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  1. And we only have ourselves to blame for this woke and pampered generation. We are the ones who entitled children to the point where they have representatives on school boards and are told "If a teacher upsets you report them and they will be disciplined". We have entitled them to understand that they don't have to do something they don't want to, and we are not talking about the things we originally told them they didn't have to do like get into a car with a stranger of go see their puppies. We are talking "No I don't want to stop hitting this younger child, you can't force me to!". We have t
  2. It was from the Suffolk News I think. If you put the name of your windmill in its one of the first pictures on "Images" on google
  3. So your Dad is Peter? Hope he gets well soon mate. it's a lovely Windmill.
  4. Always up for some excuse to drive somewhere! I am in Diss a lot and know the area well. Are you particularly close? The 2 I know are Billingford and Thelnetham. though isn't there one on Victoria Road?
  5. Bell and Colville are very good. I Bought mine for Silverstone and its a 2010 NA and I am chuffed values have gone up because it had dropped £5000 after 2nd Lockdown. Guy Munday who lives very close to you is a good guy to speak to as he often knows of cars before they come on the market. Plus here is a good place as members are often upgrading or changing cars. I am just outside Hethersett and have the below car so would be great to meet up when you get one for a hoon somewhere and get a bite to eat! Plus there are the Lotus meetings at The Bird In Hand near Hethel when things open
  6. type R 300bhp model mate. Just before it came out in the UK.
  7. Yeah but the fact it's a Shelby means thats the paint job associated with the brand In terms of boy racer. Yes. At 53 years old I still hanker for that experience I had when 18 and I had my Mk1 XR2, XR3i and Cossy. The Honda, I drove at a race track and I found it absolutely brilliant and Grin inducing. And, unlike the BMW. Audi M3/5 etc etc a lot cheaper to repair and service so I think that would be my choice.
  8. I am a bit of a "underdog" supporter. I would rather cut my left nut off than have a German pile of crap. So I wouldn't ever dream of anything like Porsche, Merc, BMW or any such nonsense. If I hadn't had the Evora my choices (and I had driven them and seriously considered them) are below:
  9. They are also really into their Engineering side at present and also their heritage. Sadly I think MJK is one of the only ones left from that time! This out today in EVO magazine!
  10. What a beautiful Movie. How could anyone not love it. Hanks is his normal brilliant self and young Zengel.....what a find. She barely speaks but her portrayal of the young girl is wonderfully expressive.
  11. One of my all time great movies. Just absolutely bloody brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Watched it a second time just a week later and enjoyed it just as much. I have seen nothing for a year to match it. 20 out of 10. Can you tell I loved it?
  12. My father has been friends with John since their days on the Delorean project when Dad took John on as a contractor to sort many of the electrical issues they were having. he was so Pleased that John was taken on at Lotus as an Electrical Engineer, working for MJK through many and varied projects you will all recognise . They have been friends ever since. John was always so supportive of MJK and pushed him to be more involved in the history of Lotus and introduced him to pages like "Lotus Remembered" on FB and they had been very close these past few years, even holidaying together on John
  13. Anyone see the documentary yesterday on Trump? Loads of things never seen over here and even Foreign leaders saying what they thought and what happened. As Wendy and I watched it our jaws got lower and lower the floor! The words egotistical maniac come to mind with "Idiot". If you haven't watched it you should! Even his own advisors had the old Facepalm moments!
  14. My mates a Science teacher at High School. he was a Civil Engineer earning a lot of money but was away from home a lot. Take into account this is HIS WORDS NOT MINE!! He admitted he is "A little bit lazy" and wanted "As much time off as possible". So he trained as a teacher because "I get a fuck load more holiday than in any job I have ever done before". His 6 weeks Summer Holiday (Which he calls 5 weeks as he has to do a couple of hours a day prep before going back) is 2 weeks more than the holiday I get all year! And he gets the same bank Holidays off as me. Then he gets half
  15. Apparently it changed sides and is now friendly with the Vaccine and has hung the leaders of the French Variant from telegraph poles
  16. It's all true sadly. Even Police have insurance now should someone try and sue them because they tried to save someone's life and failed....or even worse, succeeded. We are turning into a Litigious society where people are genuinely afraid to intervene for worry of being sued. Do you remember the Top gear where, at the end, they all donated their cars to people who had lost them in the Hurricane in New Orleans and the one who Jezza gave his to tried to sue him because of the faults it had? We are getting there. My wife and daughter pay large sums of money for insurance in the NHS and
  17. Here in Norfolk the local Hospital has lost one of their own to this horrible Virus. I know my Daughter and all her colleagues are devastated by the loss of Staff Nurse Estrella Catalan. Wendy has painted her as part of her "portraits for hero's", despite Wendy being a Nurse herself, she has painted 54 NHS Staff now, from Secretary to Cleaner and Nurse to Doctor. All for free and paid for by herself, as a thank you for their amazing work. I would ask you take a look at the video below which Wendy has put together as a tribute to
  18. Personally I think it should be a vote for the whole of the UK as it will effect everyone in the Union the same way leaving the EU was. I would agree to it on that Basis and that it is the final one ever.
  19. The Dig on Netflix. What a lovely movie.
  20. What a true Gent and a great soul. RIP Sir,.
  21. Kimbers


    My Fresnillo Shares rose by 10% yesterday. Will check them again today but if they hit +25% I will prob sell them then wait for the price to drop again and rebuy them. If they don't drop again then I will buy more Fevertree as they are about to announce above expectation profits
  22. Kimbers


    Definately a good way to go. If you are getting a rescue or 2 make sure they are ok with young children. Many have trauma issues and lack of socialising. My Aunties is not good with kids. However if they are ok with kids they are wonderful gentle dogs to own and all they want is an easy life!
  23. Kimbers


    Hope you all invested in Silver like I recommended!¬
  24. I believe I mentioned not to tar everyone with one persons stupid mistakes. "I am ignoring such negativity when one in 100,000 officers acts foolishly". And you are right, I will call anyone out who does so. I don't blame you for wanting independence for Scotland because you live there and If one person at the business you work at was an idiot and broke the law I wouldn't even mention it as that has nothing to do with your profession nor you and everything to do with one person being a cock womble. It is not in any way double standards to state that I expect people to adhere to the Law or
  25. And Police are there to enforce the law if it is broken even if a Member of the Public think they know better! How can something I deem unacceptable risk seem fine to others if it is against the law? Some people smoke Cannabis because they think it is fine but it doesn't stop them being fined or even arrested? Some people think Driving over the speed limit is an acceptable risk but that doesn't stop them getting a ticket or even losing their license? COVID regulations are there to protect others. I have no problem someone not caring about catching it but I do care about all the innocent
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