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  1. Luuuuurve that colour. Welcome mate! Anything you need don't hesitate to ask one of us Mods!
  2. Its a lot bigger than them. I'd just do a Clarkson "FULL POWER".
  3. If its naughty do you Spank the Monkey?
  4. Dogs have just pulled ahead!! I am surprised no one has birds or reptiles etc
  5. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. More news later.
  6. The ONLY skill you need post Apocalypse is to be able to run faster than those around you! I go running every day. Good luck!!
  7. What is wrong with you lot? I work 2 jobs so I don't have to do anything! Hell, I even had someone to come in and clean the house every week up until Lockdown last year! Not dusted since then and TBH its getting a little dusty! CBA is my motto! Well that and the fact I have the DIy skills of a newborn baby!........actually scratch that, a new born baby would be better at everything than me!
  8. Unless you have the building/ DIY abilities of penguin with no beak.....legs or wings. Then you pay for things to be done like a normal person!!
  9. After a friend of mine ...... in the loosest possible term .... @Sparky keeps putting up pictures of him doing Lego or making his own Gin I got to thinking what I do with my spare time. Then I thought it would be good to see what everyone else does in their spare time and am I weird that I fill up all my spare time with other things. Then I thought it would be fun to do it with either gifs or Pictures. So I'll start:
  10. Lovely lovely colour and great car! Look forward to seeing you around and feel free to ask a Mod if you need any help here!
  11. Welcome back! Great choice!
  12. Pertinent in todays Society "Everyone is in favour of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people's idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage." - Winston Churchill
  13. Have you all forgotten the French? Not only did they bring their silly square towers on churches but they murdered our king with an arrow in his eye and Discriminated against us...the Saxons for hundreds of years!! You Engleese and your K-niggets!!
  14. Is that the one that @windymillergot that's got that "Gold" colour to it?
  15. Oh absolutely. I must admit I have never owned any Lotus in "Shade of Grey" colours. And I mean no disrespect whatsoever to anyone who has a shade of Grey car, because if thats what you like then thats your choice! My cars were: Esprit S4 in Red Exige S in Yellow with Black Wheels Excel in Pacific Blue with Beige Interior Leather Now an Evora in Red with Black Kit and Wheels.
  16. Absolutely. And its a gorgeous car and I know you have spent a lot on it. I know its about budget but you could do what I did. Rather than sell my old car and use the money for the Evora, I borrowed from the bank on a flexi loan which I have just finished paying off early. So technically you could have both?! I don't still have the old car but I do still have the £23k I sold the Exige for AND now an Evora free and clear! Money is very cheap to borrow at present.
  17. Dan, of all the cars I have owned I have regretted selling certain ones the most. - Esprit S4 - Fiesta XR2 Mk1 - Excel - Sierra Sapphire Cossy (not strictly sold, more put in a ditch backwards) For me it is the fact that if, I had kept them all, except the Excel, would be worth a fortune now. And the Excel will get there I think. If I had a lock up or a massive budget I would honestly have kept them all, but the heart wants what the heart wants and when I look out of my window at thes very second I see this and i realise I'm happy with my choices. All except not cleaning that
  18. The upgraded red interior in my NA is lush. Matches the red exterior lovely jubbly! @C8RKHis that a Sport Racer Interior?
  19. Kimbers

    Scotland Events

    Not being a member of the Scottish Group but having a half Scottish wife who wants to explore Scotland maybe later this year (July to October prob) I suggested we go up in the Lotii and tie it in by meeting some awesome people! Sadly they aren't around so I may have to see some of the LEGS people. You guys have anything going down this year like the Scottish 500?
  20. Welcome! Shame its not red but every car can't be perfect!! Look forward to seeing you at meets etc assuming we get some!
  21. ??? I'm confused. Does this involve paying someone to do it for me because I don't understand "Do it yourself".
  22. One of our esteemed members suggested on FB that he wanted to drop his Elite suspension. (mentioning no names here). Unfortunately he forgot MJK was on the page and also designed and approved the Suspension on the Elite Project as Technical Director on the project. Thought I would post his reply here for any of those that want to do the same. BTW I know dad thinks if you want to do it it's your car but you can see why he thinks you shouldn't. "Doing that will totally change and impair the exceptional handling in all conditions and cause significantly increased stresses in key chassis
  23. What Bibbo said! Good luck Mate.
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