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  1. Awesome. get a sports exhaust at the same time.....Rasssppppp! He has an Elvis hairstyle
  2. Lovely guys. Did you meet Glenn?
  3. I don't see how they can release him to general prison population after what he did. He won't last a day. I would suspect he will get an appeal in for protective custody of some kind.
  4. Send an email to your local Police or contact them online via "Report a crime" section. Give them the reg number, what you saw and where they work. You can do this anonymously. They will put an Information Report on the reg number of the van meaning when seen by Police driving either their camera or checks will say to stop the vehicle for signs of drugs and/or drugs checks to be done on the driver. If they end up killing someone off their face at least you will have done your bit.
  5. What Andy said. When selling collectables always do your research. Some things, like the things I sell, cars and Vans are really easy to research, but others like I sell in my own little business (Antiques and jewellery in precious metals) you need to research really well. For example Danish Silver sells at a large premium over Uk at present. Where you sell it also makes a difference. For me a Mix of Ebay and Auctions are best but for technology items I would look at clubs and chat rooms. Retro gaming is huge!!
  6. Yeah, prefer them than people!!
  7. Here's another a whole £10,000 cheaper than an almost identical dealer car. though it will take a bit of money to get it looking non "pimped" New&onesearchad=Used&page=1
  8. See above @LotusLeftLotusRight [EDIT] After checking DVLA this car only changed hands 6 months ago. This points towards either a trader having it or someone who can't afford to maintain it and has received a large quote. Of course they could just want something else but why then make it so cheap? The final possibility is its a scam advert using the previous pics from its sale in October last year.
  9. Sometimes words fail me. Its a 2013 which makes it £35000 really. £32500 for a quick sale. Why would you undercut the market by such a large amount? If the seller had done their homework they would have read these threads and decided, even if initially, to put it on at a decent whack. Unless its a trader who bought it for a silly price trade and wants a quick flip? BUT, its a rubbish advert, only 4 pics, no close up's, 52k miles, Matt black is a nightmare colour to clean and repair should there be any imperfections. Has it an HPI? Do we know if its had previous accident damage or is even
  10. Welcome from sunny Hethersett! You know there is a source of all things Elite Engineering right here in Norfolk? In fact he's just gone home from having a coffee in my garden. MJK was technical Director on the Project and knows everything there is to know Elite wise!
  11. Welcome please!! We love to see new members cars!
  12. Hi and Welcome back! Same old happy place as before.
  13. Hi And welcome! Lovely car.
  14. When you sold its where they were. Only a couple of months later and they have gone up hugely Barry. Not calling you stupid obviously.....ahem.... Look. In my defense I wasn't feeling well yesterday and was a bit grumpy! I don't think anyone selling an Evora Sub £30k is an idiot, it's their car! They could sell it for £2.50 a six tins of tesco value lager for all I care. I just think they need to look at the market at present.
  15. On a short fuse today as feeling unwell. Just posted this elsewhere. Frankly, anyone selling an NA sub £30k is an idiot! Why would you do that when both Market research and supply demand says £30-35k is where the market is!! On an aside, I deal with over 100 dealers in the UK and have just sent an email out asking them to call me with any Evora they get offered. As a Professional buyer, If someone's stupid enough to sell sub £30k I want a piece of that action. As an example, Peugeot Boxer Long and High were £14000 for a 12 month example a year ago. Now they book at £1800
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