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  1. Well, thats great. I use Wet wood and Bags of Coal. So I shall keep on ranting! So there!
  2. What an absolute crazy rediculous world we are living in here in the UK where the Govt is now banning sale of coal and fresh wood logs to households to reduce Co2 emissions. Yes, banning use of a renewable source of heat and energy to force you to use Gas, Oil and electric all which pollute more! Absolutely crazy based on the below. They are pushing you into using Gas, oil and Electric instead..........could this be tax related do you think? Hmmmmm
  3. Sorry to hear Barry. I was in the press recently after helping a young girl of 11 out who had Bipolar. It just takes a little help from a professional to sort issues out. Sadly, that professional is more and more a Police Officer and less and less the people who should be doing it.
  4. Re Mental Health, they say a quarter of all calls to the Police are Mental Health calls. Imagine how much more time Police would have if there were enough Social Workers, Mental Health Workers/Places in secure recovery units to go round! One thing that is often missed is Mental Health issues in Kids. I always hear "Oh they are just naughty kids" but most Naughty 12 year olds don't tend to jump off bridges or jump in front of trains. It's often overlooked because "Children don't have mental health issues". So it's swept under the rug and so are they. I know of several Children who need regular help and sectioning due to Bipolar or learning difficulties causing them suicidal thoughts and actions. Yet when they are sectioned no Adult Mental Health Hospital will take them and there are virtually no Child Hospitals for Mental Health. Just recently the only place for a child from East Anglia could get was in Glasgow. I'm sorry but if you are a 12 year old child even if you have been sectioned you need your family and parents to be there for you to help you. You can't do that 375 miles away. Its shocking and upsetting so I won't carry on.
  5. I don't think so @C8RKH. We get official discount using our Blue light card so 20% at Frankie and Benny's, Nando's etc. Some fast food places offer discount, Burger King 10% I believe (My son works there so I get family discount). FYI the longest I have been without food or water of any kind on a shift was 15 hours. To say I had a headache by the end and was hungry was an understatement.
  6. Really interesting post thanks for Sharing. Must be hard coming from Norfolk and going to China and finding your way even to do the basics like shop at a Supermarket. Do the company offer you assistance and an interpreter etc? I can't imagine many people speak English.
  7. It's a terrible thing, especially for someone young and full of life. There was definitely more to it than just media intrusion. Reading between the lines it seems highly likely Ms Flack had mental Health issues. If you add in the issues with her Boyfriend (Which incidently appears to be more serious than the simple assault the Press have said about), and the fact that Ambo was called previously for what appear to be self harming issues then you have to say there was an issue there that was not being attended to or dealt with. What you have to look at more than the Press is the state of our mental Health Services where people, not only those in the press spotlight, struggle to get suitable treatment. If you go to your GP (assuming you can get an appointment within a week or 2) it still takes months to get a referral. If you are at serious harm of self Harm and need "Care and Control" the Police/Doctor can section someone under 136 of the mental health act however many times there is only 1 or 2 places in 136 "Rooms" in a whole region. Overall it is a real tragedy when anyone takes their life. But if there were previous incidents and it was not dealt with then there are questions to be asked.
  8. Whilst I agree its a poor response, it's very much a local thing. Whilst for some forces these would be an easy fix for clearing a crime and highly likely dealt with promptly but other Police Forces have different priorities. However your friend does have recourse as the items were there to see and he can complain to their Professional Standards Dept and claim losses. Sadly your friend isn't alone as this article today shows. Priority is given to 999 calls and if you don't have enough resources to deal with these then how are you ever going to get to recovering stolen property? However I can't condone your other comment which is both wrong and totally unfounded. Do you eat? Are you allowed to have something to eat or drink during the day in your job? And if you were on the road all day in your job would you have to do it in the sight of other people? Or would you say "Oh no I shouldn't have anything to eat or drink on my 12 hour shift because some idiot may see me and complain I should be out fighting crime instead of doing something we all have to do to survive?" One of the reasons you see Police at so many take away outlets is that often its the quickest way to get something down your throat in between jobs. And even then 50% of the time its cold before you get it, if you do at all. Very disengenuous and I wouldn't expect it of you Andy.
  9. Kimbers

    Kirk Douglas

    By all counts Kirk Douglas was a genuinely nice guy and fighter for the rights of minorities and diversity in Hollywood. I for one loved his movies. What a great actor. Anything else is and was unsubstantiated and all allegations were strenuously denied.
  10. We are old friends but I wish it had been more than 10 years! He keeps popping up where I am and I'm pretty sure he's stalking me
  11. In his book, Plain Facts for Old and Young: Embracing the Natural History and Hygiene of Organic Life, John Harvey Kellogg listed some of the damaging symptoms of masturbating, including mood swings, bad posture, acne, epilepsy, palpitations and a fondness for spicy food. He was a Seventh-day Adventist and worked as a physician who staunchly believed in celibacy and that sex was unhealthy and immoral. Mr Kellogg was such a firm believer that sex was damaging to the mind and body that he slept in a separate room from his wife and never consummated the marriage, choosing instead to adopt all their children. But Mr Kellogg had a solution to all this suffering, believing that meat and rich flavoured foods increased sexual desire, while plain foods like nuts and cereals suppressed it. With this in mind he set about making a range of plain tasting breakfast foods that would once and for all put a stop to these impure desires, which resulted in the cereal we know and love today — Corn Flakes. So if you have ever noticed that your thoughts are particularly wholesome while having your morning cereal, then you have Mr Kellogg to thank.
  12. Yes you are right. Bloody awful selfies..............
  13. Not drinking mate. haven't had a drop since 31st December. And....ARF!
  14. My Dad bought me a gold necklace for my 21st Birthday, in the Far East, it was Gold with a Jade Sword. It was meant to represent being lucky in love and life (Jade being lucky and the get the idea). I haven't removed it for 31 years and it has brought me luck and.....well lots of kids and an amazing wife. Yesterday I broke it. Not just the chain which snapped but the Jade sword broke in half as well. Now I am superstitious anyway but in the 12 hours since (8 spent asleep) I have dropped a glass of milk on the newly cleaned carpets, scratched my new cars' door on the stupid bloody tree I hate in the front garden, overslept and late for work on the one day my boss calls me on the dot of 8:45 and dropped my electric toothbrush down the toilet........and it hadn't been flushed yet. In my other job I find every single person is very superstitious. You can't EVER say the Q word (I can;t even bring myself to say it here) like "Wow the radio is Q tonight, theres not much going on".... and Tony ends up alone confronting someone with a knife.... Many use the same car, or have lucky charms or a lucky item of kit etc. So what about you? Are you superstitious? Is there anything in particular you can't say or do that is unlucky or freaks you out or do you think it's all hogwash!
  15. Happy Birthday wierdo.....I mean my friend
  16. I have some very wet purpose made mats yes! And a drivers door that seems to leak when it rains sideways.
  17. Erm....I wasn't the one kissing my neck!
  18. Hey! I was dfriving next morning so was managing my alcohol intake thanks very much!
  19. You can remember the Christmas do?
  20. Dad bought me one of those Gold Concorde Coins for Christmas. It isn't very big but limited edition and has lots of bumf with it.
  21. Welcome! Very good choice. Anything you need please don't hesitate to ask a mod! How does all that petrol and Co2 work in Switzerland? I heard they are hard core on what they allow in there!
  22. Hi and welcome! Look forward to seeing your progress and getting it back and running on the road!
  23. Awesome welcome to the forums. Just outside Norwich here. Look forward to seeing her on the road! Paint looks nice!
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