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    Absolutely not, Vile French stuff. Like I said, stopped buying French years ago.
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    Our fave wines are Rioja, ,Malbec and Shiraz so we like a robust wine, they are all full bodied, but thats just our preference cause we are old. But I am not talking cheap crap like Yellow tail or Hardy's. A good bottle of Rioja should cost in excess of £13 (with a few exceptions), Australian we like a nice Barossa Reserve normally around £12. One of my Favourites is Jip Jip Rocks which is on offer in Waitrose at present for £9. A Malbec should be Argentinian ideally and a good £15 for a decent one. However as mentioned there are some exceptions to the rule. I really like 19 Crimes Aussi
  3. Or that I copied said fact from an American website!
  4. The words dived and dove are interchangeable as a past tense and past participle of the verb dive. Both verb inflections are used in American and British English; however, dove is an Americanism, and thus tends to be used more in American English.
  5. Mary Shelley allegedly lost her virginity on her mother’s grave. talk about a stiffy! Edgar Allan Poe was 27 when he got married to his 13 year-old cousin. Over the course of a single month, Poe dove head-first into serious alcoholism, lost his job, and married his 13-year-old cousin. That was one hell of a month, no matter what century you’re living in. Seems like Horror writers are a bit pervy!!
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    Love a nice Mature Brie so it just oozes. Yummy! But like everyone else says, you can get a really good UK Brie As for French Wine, I haven't drunk any for 10 years. Like everyone else I don't agree with what they did to our Beef and Lamb, which they only did to get round the EU competition rules and support their own farmers. The best wines these days come from Australia and South America I feel. I love a nice Shiraz or Malbec. Though a Spanish Rioja goes down just as well. French wine is overated IMHO.
  7. If you look at the things Boris is holding firm on I totally understand why we are heading towards a no deal. The BBC always quotes the Fishing Rights, but thats just a minor part of it and they quote it because it makes the whole refusal thing sound rediculous, which suits their anti Brexit agenda. But many of the items we are not getting, non EU countries get already! Like Canada free trade and the Japanese Bi-Lateral trade deal!
  8. "We are gearing up for another lockdown in January". Quote from Home Office insider. I think I am reaching the point of "Fuck it I'm retiring and moving to Cyprus".
  9. As we have said in the past, we would never get a decent Brexit deal because the EU knows so many would line up to leave behind us. There are innumerate quotes everywhere from EU officials saying this and Nicolas above proves the point! I think Italy would be the first, Spain, Even France if it didn't have a corrupt Rothschild supported President! The only countries who want to be in it are those who get loads of money for joining when they shouldn't have been able to because they didn't meet the criterea!....... and Scotland! However they are REALLY trying to stick it to us. They are ev
  10. So while this post is out there here's an update on my little business I started. It's going so well I will have to do some accounts next year. Because I buy right I can sell right and many of my pieces, vintage Jewellery etc, is very well priced against buying something from a shop or retail! If you don't see it please ask as I do have several thousands of pieces from Silver cutlery to Silver salts, dishes etc. Then lots of mainly silver, jewellery. Please feel free to let me know if you fancy anything as a stocking filler or a gift. I am happy to withdraw from sale as long as it hasn't
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    Gold people! Gold!! I bought some sovereigns 5 years ago. They were around £200 each. I looked today and cheapest I can buy new ones for is £320! Though I did just put some bids in for some in auction at well below that price.
  12. I think a lot of price increases will be blamed on COVID and whilst some costs have increased due to restrictions and time frames, these will return to normal (hopefully) with the introduction of Vaccines. I suspect prices won't then be dropped and may even increase further as taxes are raised. Get used to paying more I think is what I am trying to say!
  13. Yeah, that stretches it a little for Norfolk Police. We have mostly Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra Estates, though I tend to drive the beast. Not many like it but I love it. Great on a straight, not so much on the corners especially with a ton of road clearance gear in the back!
  14. Nowt wrong with a Krispy Kreme! Though Thickthornes Maccy D's is our normal haunt after 1am on a late or night shift!
  15. I'm the one in Blue just about to go after the dick trail blazer who thinks Police are stupid with no idea that he is pulling away far too fast to be doing 70!
  16. My whole family is an example of all of this! Wendy is a 16 year service nurse. She is band 6 so at Sister level and working as a specialist nurse. Bit like a Nursing practitioner she has her own patients who she responds to and see's regularly in the community. They all need specialist care. She earns £26,000 a year and has had a pay cut of 15% over the last 7 years, in real terms (5 years with no increase at all then 6% over 3 years). She just had her pension statement through to find out that 5 years ago they switched her to the "New scheme" which means she can no longer retire at 55 a
  17. Or the fact that the SNP had agreed it was a once in a lifetime vote!
  18. You shouldn't confuse older people mate, especially those who have alcohol induced dementia. Just agree with him and nod thoughtfully. We can get him put down later.
  19. Bit difficult as it's locked away in an airconditioned storage warehouse with 24hr security
  20. Well sink me Sir! It took you your merry time to find my jolly jape! I shall meet you at dawn sir! Toodle Pip and tally ho! For those who don't know what the bloody hell Gazza is talking about I may have adjusted his Signature on his posts a little bit about 2 weeks ago as a jape. He didn't notice and I forgot! But now I am giggling afresh.
  21. Urh! Any Soylent Green with her as an ingredient will be full of piss and vinegar!
  22. Covid crisis could 'cut pay by £1,200 a year by 2025' Hahahaha. This made me laugh. I don't know about you guys but I mainly get paid commission, my basic is......basic. And I am £20,000 down this year on last. So even if I go back to my normal wages next year it will still take everyone else 16 and a half years to catch up with my losses! And thats a "Could cut pay", mines already down by that year to date.
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