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  1. Date, Pollster and SampleDatePollsterSample ConservativesCON LabourLAB Lib DemsLD Brexit PartyBRX GreenGRN SNPSNP UKIPUKIP Plaid CymruPC The Independent Group for ChangeTIGfC 25 October 2019, YouGov and Sample size: 1,63425 Oct 2019YouGov1,634 36 23 18 12 6 4 0 1 0 25 October 2019, Opinium and Sample size: 2,00125 Oct 2019Opinium2,001 40 24 15 10 3 5 1 0 0 Polls come out. What's the BBC's reply? This crock of shit.... Brexit deal means ‘£70bn hit to UK by 2029' However, below that there is an article in small print: Carney: Brexit deal 'positive' for UK economy Now is it just me or are the BBC anti Brexit? I would hardly call that unbiased reporting!
  2. There's the Gin Cupboard, Man Cave and another one
  3. Yes mate. The tickets I sent were for friday weren't they? Wendy has done 3 more different ones now as well so get your debit card out
  4. Just to bump this if anyone wants some free tickets please let know!!
  5. Further to Dans pics, and sorry here Dan, one thing I hate is pretentious food. I recently saw a Fillet Steak on a menu as 6oz and Rib eye and Sirloin at 8oz. Well I'm sorry I want a minimum of 8oz FIllet and 10-12 oz Sirloin/rib eye or else its too thin. Apparantly the Fillet was "Trimmed" to 6oz and perfectly round shaped so the tint thin circle of Truffle on the top fitted correctly. It was all yours for £40 with 2 baby carrots and 3 chunky chips thrice fried. Well whooppee fuckin do! Best place I know which is "Fine dining" but without pretentious bollox and decent sized plates is Stoke Mill just outside Norwich. The steak is so perfect they don't give you a steak knife, it just falls apart AND they won't cook it more than Rare. Their starter of Scallops with belly pork is just..........OMG. (decent size for a starter proving you can have great food AND decent portions).
  6. They forgot to put the food on your plate..................
  7. How rude, of Course I'm not in bed! Good effort @Tony K We miss you over here mate! You need to get your skates on and come back and see us! Bring the kids and we can show them around! I was out with Philippe Adams and MJK last night. HAd a great chat and he was telling us about why he stopped racing and his friends Mika and Michael. Great guy and really down to earth.
  8. Stop building out and build up. It's what most other countries do. Part of the issue is that builders have to give 20% to social housing and people don't ant to buy a Flat or apartment not knowing who could potentially move in. Up here they build a 3 story block of Flats, lovely they are. First 2 floors they sold and the top floor was given to the Council as social housing. They turned it into a half way house for people coming out of Norwich Prison, helping them readjust to life outside. To say no one is able to sell their properties is an understatement.
  9. I have consistently said on social media that instead of ranting about fossil fuels and evil car owners like us, that all this money and effort should be put into protecting our natural habitat and stopping urban sprawl Near my house they are building 3 housing estates, all on greenfield sites. All the hedges were cut down, ponds filled in and despite planning permission stating tree's must be protected 4 Oaks and numerous other deciduous tree's have "Miraculously" fallen down in slight breezes despite having stood for 2-300 years. If they really want to fight climate change then protect the things that naturally deal with greenhouse gases. An Oak recycles 48lbs of Co2 a year and drinks up to 300 gallons of water a day. Surely it's things like this that will stop flooding and help absorb greenhouse gases? Concreting over our green sites should be outlawed. Nuff said.
  10. Sorry to hear that mate. I assume you live together from the property issues comment? We are always here for a chat mate.
  11. Kimbers


    Shall I send you 2 tickets mate? They are good for Friday nights Champers launch or Saturday or Sunday. If so just message me your address and I'll send them!
  12. Kimbers


    Well my darling wife has £195 on it but seeing it's you she has said £100. That's for basically 4 original Wendy Kimberley Paintings. It's been treated so it won't weather anymore, its varnished and would come with Cert of Authenticity. You then have a choice to come collect it in person at Windsor in 2 weekends time or £10 P&P.
  13. Kimbers


    @Sparky Finally some Wendy Kimberley Art that will appeal to you!! Original painted on Recycled wood!
  14. Left my Kia for 4 weeks and it started fine. Also just moved my Lotus after 3 weeks and it also started fine! Nowt wrong with dealers. Blame manufacturers making the bloody things so complicated.
  15. Bloody loved this. Soooooooooooo good and for once Orlando Bloom is excellent!
  16. We have a similar issue with our cars. We tend to buy standard off the shelf as Options rarely increase the value, they just make it more saleable. Recent example is a 3008 with full leather option of £1000. I got £200 more for it when I sold it losing us £800. On a lease the residual they apply to the vehicle won't be increased by options as they use CAP "Future values" and that only ever values a car based on its Model. Brent, Have you looked at the Maserati SUV? Current offers on Lease starting from £560 pm. It's a bit different but my boss has had a drive and says it drives like a GT.
  17. Hi @21gg Yes, and yes. We currently run a fleet of around 7000 cars and 1200 vans. Vans we are limited to Ford, Peugeot and VW. No leasing company we buy and sell, normally to trade organisations but I do plenty of deals to friends and family. We are a trade organisation so you get the vehicles at Trade money!
  18. We use BVRLA2 standard. Many companies use that as standard as well "Fair wear and tear". However Manufacturer schemes (that we call Ramp Up) do tend to use tighter terms than Lease companies. Basically you are expected to look after your lease car the same you would your own.
  19. You are making the first mistake people make with lease or PCP cars calling it a major purchase I look at it that with no deposit and the £150 I pay per month for my wifes brand new Peugeot, it's actually one of the cheapest things I will buy. You need to look at it as a rental. It's not a purchase. Therefore you are paying a monthly rent Most of these things, if you buy right and get the right deal, you can get out of them pretty quickly. My Wifes Sportage I got out of after 24 months when it was due a service & Tyres and her Current Peugeot is giving her a bad back after 12 months, cause she is in and out of it 20 times a day in her job. So She is going with a smaller SUV to replace it with, something she steps into rather than climbing in and out. I am happy to assist with advice. We have 7500 vehicles on fleet and none of those are Porkers so can't sell you anything but always happy to discuss options.
  20. Hmmm is it for driving though? For me, my everyday car was a Proceed GT Which was bloody awesome I have to say. Something a bit different to all those Golf and other semi hot hatches. It was quick, had everything on it. Then just last week I realised something. I was driving my Lotus less, because it was "Quick Enough" and exciting enough to scratch at least a little of my performance itch).. But I have to say I got a bit tired of the ultra low alloys, sports suspension and superquick gearchange. I still loved the car but I realised for an everyday car I wanted something comfortable, easy to drive and, that would eat up the miles and have all the equipment on it I wanted. I do a fair amount of miles and must admit 33mpg was getting a bit tiring on the wallet! So, I can have anything on fleet, Audi, BMW, Merc, Ford, Toyota, etc etc (Only cars we don't really buy on fleet is Vauxhall and some of the smaller brands (Mitsi etc). I drove all the prestige cars and came back having test driven everything.....this was by far the "Nicest" car I drove. Not quick, not Sporty and not Badge orientated, but it had everything........and I mean everything on it (It's the 4 spec), the gearchange was sweet (auto) it does 55mpg and its ride and handling was lovely on Motorways or back roads. AND it's the new Mild Hybrid so the Co2 was 118g/km saving me loads on my company car tax. If I want something exciting I can drive my Lotus. (By the way, my second choice was a Peugeot 3008 2.0 GT Diesel Auto). I know you say money is not that important Brent but not sure why you would want to pay twice as much for something with a German Badge. (BTW my daughter preferred the Peugeot to the Q3 and X3 and it was half the price).
  21. Greta Thunberg didn't win the Nobel she's all like................... And possibly even........
  22. \we have a farce of a Country right now and and a farce of an institution that should be attending to the will of the people. Now this. MP's going to Judges to get the PM imprisoned should he actually do what the public voted for. This is a new low for this country, or any country and sets a new mow in how low MP's will go to thwart democracy and secure their own selfish ends.
  23. Looks great but I see a lot of Beetles but no Lotus's?
  24. Welcome to TLF Paul and welcome back to the side of good. As against the dark side! Here in Norfolk the letter P is not allowed to be used. Anything you need please don't hesitate to ask a Mod!
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