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  1. Several things I want to cover here and am really interested in your thoughts. I am very much playing devils advocate here and putting an opposite slant on many of the below points to encourage active debate. I don't always disagree with some issues (like tackling climate change) but there are always opposite views. Please feel free to use this topic to discuss them. So! 1. I don't deny we have climate change happening. We have had climate change throughout the history of our planet. In Roman times they grew grapes in Scotland and in Victorian times they ice skated every year on the Thames. On that basis, should we interfere with natural climate change that says the only way for the animals (and us) to live is to evolve? And are we changing nature by trying to stop natural evolution? Before anyone points out that Humans have made the climate change worse this time, I understand that. But historically our knee jerk reaction to issues like this have just made things worse. For example "Diesel is evil you need to cut down on diesel use"............ "Oh, for the first time in 12 years Co2 Levels have risen instead of dropped......for the life of me I can't understand why!!". 2. Why is it that we listen to those who, 10 years ago we wouldn't have listened to? For example Greta Thunberg. Here we have a 16 year old with no life experience whatsoever, who has never earnt a living, paid any taxes or had any input into life whatsoever and who is the daughter of a millionaire Actor father and Millionaire Opera singer mother, so probably won't have to ever earn any money. More importantly, all of her information and "facts" are fed to her not through personal experience (for example as a Climate change scientist travelling around the world for 30 years to understand what is happening) but by dubious sources like other activists (her mother) and organisations. If you really want to know what her message is you should read the below. It's actually quite worrying and includes things such as controlling population by birth control/limiting families and also reducing technology use. It's called "Dark Green Enviromentalism" and she is a firm advocate (1984 anyone). There is also this article which links her to Big money support and people and organisations with other reasons to push this agenda. I believe this less as it's more of a conspiracy theory (illuminati sort of thing), but I have done a bit more research and there are other articles which confirm some of this article. 3. How can anyone believe or support an organisation like "Extinction Rebellion"? Their methods of protest have cost the country £25 million so far, not including Policing costs which will double that, pulled away Police from fighting serious crime, actually disrupted the things they are pushing in their agenda, such as public transport and have been infiltrated heavily by professional "Protesters" and Anarchists. For example, one young lady interviewed after being arrested stated (at 19 years old) she was proud to have been arrested for the 4th time this year. Asked "What were you arrested before for?" by the reporter she stated "Unrelated, different protests". When pushed she admitted one was as an animal rights activist another anti Brexit Activist. All of which she had broken the law to protest. Why is this allowed in our society? Has she worked for a living? No. Does she contribute to society? No. Will she be held accountable for her actions? I hope so! Surely an arrest sheet at such a young age will stop her working in future? Is it fair that there have been 1000 arrests already and yet no one is hugely denouncing them and everything they stand for? Point of comparison Pro-Brexit protesters got very little air time and any arrest was instantly jumped on by the press and declared as criminal activity (all 2 arrests at the last protest). 4. Lastly, why is it we and the majority of the population, as middle aged working men and women who it's been proved pay the majority into society in taxes, NI, Volunteering, contributions etc seem to have less of a voice than anyone else? This new "You must listen to us, we are the future" rise in being told what to do and how to do it, by those with little to no life experience and promotion of this by news and journalism, seems to overlook those who pay in the majority to society. The press haven't mentioned that the majority of the population disagree with the way Extinction rebellion are protesting and instead promote the very small minority who support them or are taking part. If I, as a middle aged, middle class, family man who has 2 jobs and volunteers 30 - 50 hours a month to society for free, said and promoted the fact that these groups are wrong then, like with being a Leaver, I would be....and already have been, called a racist, or blind, or even worse things. I commented on a "friends FB page" that far from supporting Extinction Rebeliion and their criminal activity we should be denouncing it" and got a lot of abuse. Do we just sit back and ignore the fact that a very very small minority are demanding and will highly likely force through massive changes in our country, without us being able to have a say? What are your thoughts?
  2. Hi Josh and welcome. Is your old man on here? Love the pics. Anything you need please don't hesitate to ask a mod!
  3. The old man came round and demanded a picture while I was cleaning the car. He was chatting about it all and how he signed off every stage personally and how he cocked up because he doesn't have a single picture of him with the design team and engineers who did the car from start to finish. he considers it a total Team effort but secretly I think he considers it his swansong from the Motor Industry he loved so much and all the designs he has either personally been involved in or that he instigated/oversaw. And didn't he do well. It's a stunning car with amazing engineering from top to bottom. Very proud to own something so personal to him. Also interesting to note that he considers both McLaren and Ferrari to have used the design for the basis of their cars. true when you look at them!
  4. E4 and 5 are the same length as 3 According to Official Tyrion Lannister fan page................not that I'm a fan boy you understand
  5. This: Extinction Rebellion demands more money to fight Global warming. Current Cost £4million a day in loss of earning alone, from the disruption caused. 15,000 jobs in that area of London at risk and that doesn't include the cost of Policing, 150 extra BTP Officers Hundreds more regular Police, 300 arrests which all cost money. What the Absolute F**K? This is nothing to do with CLimate, this is about anarchism.
  6. That's what it is. Wendy was a bit bruised for a couple of days but was soon back and so much better! Get well soon Colin and Ian.
  7. Got it! it drives lovely, is quick, raspy and handles really well. Lovely old job!
  8. Gall Bladder stones block it up and cause major issues with digesting certain kinds of foods. If you continue getting them then speak to your GP about having the Gall Bladder removed. Wendy had it done after 2 years of pain and selective eating and is absolutely fine now!
  9. Eeep! I thought the big battle would be the final one but from the looks of the trailer for next week, there's a huge battle then!
  10. So you have turned to the Dark side young Padawan!
  11. Oh Aye? Which one? And which Company........seeing as how we have 240 locations throughout the UK....and you used someone else!!
  12. Haha. But I must admit I really like the Korean Cars. The Kia's are all a little "Leftfield". Some qwerky and funky. But they all drive nice aqnd have loads of kit for the money. This Gt for example is £5000 cheaper than a Standard Golf GTi but it's so much more car for the money.
  13. It's the New Kia Proceed GT. I couldn't find anything I really wanted and Wendy wanted me to get an estate for shipping her Paintings around Shows this year. This is the Sportiest and newest I could find. And if anyone suggests a German car I iwll personally hunt you down and assassinate you.
  14. I was so happy with my new company car. I mean, it's a GT, quick yet comfortable. All the reports say it handles well and more than anything......It's totally different to anything out there...................I thought....... Then someone commented...............It looks like a Porsche Panamera from the back.............................And now I am gutted cause I don't ever want to drive a Porsche.
  15. Looks like someone left a cheerio on the lens of their Telescope!
  16. Is that where you are Sam? Yes I do pop out there on my rides out....normally Solo and with ACDC playing!
  17. So it's now October..........Which means European Elections. I assume everyone who voted Leave will now vote Brexit Party?
  18. A company like Aviva (Who pay 6% Dividend return by the way...mine gets auto reinvested) are very successful and profitable. The only reason they are low is the uncertainty over Brexit. If we leave no deal it will effect them short to medium term but long term as soon as the market picks up again after Brexit then they will go back up to where they were. If we leave with a deal then short term may be low but will only take a year or 2 to recover. If we remain they will return back to where they were almost immediately. Tie that in with the others and Bobs your uncle.
  19. I don't think so mate. They are all at such lows and are all such profitable companies that even the experts are saying there is absolutely no reason for them to be where they are and they are rediculously good buys for medium to long term investment, no matter what happens. I did exactly the same just after the 2008 crash and my £10k investment became £20k within 5 years.
  20. Kimbers

    Hello all

    Yummy! Looks amazing. Love the way it looks with the summer set up!
  21. Ciao and welcome Luca from a "Heavy set" Lotus driver. It used to be snug in my Exige!
  22. I am so sure that we will now stay in (Not happy about it but sure) that I have put a load of my savings into shares which are at all time lows for absolutely no reason other than they have operations or do work in Europe. So Unite Group, Aviva, Fever Tree and Stagecoach. Come on remain!........
  23. Evora passed MOT with flying colours, She's taxed and insured. However Insurance went up £80. After calling around I managed to get it £50 cheaper than my current cost, £130 less than AIB increased my policy to. Called AIB to cancel and they matched it, but with Breakdown recovery included. Sorted!
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