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  1. I've had a couple of finds in my time. Apart from buying job lots of Jewellery and finding things of value way beyond what i thought, such as a Georg Jensen Ring and Necklace I found last week or a Tiffany Solid Silver pen. When I was 7 my older brother and I lived next door to Kettringham hall. Now we all know its history and being used by American airmen in WW2. we were walking through the woods adjacent to it looking for sticks to use as swords etc and I kicked something hard. We moved aside 30 years of crap to find, wrapped around tree roots a full belt of shiny pointy things all wrapped in what was left of some sort of green cloth.. Now we didn't know anything about them at the time, so spent the next hour digging the whole belt out and proceeded to knock several loose ones, like nails, into the old rotten tree stump using pieces of wood. Getting bored with our game we both pocketed a couple of the shiny pointy things and went home. So, getting home my old man exclaimed a rude word very loudly and took them away from us. About 2 hours later some men in Khaki turned up and took our toys and the whole belt of Shiny objects from us to "Make them Safe". it was a belt of 50 Cal, obviously, that we had been hammering into the tree. 30 years to destabilise them we were lucky we didn't lose a limb! My second story was a couple of years after when we had moved out into the countryside. In the middle of nowhere up a long drive we had full roaming of miles of woods and fields as Mom worked for the local farmer and we helped out. We knew all the best places. At 9 years old I can honestly say I was naive and not at all worldly wise. If we cut across the field we lived in the middle of we came to a hard standing area, normally with hay bales or sugar beet on. it backed onto woods and had a hedge alongside the gate so we often saw cars parked there. Don't know who they were or what they were doing......some may have been rocking! Now one thing I did see was my Grandad and mom smoking and people were often smoking on the parking area. So one day I was walking down to the farm and I remember a City looking fella looking about him and putting something into one of the Hay bales. I waited till he left and put my hand in there to find, disappointingly, 2 packets of cigarettes. Oh well, I suppose I could try one. So I opened the packet to find a big roll of tightly wadded money, counting it, it was about £150. the other one had not as much but about £30. Quite a lot of money in those days. Needless to say I kept the money and scarpered. Now I realise it was likely a dealer dropping off the suppliers share for him to collect. And I never got knee capped! Needless to say I never saw anything like that there again. I just hope dad never reads this cause I never told anyone apart from my best mate. To say we ate a fuck load of sweets for the next few months was an understatement!
  2. You won't regret it! And that noise.....ohhhhh yeah!
  3. Welcome! Had an S4 myself, 1992. Loved that car! Love my Evora just as much! Looks like you have some work on your hands but it'll be worth it! Values have been steadily rising and are only going one way!
  4. As an Evora owner, mine is 11 years old, I have only ever had one issue in 4 years and that was a cracked Spark Plug. Lotus running gear/Engine makes for very reliable cars these days and as Bibbo says, they aren't expensive to run either! Grab one before everything goes electric!
  5. Welcome to the Forums Snorkel. Sorry to hear about the German cars! Still at least you have seen the light now! Anything you need please don't hesitate to ask a Moderator. It's why we are here!
  6. Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends in the Lotus fraternity. We have had some cracking times over the years, even nearly thrown out of the hotel for getting so drunk @gghc87 Fell head first into the wall off his chair! May we have many more great times!
  7. Well, that looks decidedly........... Porsche like. Whilst we have known each other since you joined in 2006 Chris, I have to say up to the time you bought this both myself and MJK really liked you. Still, I suppose we can get over it. Not the Porker, that's unforgivable. I meant get over liking you!
  8. Happy Birthday mate! I have a container of petrol and a match to sort that Porker infestation!
  9. - The fear of having, seeing, or thinking about an erection is called ithyphallophobia. - Couples in Greece have the most sex, approximately 164 times per year. Brazil follows a close second with 145 times per year. The global average is 103. - The average male orgasm lasts 6 seconds. The average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds - According to one study, Spain, Brazil, and Italy produce the best lovers. The worst lovers were Germans, who women claimed were “smelly.” The English were “too lazy,” the Swedes “finished too quickly,” and Americans ranked in the middle. - During 30 minutes of active sex, the average person burns approximately 200 calories............... Shit! I only burn 200 calories for doing it 15 times!!
  10. And another British Sportsman, Lando Norris was Mugged leaving the match on Sunday! Some people are Scum pure and simple!
  11. I don't blame you buddy and so sorry to hear. Only time abroad I have used a Hospital is in Cyprus. They are excellent. Used to treating Brits who think they should get everything for free and sort of have a Half UK, Half Greek system. Get seen for free pay for treatment if required but no charge if not, though they will charge an Idiot Brit for sunburn or injury due to drunkeness. They are efficient, well staffed and clean. Personally I don't mind paying for certain kinds of healthcare. When i was diagnosed with Cancer I had unsatisfactory results from the Urologist so paid for a second opinion within Bupa. It not only saved my penis but the after effects which I would have lived with for my whole life. My daughter is a Doctor in A&E and my Wife a Specialist Nurse and I have nothing but respect for all staff and anyone who works for the NHS when they could easily earn much more elsewhere. However the NHS organisation and Administration is a Dinosaur that needs to change. All foreign nationals using it SHOULD without doubt, be charged the same as we are through our National Insurance. Everyone says it's free, but don't forget, IF you work, you pay 11% of you wages for the NHS and your state pension (supposedly). Why are we always the whipping boy of Eurpope where everyone else charges our citizens for healthcare but we don't charge them? For everyone who says Healthcare spending on those not paying for it is minor............. £1.8 Billion a year!'Normal' use of the NHS,£1.8 billion a year. I fully support our system of heathcare and our staff and Nurses and like @C8RKHI totally refute any claim that its not fit for purpose. However it does need some major organisational changes from the ground up in terms of administration and Management.
  12. Overall we had a great Euro's but a small minority of fans have once again spoilt it for us and have spoiled our reputation once again with the football community. Even locally they had mass brawls in Gt Yarmouth and police were called to lots of issues in bars and pubs. The state of Trafalgar square was disgusting as was the fans who fought and injured Police Officers. Then there were the fans breaking into Wembley. When we now have such great role models on the pitch the scum off the pitch really do spoil it for everyone else.
  13. Should have had a bet on 1-1!! Knew as soon as it was penalties that we were losing! We are awful at penalties. Only won 1 out of last 4 shootouts.
  14. I think 1-1, England to score in Extra time. One Italian Player to be sent off for play acting.....oh wait, if they do that then all of them will have to be sent off!! It's a shame really as all my Italian Friends support England as a second team. They dislike the German and French teams with a vengence. Sadly, I think all of Europe will be supporting Italy. If we lose it's Wendy's fault. I have worn the same clothes (Red England Shirt) since the start, only forgetting it in the Scotland Game. However, last night Wendy Washed it cause it "Was Offensive". She's also really happy it's the last game as every game she has watched we have won so I insist she watches them with me (She hates Footy).
  15. No, Wendy isn't finally sick of me. My Sons Girlfriend has a house with her Ex and wants to move in to a rental with my son. She needs some advice and help as she knows nothing about how to go about it, especially as her ex can't afford it on his own. Her Ex wanted her to sign a Document saying she would move out and have no right to the property but leave her name on the mortgage, which screams "trying to shaft you". Anyone know anyone or is there anyone here who is a professional who can help her?
  16. You know, I don't think one of those is a Lotus..........just saying!
  17. And you won't look like a Footballers wife sitting on the chairs!
  18. Well none of you have bought Silver or jewellery from my pages so I think you are all gits! (See I used that to bump my items for sale..,..... but it's true, bunch of skinflints!) And most of my items are trade as well. Some of those silver rings would sell at double the price retail! Starting next week I also have some Gold items.
  19. It looked like a flat Blue in the pissing rain TBH. But my old man (who knows about these things) says that its one of the best colours to highlight the lovely lines. The Black one wasn't anywhere near as impressive looking! Would definitely avoid dark colours on it.
  20. The other question half cut was Russell Carr? Lol.
  21. Yes I did mate. Lovely. They look stunning up close. More like a supercar than a sports car!
  22. Had mine powder coated. tend to be pretty good against kerbing!
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