have a build date. Allocations of build dates on cars ordered in May are for January but they aren't guaranteed. VW has no build dates till June next year. The list could go on and on. What this means is today we have been told by CAP and Autotrader that they see absolutely no change in the hugely inflated used prices as people are forced to buy used instead of new. HOWEVER!!! There has been virtually no supply of New since June in most brands meaning there won't be many if any nearly new or up to one year old cars available from now until 6 months after new production starts again. As a result any new cars that will be built will also be much more expensive as most brands take supply and demand into account. For example, a Kia Niro had a price increase in March, May, June, September AND October (all of around £200) AND as a whole Kia have increased their Delivery charge AND paint cost on top! This is happening across the board Soon I think you will find 2 year old cars at nearly new prices. This is all really good news for you if you want to sell your used car, however do take into account you will be paying up to £6000 more for its replacement! The final result of this will also be a massive exodus of experienced Sales and Management staff from the industry. All of whom are paid between 50 and 80% of their wages in commission. This also explains the sale of my Evora, to cut costs for myself.
  13. Yeah I didn't see that. I only watched the first and was so disappointed I have never watched anymore of that series.
  14. Also watched this at the Weekend! Absolutely Brilliant!
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