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  1. It depends Buddsy. For what? A senior Officer can authorise entry for various reasons. However a search needs a signed warrant.....unless its because someone has been arrested then under section 18 of PACE Police can search someone's house. its complicated but this is authorised by a senior officer as is a section 23 Drug search with reasonable grounds. a constable may enter and search any premises occupied or controlled by a person who is under arrest for an [F1indictable] offence, if he has reasonable grounds for suspecting that there is on the premises evidence, other than items subje
  2. The only thing you can take from this is that Trump Voters need to do more exercise! 3 out of the 4 deaths were caused by Heart attacks!
  3. Engage, Explain, Encourage, Enforce (in that order) If you engage politely (why wouldn't you?) then normally you will be told what is wrong, encouraged to get people to leave and thanked for your help. If the person refuses to engage and fails what police call the "Attitude Test" i.e. are rude, then they will resort to the only thing they can do and you will be fined and the FPN sent to you. Just because you refuse to speak to an officer doesn't mean he can't charge you with an offense. However if you are having a large party or unlicensed music event then they will gain access using
  4. Call 101. Online reports have a very slow rate of dissemination. if the Officers don't get there in time to witness what is happening its very hard to issue a FPN or take it further. It's one persons say so against another unless there is visual evidence like good CCTV etc.
  5. Not sure what they are doing in Northants. Here any call like that is given a priority grade just under an emergency.
  6. I am ignoring such negativity when one in 100,000 officers acts foolishly and point out that despite your attempt to show Police in a poor light, without fail Officers are going into houses with COVID, and more present, and dealing with not only people who COVID Positive but people who have passed away from the Virus on a regular basis. In light of Officers putting themselves in danger regularly, maybe support for the majority would be better than slating a tiny minority.
  7. Been playing this almost constantly since September. Still bloody excellent and impossible to keep people alive. That being said I have won the whole game twice now, but there are lots of different scenarios to try. Still recommended!
  8. Track and Trace is a hard one as we have to disconnect it and our GPS while working for official reasons and seeing I am at home the rest of the time there's no point in having it!
  9. I always wondered how you afforded a Lotus. Now we all know you stole it! The COVID rules are pretty simple really. Don't go out for anything but totally essential shopping or exercise (which is once a day). - Unless you fancy a Maccy D's or a takeaway - Or fancy popping into your place of worship with 100 other people - Or if you are a house cleaner and want to go clean peoples houses - Or want to buy some plants for the garden, a trellis or 2 or maybe a nice Pot, just so you can get out and mingle and say you are shopping. - Or go to the playground with your whole hous
  10. Kimbers


    For the first time since COVD in March my whole Portfolio is back in the green. though some shares like Aviva are still nowhere near where they should be. I am being held up by Reed Elseveer, Legal and general and Fevertree
  11. Happy New Year I'm back on social media. May you all stay safe and well in 2021 and hope its better than 2020, though I can feel a total lock down coming on.
  12. Is it getting a bit nippy there yet Felix?
  13. But would be if it continued for a year was my point.
  14. I should point out that the Grey lines are made up as there is no info for that period yet and that 400 deaths a day is still 146,000 a year, many of which could be avoided with a total lockdown, not this namby pamby shit we keep getting. Lock everyone down and put out a Curfew past 20:00 like Spain, Italy etc. That way Police will know anyone out after then is either up to no good or breaking the rules. Then Immunise everyone who is at risk before you lift the Lockdown. You know what? I have been suffering "Long Covid" effects for 6 months now, since I had it. Running to keep fit la
  15. Morning friends, neighbours and Lotus Forum fanatics everywhere! With today as my last day in the office and After a few trial runs over the last month or 2 I am pretty much staying away from Social Media over Christmas. As such my time here will be limited to a drunken rambling (probably) or 2. So despite "it's Covid out there" I want to wish you all a merry Christmas in case I don't visit again before. I hope you and your families stay safe and well and that despite everything you can relax, hold your loved ones and get pissed up for a long time. This is the first year in ma
  16. Good luck with the rest of the work and welcome to the forum!
  17. Oh my lord that is a stunning looking piece of kit right there! Welcome and if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask a mod!
  18. Hello and welcome to the forum! Anything you need please don't hesitate to ask a mod!
  19. Excellent and well done! Great choice.
  20. And I can understand people dying so long after having it. I had it early March and still suffer from headaches, neck and muscle pain, exhaustion and Panic attacks which I have never had before I had covid
  21. Like I said, Cars, Wine and foodstuffs
  22. I spent some time in Nord 2 years ago with my dad, the people were lovely. And my Uncles war grave wasn't in a tourist area so the French just wanted to know about us and what were were there for etc. We stopped at some lovely local coffee shops and restaurants. Couldn't recommend it more! In Paris we went to a Fish restaurant and the menu was just in French (well they obviously don't get Tourists do they!) I asked the Waiter for a little help and he shrugged and said "No Parla Engleese" or words to that effect. We ordered and a party of Japanese sat down behind us. They did the same as u
  23. MJK has his Innoc tomorrow. But My mom who is on Cancer drugs and has underlying health conditions doesn't have a date yet. It's all a bit wrong really and relies on their respective surgerys to pick up on their details!
  24. Kimbers


    Norfolks AA is ready and preparing Even the French Brexit Negotiators are in on it!
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