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  1. E4 and 5 are the same length as 3 According to Official Tyrion Lannister fan page................not that I'm a fan boy you understand
  2. This: Extinction Rebellion demands more money to fight Global warming. Current Cost £4million a day in loss of earning alone, from the disruption caused. 15,000 jobs in that area of London at risk and that doesn't include the cost of Policing, 150 extra BTP Officers Hundreds more regular Police, 300 arrests which all cost money. What the Absolute F**K? This is nothing to do with CLimate, this is about anarchism.
  3. That's what it is. Wendy was a bit bruised for a couple of days but was soon back and so much better! Get well soon Colin and Ian.
  4. Got it! it drives lovely, is quick, raspy and handles really well. Lovely old job!
  5. Gall Bladder stones block it up and cause major issues with digesting certain kinds of foods. If you continue getting them then speak to your GP about having the Gall Bladder removed. Wendy had it done after 2 years of pain and selective eating and is absolutely fine now!
  6. Eeep! I thought the big battle would be the final one but from the looks of the trailer for next week, there's a huge battle then!
  7. So you have turned to the Dark side young Padawan!
  8. Oh Aye? Which one? And which Company........seeing as how we have 240 locations throughout the UK....and you used someone else!!
  9. Haha. But I must admit I really like the Korean Cars. The Kia's are all a little "Leftfield". Some qwerky and funky. But they all drive nice aqnd have loads of kit for the money. This Gt for example is £5000 cheaper than a Standard Golf GTi but it's so much more car for the money.
  10. It's the New Kia Proceed GT. I couldn't find anything I really wanted and Wendy wanted me to get an estate for shipping her Paintings around Shows this year. This is the Sportiest and newest I could find. And if anyone suggests a German car I iwll personally hunt you down and assassinate you.
  11. I was so happy with my new company car. I mean, it's a GT, quick yet comfortable. All the reports say it handles well and more than anything......It's totally different to anything out there...................I thought....... Then someone commented...............It looks like a Porsche Panamera from the back.............................And now I am gutted cause I don't ever want to drive a Porsche.
  12. Looks like someone left a cheerio on the lens of their Telescope!
  13. Is that where you are Sam? Yes I do pop out there on my rides out....normally Solo and with ACDC playing!
  14. So it's now October..........Which means European Elections. I assume everyone who voted Leave will now vote Brexit Party?
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