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  1. Nearly all of my drives are just me. I had a great time a year ago on a North Norfolk Hoon with a new Exige and I found being 2-3 of us was much preferable to having 10-15 like the old days. We could stick together and we got loads of attention. That being said I used to do all the Pistonheads Hoons in Norfolk when I had my Yellow Exige and they always had a photographer on scene to take action shots etc. They sent you the pics at the end as driving with lots of other special cars was really good. it's funny you should post this @slewthybecause I was looking for an end of summer sea
  2. Lol, sounds about right! Where are you @Cdm2018? Yeah I had never heard of it before and yes @C8RKHThey told me you have to take the rear panel out to access it from inside. Sounds like a nightmare but once it's done it's done!! just going in for MOT so fingers crossed!
  3. @ReindeerI certainly will. Apparently changing the plugs on the back bank is a nightmare that involves removing panels and thingys. Thats obviously a technical term.
  4. Maybe the headers slightly adjusted the route of the exhaust enough for it to be a little close? I dunno.
  5. Old: New: With heat shield on this time as the heat from the Special Exhaust @C8RKHhad on is distorting it
  6. We will have to go out for a hoon together when they are fixed!! Just had a call from E S Motorsports. The Leads were knackered. Currently having new leads and plugs and a full service. Only thing they have found an issue with was the Sump was rotted through so much he was surprised it wasn't leaking. New Sump will cost me £200 + Fitting but better than it dumping its oil everywhere! Next step, MOT.
  7. My approach is purely "CBA" related. I appreciate when people assist me but the thought of touching anything other than the wheel or door handle makes me go cold and think of selling her. How on earth people fix these things for enjoyment is beyond me! Doing it for cold hard cash I understand!
  8. Mate, I don't have time or the inclination to wash her (I get some nice people round to do it for me). what makes you think I can buy a thingy and check a thingy to find out if my thingy is broken?
  9. Well she's gone. Seeing Daves face as he backed it on to the low loader wincing as she went from 6 to 4 then 2 cylinders in the space of 100 yards didn't fill me with confidence!!
  10. My friends business is failing, its a Large old house thats only rented to groups of 15 and above. He can't afford for it to be empty anymore as it has been since lock down, then it opened again and now is shut again due to the rule of 6. Just spoken to another company in my trade and they say anymore lock downs and all their Airport rental sites will go bust (They are Franchised), My friend runs a Pub Poker business and had about 250 games a week going on and has had to shut, taking away a second income stream from all 250 Tournament Directors who run the venues. If this is happening all
  11. Oh god, if only you saw what I see sometimes. There is absolutely no doubt that the rise of stupidity is rife. Sadly, this is fueled by ourselves and society. For the last few generations we have steadily become more "Empowering" we have given people the rights and protection to make idiotic mistakes whilst creating a society that can't seem to make a decision without someone in a position of trust having to tell them what to do. This direct contradiction has lead to many "Stupid" reactions and decisions. So! For example! We demand Politicians be more human, more "Normal", why can't
  12. I dunno what is wrong mate but one of my oldest friends works at E S Motorsports just down the road. he has agreed to sort it, service it and MOT it for unfortunately while driving it this afternoon I noticed a Noisy O/S rear wheel bearing so may have to get that sorted too!
  13. OK, well, I thought I'd check it out again today. "Lets see if its still doing it!" Says I, so I jump in and drive for 5 mins and shes lovely as ever! Yay! so I get to the A11 and boot it. Shes still fine, if running a little warm. Then after cruising for about a minute there's a pop and I felt a clunk through the car and bub-bub-bub I was on 4 cylinders. Slowing down I turn off to head home and theres another pop and I am now on 2 and the engine warning light comes on. Even worse, its slowing down and nothing I can do is stopping it....and then I noticed I have forgotten my phone. S
  14. When MJK was an apprentice they sent him to Stores for a long weight. He spent ages there and in the end the stores guys felt sorry for him and told him the joke. A few days later they sent him for a rubber hammer and he refused to go. No matter how much they told him it was real he refused and got in trouble over it because they really did want a rubber hammer!
  15. Hi Everyone Hi Everyone. I don't normally do this but I have started a small business I just do at weekends and its dealing in Antique Jewellery and Silver items. I won't post this often and annoy you all but have a look at my current items for sale on Ebay. I have lots of items at very reasonable prices including rings, Pendants, chains, Brooches, cufflinks and all sorts of Silver items like dishes, etc. Please don't hesitate to ask me if you are looking for something special for that loved one!
  16. No mate I don't My dad says it sounds like a CPU issue and that he had heard a few others with similar issues?
  17. After deciding to keep my Evora I took her out yesterday for a good run after cleaning her. Everything was fine for miles and then I came up a slip road onto the dual carriageway. I gave it "The big one" to accelerate up to merging speed and it was fine. Backing off at a steady 70 it was fine. Then I put my foot down in 6th to overtake and it sounded like a bag of nails. To be precise, it sounded like it was missing a cylinder or 2. Lifting off again it was fine and sounded lovely so I gently put my foot down and it was also fine accelerating gently. I dropped it 2 gears and tried ag
  18. Jokes aside I really do suggest everyone has this. In the last 12 months I have seen this app save 4-5 lives on my small patch alone and that includes things like heart attacks in the middle of nowhere, car crashes where the cars ended up not visible from the road and even new housing estates which don't geobase on emergency services systems.
  19. Please tell me I am not the only one who wants this paint job?..........less the chinese flag on the back!
  20. I take offense that you think we take offense!
  21. Denmark for me as well! But I thought they had quite a censored and liberal society and I am, to be honest, not into the whole EU and liberal state thing!
  22. Lets keep it Civil pleeeeease! But I agree. They are a bunch of namby pamby snowflakes who are influenced by Political correctness rather than by the Majority of it's viewers. I don't agree it should be gone. I DO agree it should be funded by other means like advertising. That way those who dislike them as much as I do sometimes, can avoid them. I have always been a massive supporter of the BBC but what I considered their bias on brexit fueled my dislike to where I could no longer listen to the BBC news or Radio 5 live. My go to channels. Since then they have gone down such a po
  23. Still active in the Lotus Community and Still available for after dinner speeches
  24. Kimbers

    Swindon Alan

    I am really shocked to hear this. Alan was a gent and really knowledgable. Lovely guy and will be missed! Condolences to his family.
  25. Evora Values have been smashed since Covid and TBH they are selling way behind what the book says. Though my car has has loads of work done and has lots of extra's I am loathe to sell it because I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to get another in a year or 2, especially as values are expected to strengthen eventually. Was just looking at options
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