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  1. Slutshole Lane in Besthorpe Norfolk has no chance then! (A Slut in oldye Engleese was a Drain.
  2. Oh no that's far too simple, he's got a visa in case he decides to stay longer, he's booked his flights and a self catering apartment in the Bronx. This is happening in 2 weeks "no matter what we say or do" I can't do anything with a phone he has a basic pay as you phone phone, not even a Smart phone. It doesn't even have a screen. He "Doesn't have any reason to have smart phone when he has a computer" and phone companies will only rip him off. Another one of his "things". And he "Has no intention to bother getting international calls, they are a rip off as well".
  3. Yeah, doesn't go out much apparently. Very shy and aware of his looks as he transitions. (Girl to Boy)
  4. Non driver apparently He's the sort of lad who will blunder into a gang area and not have the foggiest why someone has a knife pointed at him. He would then argue whoever it is into stabbing him. Actually I suspect he would get shot by a Police Officer as well. He could antagonise a block of wood and never backs down on his opinions "You're holding it wrong, you'll never get it through my coat like that......oh you did, but you shouldn't have done because the angle was wrong, If you tried again it wouldn't work...... oh it has, but you are still wrong". I know as I have had to bite my lip so many times with him.
  5. My Son is going to New York in Feb to see his Boyfriend and I could do with a little help, especially from those of you in NY or close to it. Aaron is Autistic, he is not Street Smart at all, infact the opposite, he's very protected. Due to his Autism and lack of Smarts he absolutely doesn't see any bad in any situation, is not aware of his surroundings and will not listen to anything myself or my father say about being careful, trusting people etc. He is adamant, he is going and refuses to stay in a "Known" Hotel Brand as there aren't any anywhere near where his Boyfriend lives. His Boyfriend is in the Bronx and its a poorer part as well, Unionport close to Soundview. On the maps I have looked at with Red being Dangerous and Grey the best, the Area his BF is in is highlighted in Orange meaning Do not walk alone or go into at Night according to Google. My question is this. Aaron is absolutely adamant he is going. he's 24 but has the Street Smarts of a Child. His Autism means he is in a world of his own a lot so not aware of whats going on around him most of the time. he doesn't have the money to take a Cab everywhere so plans on using Buses and walking. He thinks it will be like Rural Norwich. Writing this I know how ridiculous it sounds he is going, but try and stop him! We can't and neither can his Grandad and at 24 years old he knows his own mind. So please help me out. Give me some background Info I can give him and some reasoning to ensure he is safer. And if anyone can help by meeting him at the airport or after he gets there that would be awesome! p.s. he won't ask for assistance at the airport or after as he feels he shouldn't get any special help due to his Autism. He says he has to stand on his own 2 feet like everyone else.
  6. I am with what seems a popular opinion, that the Beeb is not fit for purpose now in a world of Media and so many channel choices, Free and pay per view. What I do watch which I love: Bargain Hunt and Antiques Roadshow got me into loving Antiques and now dealing Graham Norton, though his obvious Bias against certain things like Brexit Peed me off. But the format is brilliant and he's great. Saturday Kitchen, its my go to show on a Saturday Morning! Match of the Day, Big Footie Fan and the show format and pundits are excellent Yeah, that's it.
  7. Yeah I couldn't watch it, fell asleep twice which I never do in Movies. It just didn't "go" anywhere.
  8. As per my post elsewhere, watched this on Apple TV. I think I must have been holding my breath for half the movie. Whilst its not a deep movie (It doesn't expand on his relationship with the still gorgeous Elizabeth Shue or really delve down into other relationships onboard) it is a great action packed War movie. Something we don't see a lot of these days! As they go head to head in a shoot out with several Subs (something that actually only happened 4-5 times in the whole of the war) you need to suspend your disbelief a little, but overall Hanks pulls the movie together and its very very good. 9/10
  9. I have several Vegan friends and family. And I would never try and influence them to go back to meat (Wish they would offer me the same courtesy). But just recently I had call to laugh after a Newly Vegan Friend got ill. And for the next 3 months stayed ill and got worse. After spending thousands in taxpayers money at the GP and having tests at Hospital they were finally diagnosed with....... Veganism. They hadn't told their doctor about going Vegan as "Its a healthy lifestyle and couldn't possibly be the reason they were ill". It appears, like many (mainly older people) that his body just can't take a vegan diet. I have several friends who have gone vegan and suffered mentally as well. This because their diet isn't planned well enough and a shortage of Amino Acids causes imbalance in the brain and the chemicals it produces. But nearly all of them, when this is pointed out, say its not possible and Veganism is healthy and makes them happier. The upshot is that the Human body needs supplements to go on a Vegan Diet. Just how natural is it!!!?
  10. Reconnected with Apple TV recently and they genuinely have some good product on there! So far I have rewatched Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman in the Long Way Round (2004), Long Way Down (2007) and the New "Long Way Up". Makes me ache for my bike back and am seriously looking at a trip myself. Saturday Night I watched "Greyhound". After 20 mins I was thinking....MEH! Unfortunately I nearly died after pretty much holding my breath through the rest of the movie! Brilliant, as you would expect from Tom Hanks.
  11. Ref Djokovic, I think his own country and Spain also need to look at why he was at events in their countries within 7 days of his supposed positive result when he should have been self isolating as per both countries rules. As many have said, he quite obviously believes himself above the law as a super important sportsman. I look forward to seeing how he gets into the States for the US grand Slam event. But I suppose any documents can be faked if you have enough money! Lets face it, it looks like he faked his positive result so he could fraudulently prove he had exemption. No matter what the officials and press say I think we all know there were so many anomolies with his story Australia had no choice but to kick him out! Bloody well done as well! Wish our Govt had the balls to do things like this!
  12. That people can disagree over nuances of statement and what one thing means or another is actually quite offensive in itself. You know what I find quite offensive? People dying before they should, many with COVID. My daughter was rushed into hospital 6 days ago and has since had a major operation, she's still in. I have my Granddaughter who at 8 years old is having panic attacks, nightmares of losing her mom and sleeping about 2 hours a night before waking up crying and shaking until Grandad and Nanny cuddle her, eventually getting a few hours of sleep. You know who's been looking after my daughter? The NHS, including her Nurse mom and Doctor sister. Hospital isn't a great place to be. With so many people in for different and often contagious reasons, cross contamination is going to happen no matter how much they use modern chemicals to clean , sterilise and wash. People make mistakes, its what makes us human and not robots, but it's still the best place to be when you are in a life threatening situation. LIKE MY DAUGHTER! So please, keep on with the pathetic arguments over semantics or the definitions of COVID delivery. But I promise I will offend you if you keep on, after being told by Bibs and now myself to stop arguing! This post is to discuss COVID and its effects politely. If you can't F**king do that then don't comment!
  13. Little Melton's only claim to fame is that in 2001 it was a quant village of 373 people with a small pub, village school of 50 pupils and a tiny shop (more a house with shelves of essentials). It now has 1272 people with no extra infrastructure, a school with a 5 year waiting list and a "Generic pub restaurant thingy" serving rubbish food. It also has 2 more housing estates going up. Also with no additional infrastructure. Its also one of the few places around here that planted a British Ancient Forest (Oaks, Ash etc) just 20 years ago as part of the agreement to build said increase in housing................ .......... Which they have now applied to cut down to build 500 houses on. Go figure hey!
  14. Am I the only one that thinks the only reason the Govt haven't imposed tighter restrictions is because they would have to compensate businesses such as restaurants and hospitality? I know several people very well in this industry (My son in law is a Director and Exec Chef of a large local Restaurant Group and my local landlord etc) and Omicron has virtually destroyed their business anyway as people just aren't going out in enough numbers to make it worthwhile for them to run a normal service. They actually want Boris to lock down so they can get some help. What Boris and those in charge have actually done is stop people going out with words and recommendations but put nothing in place for any business who suffers like they would have to if there were further restrictions. However what this is really doing is making it very difficult for any business in those sectors to survive. Banks have stopped lending to them as they are now classified as "High Risk", so they struggle to get help. Its all very underhand IMHO.
  15. We have clocked them at 30mph on a pavement so I can assure you it must be easy to do cause the brainless idiot riding it couldn't string two words together without using the words "Innit" or "Bruv"
  16. Firstly they aren't the same. The ones in Govt Trials have trackers, Front and rear lights and are bright yellow. They are limited on speed and you pay to rent them. The ones you buy have no lights, are faster (and therefore it is more likely you will injure someone) are Black so can't be seen at night or may be missed when parked on a pavement and can't be tracked to see whether they are used on the road or pavement. If anyone has seen people riding these home owned ones its nearly always a young teen with no helmet or safety gear. They are always at max speed and have no knowledge or inclination to adhere to the highway code. Many of these can do up to 30mph. Now imagine that hitting a child who's legally walking on the pavement. I think eventually these will become legal to ride in public (its legal to own one but for use on private land only) but they will like push bikes, road use only and have to have lights and safety features fitted. If you want to get to the nitty gritty its "Under UK law, e-scooters are classed as ‘powered transporters’ and as such are treated in the same way as motor vehicles, so pavements and cycle paths are strictly off limits. In turn, for road use, they would have to meet the same requirements as cars and motorbikes and have the correct MOT, tax, insurance, licence and construction techniques, which currently is virtually impossible technically and financially."
  17. Or in this years case "Happy holidays everyone and may 2022 bring you much (DRINKING) joy!" You too mate
  18. I don't disagree with either of you. But what the Govt are seeing (and NHS Staff) is that any further demand on their underfunded service with no real alternative in this country, may crash the system. Infact it already is. Our Hospitals in my area have an 8 hour waiting in A&E if you are lucky, Ambulances sit outside with patients being treated in the ambulances for up to 12 hours! Our Doctors close once a week because they don't have enough Doctors and they need one day off at least and even when they are open you can't contact them, even via email, after 3pm. I 100% agree we need to be able to get on and live our lives, but the only way I see it possibly working is if we make vaccination Compulsory, boosters every year (at least once a year) and make it so difficult not to have it (Passports to get in even shops and restaurants or work in a job) that everyone is covered. Also masks and distancing measures. However that won't happen in this country. I do see it working in Austria, Germany and many of the European countries because they have a more militaristic outlook on life (Their police forces are paramilitary not by consent etc etc), however I think in those countries like us and France, I just don't see any Government having the balls to do what is necessary! Me? I'm selling up and moving to Cyprus. i'd rather be locked down in a nice Villa with a pool, than here! (Yes I seriously am thinking of it).
  19. Let's keep this polite please everyone. We have many and Varied views here which we thrive on, but lets agree to disagree with many and varied subjects rather than getting angry or offended. Mr @C8RKH has a reason for this (Not one I agree with as both my Wife and Daughter work in said Medic industry) and that's his right. But Likewise @gregs24 has his own views that need to be respected. In terms of what Andy said earlier Gregs I have reread it and it wasn't aimed at your comments in fact he was agreeing with you that the economic impacts can't be ignored and can cause more issues. So please, lets keep it nice. Thanks
  20. But thats the worrying thing. As you know my family are in the Health Sector and they are being told that it's strangely not creating antibodies after infection or the antibosdies disappear within a couple of months. Those of us who have had PCR's recently, you will not that they have added a question to the booking form "If you test Positive please can you give permission for us to test for antibodies (This may involve taking a blood sample)". The very reason for this is that those Nurses tested recently, after having COVID less than 3 months ago, show zero Antibodies. It's that quick. And that means you could catch it multiple times a year.
  21. Listening too much to Lobbiests for Business unfortunately. But many places are struggling for staff as people go off sick and self isolating so if Omecron is as virulent as they say then shops may all be shut anyway! My biggest issue is when does this end? It seems to be engineered to mutate and its just going to keep coming back again and again! They need to really do some hardcore work on it over the next year or 2 or else this could be the norm and no businesses will survive!!
  22. The Majority of Positive tests are likely to be Lateral Flow instead of PCR tests. Many test positive then don't bother getting the PCR. That said there are massive queues at all the test centres near me. Luckily mine was negative and I have another cold as, like @SparkyI am Asthmatic and it took me 6 months to recover after having COVID in May 2020. Don't want that again! Worse thing was losing my sense of taste. I may as well have just eaten Mashed potato every day. What Nay sayers like Barry don't understand is how much COVD effects you longer term than, say, a cold. When I had COVID in May I was ill but not hospitalised. It was like a really nasty cold. However, you get over a really nasty cold quickly, I had long term health effects with my breathing, joint and muscle pains and fatigue for well over 6 months after. I was still on Steroids and a powerful inhaler a year after.
  23. Total respect to you Malcolm, for doing what you do. Especially with the difficult cases I know you guys get so often.
  24. Self isolating after feeling ill with a temp and cough. Had my PCR this afternoon and can't go out till I get the results. Suddenly realised if I have got it that's Christmas buggered for everyone coming round ours and we have to spend it alone with Alcohol, food and loads of TV to ourselves.............BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Think Positive thoughts people (Like I hope Tony's Positive). Of course on the downside as an Asthmatic I could die but, hey ho!
  25. Boris will get my vote back if he simply replied. "No, Fuck off, its not my fault you wasted all the extra money you get per head than anyone else does"
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