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  1. Mate, she's an alcoholic. I've seen it before and nothing....NOTHING is going to stop her driving including a ban..... until she kills herself or some other poor bastards and has her freedom taken away. Sad but true.
  2. I spent all weekend inventorying and listing nearly 100 new items! The least you could do is buy some ya tight arses!!
  3. Am super interested if I can get it for a little less. Now I have a Lotus Mechanic on board and a painter I can get this looking immaculate and being perfect. great investment then I think! I'll let the Mrs drive it for the rest of the time New&onesearchad=Used&advertising-location=at_cars&make=Lotus&page=1
  4. Glad I filled this up 2 days ago! Not using the heater as its warmed up to 30 degrees on its own and thats a nice cooling off heat
  5. Have a great one mate! bet you haven't had to wear long trousers in ages!!
  6. Absolutely and the Givt uses similar tactics itself. "We are warning public sector workers we have to limit pay rises to 3% because of inflation. Oh we understand your issues, here's 5%. Workers think they have won a small battle and the Govt, which knew it should be giving 7-10% secretly grins behind its hands....... and MP's get another 11%.
  7. Electric heating in 2 outside offices, Dishwasher is used once a day, Both my boys work in very hot enviroments so washing machine is used at least once a day. No gas here so Oven is Electric, Heating is turned off so hot water is on emersion electric as well. 2 fridges, Xbox, 2 computers, Aircon every night in our room, Fans in the boys rooms, Kettle must get boiled 7-8 times a day minimum. Main TV, Sky, Tropical Fish tank....... Plug in car normally plugged in for full charge in 6 hours a day....forgot about that one. Think the hottub and Aircon plus kettle will be highest use?
  8. 2 Young adult lads who play computers 24/7, both Wendy and I work from home most of the time, so that's 2 more computers. Hottub, Aircon.......... need I say more?
  9. They are saying Electricity & Gas bills are going up as high as £4200 a year by November! My how we laughed as our electric bill on its own is already £372 a month! I'm already there and thats without any heating aspect!
  10. And after the first week it's close at the top! And lonely at the bottom @Barrykearley
  11. I would but cancelled linked in after they were hacked and my account stolen. Never bothered to go back seeing as how I want to retire next year!
  12. The court needs an exact "condition" to be able to enforce it. Being their mother, being able to drive your children is a basic need (excluding the fact that she doesn't have them) however with the phrasing they have put its very easy to enforce the courts instructions. "Were you under the influence while driving your child" - "Yes" - "This is specifically stated in the courts instructions" - Then XYZ applies.
  13. Welcome! I don't think any Esprit is a bad idea right now. Great car and a great investment! They are only going one way!
  14. Welcome! Great colour and a great story! Look forward to seeing you at TLF events!
  15. Congrats on the order and welcome! Yellow with Black is a great colour for any Lotus!
  16. So pleased you got what you wanted mate. Any advice you know where I am
  17. Let us know how the court case goes mate!
  18. Cause they want our money, 8-10% of their total GDP is Tourism
  19. Absolutely. I would love to say its nothing to do with Brexit but it is sadly "partly" to do with Brexit due to the number of European health workers who left. Though TBH much of this was due to COVID, but getting back in again has proved longer and more complicated since Brexit. COVID is also to blame for many of the Non European workers in the NHS leaving and going home. Though the rules haven't changed for them since Brexit, infact its now easier if you are qualified in a specialist role such as Nurse, Doctor, Radiologist, etc etc. Dave is also right that the issues weren't on the UK side, but on the number of French immigration officials. At one point there were 6 on duty and as he also rightly says, the process was "Look at passport on you go" before Brexit and now its about a minute-2 minutes long. Doesn't sound like an issue unless you have a million people going abroad and 6 people checking their passports at a rate of 60 an hour per person! All this could be sorted easily with more resillience but I suspect the French aren't that inclined to spend money and manpower to assist "The Engleeze and their Brexit type peoples". Something about Farting in our General Direction, Your mother was a Hamster and your father smelt of elderberries etc etc.
  20. Yes, 12%. I charge postage. But once every 2-3 weeks Ebay offer either 70 or 80% off fee's so I put them on then I sell quite a bit by word of mouth as well. its the best way to deal, or else I would have to go to retail events like Antique fairs and hire a stand which is around £100 minimum and I'd have to charge retail monies but my profit levels wouldn't be much more if I didn't sell enough to cover the £100 Plus my time of spending a whole weekend there. It takes me an afternoon to put 100 items on ebay
  21. Not a cloud in the sky here and my car said 40 Degrees a few mins ago! I was standing outside at 3am this morning after a bottle of Peach and Strawberry Gin forced me to drink it and it was still nearly 30 degrees. Luckily we have Air Con in the bedroom so Yippee!
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