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  1. Hobbs and Shaw, rediculously entertaining and hilariously funny. Brilliant brain out stuff! 9/10
  2. I won't be asking you for Lottery numbers any time soon! Especially as I remember you driving all the way up for my 40th Birthday and then never actually seeing you as you put your back out and spent the whole weekend laying on the floor! Lastly, how have you not killed anyone yet?
  3. Whats even more worrying is the dog? Sheep? in the background with a human head on it! SCARY STUFF!
  4. I have seen local activists for Labour (who I am a friend with on FB) arranging to meet other like minded individuals to target Conservative signs and "Put them where they deserve to be" in the rubbish or to burn them. Apparantly "I am just sorry its illegal to do the same with the racist selfish scum who put them up". I politely pointed out its also illegal to damage the signs as its criminal damage. To which the post mysteriously disappeared. Didn't stop the local Labour candidate from having their picture taken with his "Activists" though.
  5. I understand where you are coming from. But take into account that the rise in obesity has been over the last 20 years with a huge rise in fast food, ready meals etc and we had freedom of food from the early 60s onwards. I think we have just become a "Throwaway" society and in more ways than consumer items. I think food is included in this "Fast efficient food" both in time and minimum of effort. See Dan, your Topic already has us thinking!
  6. Ohh arr. I'll have to get it out from the safe. Gimme a few hours to finish work.
  7. Modern pigs grow too big @Neal H I am talking these, not the cute little pigs people have as pets.
  8. I just got a silver concorde pendent in a job lot of Silver I bought. Is it something you would be interested in?
  9. Last year I wanted to do the same as you Dan. However I couldn't. I just couldn't. I tried it for a week and I could no longer lift weights at the gym and struggled with my Cardio. I found myself constantly hungry and so started eating bigger portions of what I was eating. I ended up putting weight on. So I went pescatarian for a month instead. Now that I can get behind. Until I had a craving for a full English and then I reverted back to eating meat. I'm sorry but despite what these programs say....and take into account these are all made by people with an interest..... our bodies WERE designed to eat a mix of foods including meat, fish, nuts and berries and vegetables. When you speak to a real......and I mean REAL Biologist.....they will always say the best diet is a mixed diet. The anti meat agenda is being pushed heavily by the Vegan community and activism and it's just not a real thing. Many of the programs made and hype around the meat industry is based on what happens in 3rd world countries and the Americas where animal welfare and production values are no where near as strong as ours here in the Eu. And conversely the EU is not as strong as the UK. For example we only buy British Pork as EU regs allow Battery farming of Pigs. All our chicken and other meats are only bought from local farms and proper butchers who don't buy cheap products from Eastern Europe or the Americas. Lastly, remember that if everyone went Vegetarian not only would we have to cut down all the forests etc because Agricultural production is more land intense than meat production, but also you would be basically condemning massive swathes of animals to extinction. After all, who would want a modern pig as a pet? They are bred for one thing. Frankly (and I have told them this) I sometimes wish the vegans would win and watch their howls of anguish as Farmers (who legally own the animals) slaughter and burn all their stock as there would be no reason to own them anymore.
  10. I live in a close in a Rural village. My neighbour on my Right is a Consultant. The neighbour Opposite is a Big City Banker and Senior in a major bank. The Neighbour next to him is a Premier League Footballer and the one to my left ...... I don't know what he does but he's nice and when I let him use my drive to fit his woodburner he bought me some wine and a massive box of Chocs. There is one Rental property a couple of doors down but its a 5 bed exec house so the £1600 rent a month isn't conducive to "Beanies". Nice family with 2 kids in there. There is a benefit of being a posh git and living in the most popular village in South Norfolk right now. Apart from the fact my Property has gone up £200,000 in 3 years its also close to the Hospital and University so most people in this part of the village are Doctors or senior lecturers. Actually with 2 Autistic boys who are addicted to screaming into microphones while playing X box, Me having a loud car and having 2 daughters constantly around, making 6 cars blocking the close, I think we are the one everyone is talking about in this thread
  11. That is truly Green Green.! Welcome and Enjoy!
  12. Welcome to the Forum. Love an Evora me, but kids in it? NEVER! It's just for me Anything you need please don't hesitate to ask a moderator.
  13. Kimbers

    New on TLF

    Welcome to the forum. If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask a Modertor!
  14. Kimbers

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum. Anything you need please don't hesitate to ask a Mod
  15. Sudden thought. Could it be something to do with the A/C tensioner or something? I've only recently had it done, it was freezing last night (Car was iced up) and cold and when I blipped the throttle it smoothed out with no noise whatsoever!
  16. Last time I checked which was last time I drove it, it was 3/4 up the stick. Here's the noise It just suddenly came on. Last time it was fine. I know what it sounds like but there has been no warning, it runs smoothly when I ran it over to moms to put away in the garage. It was freezing last night but that shouldnt make a difference.
  17. So I just put my Lotus away in the garage. It hasn’t been used for a month but I started it and ran it for half an hour a week ago. It was smooth as a baby’s butt ticking over, like always. Then, last night moving it into the garage it gets a rattle on tick over. Blip the throttle, nothing. Tick over .... omg it sounds awful. Help!
  18. I want this thread sued for misrepresentation.
  19. Kimbers

    Bye Scotland!

    I reckon if we had a referendum on English independence from Scotland and Wales........ We would all be called racists.
  20. And the aroma from the bins next door must add to it!
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