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  1. Ok Peeps. So Dad has recently done some interviews and its made him realise how easy it is to jog his memory and get everything down. I am looking for a ghost writer who can do interviews with MJK and then make sense of all his stories and assist him with writing his book. There is so much to tell it would take a few weeks I would suspect and he also has lots of paperwork, memorabilia and pictures etc from the time which needs to be sorted for Photos of interesting items etc. It needs to be someone who is also a big car fan as it helps pull those long ago stories out and helps with the u
  2. I have always been very Anti Conspiracy theory but....... Isn't it funny that we are all being told the new normal is working from home and not going out and then they announce this. Seems like a whole large % of the population will now have their arguments covered "Well you aren't meant to be out seeing customers anyway!". It also means having to swipe an ID card whenever you fill up and I suspect they will introduce Mileage charges as a way to cover the loss in taxes so will have Tracking fitted....oh wait, if you have downloaded track and trace you already have it! I still d
  3. God I have so many queries and points after watching that. The primary one is "Well you have to charge when everyone isn't using their electricity" otherwise they won't have enough power is the implication here! And thats part of the problem. I want to fill up with fuel when I want, and I can with a petrol car, not when the National grid tell me they have enough power to do so! Can you imagine getting half way home and going to charge your car at a station with 2-3 million other people who want to get home and finding out there isn't enough power? Cause it will happen! 97% of the cars li
  4. Poor little loves. Getting all upset over appropriate wording for a song about 19th Century Irish Immigrants in the States and being locked up in a drunk tank. BBC Radio 1 will not play the original version of Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl this Christmas, because its audience may be offended by some of the lyrics. The station said young listeners were particularly sensitive to derogatory terms for gender and sexuality.
  5. My Post from Facebook today: As an Automotive Professional of 30 years there are many issues with this. I could mention the enviromental issues in that if we are all driving electric cars where will the electricity come from? The increase in requirement for power will go through the roof. Whilst I am talking about infrastructure don't expect this increase to come from renewables. Nuclear looks like the only reliable option? Sound good? Nope me either!! Next, You fill your cars up at a pump and it takes 1-2 minutes. Even on a booster charge an electric car will take 45 minutes for an 80
  6. Yup! Nor in a Vauxhall just at this moment. However many of the new ones are now all just rebodied Peugeots which is absolutely fine for me!
  7. Pffft, you're just saying that cause you are embarrassed. You'll be praising the Corsa next and get one with a big tin can for an exhaust and wheels that are too big for the arches!
  8. Anything with a Vauxhall badge shouldn't be seen in daylight........... Just saying.
  9. But at least if you own a Merc mate, you can look down on commoners, drive 2 inches away from anyone rear bumper and pull out on people then totally ignore the carnage behind you!
  10. Kimbers


    I have gone Diageo and Fevertree. I think people are and will drink more from home for the foreseeable future. Not been bad so far, already up nearly 10% from when I bought them a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Non car people don't understand what they are feeling with the Elise/Exige. It is a pure drivers car and the feedback/driving experience is second to none. However after reading a review a while back from a lady who sold her Elise and bought a Boxer and then gave the Elise 1 star and Boxer 5 I realised some people just don't understand cars, handling and pure driving experience and just want a nice comfy car and can boast about the badge on it.... "I drive a Porsche, I drive and Audi, I drive a BMW" are the normal ones I find. (sorry if you own any of these but its true).
  12. If I win the Lottery would defo get an Esprit again and an updated Evora. However I have regretted selling each of these, Especially the Esprit.
  13. Kimbers


    OK, I'm lying a little. Just checked. This morning my investments were down £4200, right now I am only down £2013. So its not a bad day!
  14. Netflix has every Star Trek Next Generation! I was up till 3am this morning getting re-addicted and falling in love with Marina Sirtis all over again!
  15. Kimbers


    I must be in the wrong things. All mine are up a little but nowhere near pre-covid levels.
  16. Looks like we will soon be able to get on with our lives!! Covid vaccine: First vaccine offers 90% protection
  17. Hendy bought the Westover Group so inherited their sites. Unfortunately they are not as pleasant to deal with as Westover were. A large Corporate vs a Family owned is rarely better IMHO.
  18. I just hope Biden looks after the American people and businesses. Biden's odds of dying in Office are terrible, not worth the bet. When your 2 candidates are 72 and 77 you have to wonder just how they manage to appeal to the people of America at all?
  19. It is with great sadness that I have seen it announced (and my father informed me) that Lotus/Jaguar and TVR Stalwart, Ollie Winterbottom, has passed away. Ollie was my Godfather. He was not just my fathers workmate and Friend. They were best friends and often talked and attended Lotus event together. MJK was in contact with him a couple of days before his death as they often spoke while Ollie was in recovery from an illness. Just the day before MJK was talking to Ollies sister about his health and recovery. Ollie passed away in his sleep Friday morning. I remember Ollie being a
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