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  1. EU Diplomats say the Johnson deal is surprisingly better than they thought it would be. Meanwhile Labour and the Liberals (Won't call them democrats cause theres nothing democratic about them) state they will block it in parliament and ensure it doesn't go through. So basically, instead of doing whats best for the country they are playing politics to oust someone who will only get back in again at the next General Election. If anyone needs any more proof that the majority of MP's are only out for themselves they have it here.
  2. You have a plane now? Well done Denmark! Is that because you are part of the USA now?
  3. That does not look like Coach Class to me!!
  4. Your wife gave one to your Ma? wait that sounds wrong............. Your wife whipped your ma? thats even worse........... No Walnut.............well done Tony, think they didn't notice...........
  5. Thanks to everyone who replied to this. the final count is 77% say Police should either routinely be armed or armed with tasers with limited number of firearms officers. It's of interest to note that since I posted this, just 6 weeks ago, 5 Police Officers have had life changing or potential life threatening injuries, 1199 have been injured on duty and 2374 have been assaulted while trying to do their job. Let that sink in. that means that 20% of all Police officers will be attacked while doing their job every year and 50% of those attacked will be injured. Look around yourself at work and imagine how you would feel if you know you have a 1 in 5 chance of ending up in hospital just by going to work. Someone here was one of the 1199 just 4 weeks ago. Please support your Police.
  6. Dammit, why didn't Lotus think of this?
  7. Calm it down guys. Just in case you haven't noticed you are currently the only ones commenting on here. Confusing the customers and criticising the opposition is not a way to get business, especially on a friendly forum Thanks. The Mod Team.
  8. Awesome that you are there mate! Make sure you come see me! What stand you on?
  9. Hi Everyone! It's that time of year again when Wendy will be back at Windsor exhibiting her new artwork! This year it's the 8th to 10th of November at Windsor Racecourse. Normally you would have to pay to go but Wendy has got some complimentary tickets. They would be good for the champagne evening launch event on Friday 8th all the way to Sunday 10th. Please let me know and I can send you a couple to get you in for free! Some of the paintings Wendy will have for sale are below.
  10. I wouldn't have answered it, I'll be honest!
  11. These guys are proper mechanics and one of them worked at Lotus for 12 years in the Service Centre so I think they are pretty good. They also service all my kids cars.
  12. No service book anyway so that argument doesn't really count. Andy lost it in his move before he sold the car!
  13. My Local Garage is a small village one run by 2 proper mechanics. One of them used to be at Lotus (Before the Evora era) and they have a lot of Classics go through their shop. They have said they will do the servicing for me on my Evora as it''s due an oil change service (Had the major one done when I bought it). Using them can save me a fortune as they won't charge any more than they would any other car. So my question is, Considering my Evora is 8 years old, is there a stigma if it has had a service that wasn't by a Lotus Garage or Lotus Specialist? Do you think it would make it worth less or would it be acceptable to you as a buyer that it was done properly, using genuine oils and filter but by Tim and Richard in a tiny village Garage?
  14. Right now I think he would struggle with £1!!!
  15. Hi Everyone. Just to bumo this. As teh advert says some items have been sold. Please note All items are for sale seperately. These are not "Job lots". And I am open to Offers. Pens are around £30-50 depending on whether they are new in box or good condition used. The Elite Model kit sells for £65 normally (Found someone who had one). MJK can sign anything you want!! Just message me.
  16. Gorgeous! Must admit, buying and selling is much easier but really wanted to learn to do it myself! But Most Silver in Auctions goes in job lots and normally at scrap value. An auction doesn't go by when I don't find an absolute cracking find. Just sold a Danish Silver bracelet made in the 30's where the links were Viking longboats. Got it as part of a job lot (6 items for £56) and sold it for £250.
  17. Thanks Tony that's really helpful and interesting!
  18. Don't even get me started! £45 eye test, new "Intermediate" glasses for Computer work, get them Friday, Saturday I sit on them "SNAP". Oh FFS, another £200 down the drain. Thats 4 pairs this year already!
  19. It is virtually impossible to do a course on it, it appears to be one of the few industries where people learn their trade as Apprentices. I have looked at every course within a 100 mile radius and they are full time college courses or "Touristy" come in and make a ring events for couples who are marrying etc. Guess I'll just have to carry on buying and selling other peoples Jewelery!
  20. I have had enough of it period. I would vote whichever way I thought would end it quicker....which would be no deal right now. But my balanced view is here (From an essay I posted on FB) I have been steering clear of commenting on the obvious debacle that is happening right now. My thoughts on what I want are my own. However, I have to say, don't be fooled into thinking this is about Brexit. This whole debacle is about power. Plain and simple. Power, who is in it, who has it and then there's a smattering of personal dislikes and age old divides. If you really think the Labour party are siding with remain then think again. They have consistently flip flopped to wherever they think the votes are. Talking of which, why don't they want an election now? If you think it's because they want to get Brexit out of the way first, you are again sorely deluded. They are 12 points behind in the Polls, even to a point where it was possible the Libs would beat them....hence their rush to be the "remain" party and the reason they won't vote for an election. Now, if you think this is one sided against Labour think again. Like I said, this is about power. The Tories have it and Johnson, having just got his lifes ambition of being PM won't let it go so easily. Why has he said "Let the people decide"? Plain and simple, it's not because he wants a hard Brexit, that would be disasterous for Politicans (Their poor pensions they get after just 10-15 years in the long do you have to work to get a big pension? Plus their cushy positions in the EU autocracy and Directors positions and public speaking payments etc etc).It's because he is ahead in the polls which all say the Tories will get a clear majority. Why? Because they have sided with Brexit because they see it as the best option for power not only during Brexit but after, in a totally independent UK.. You see, the remain voters are now split, Labour and Libs and so is the Leave vote Tory and Brexit Party. However the difference is that, like UKIP, people won't vote for a fringe party in a General Election because they think its a wasted vote. So go for the next best...the Tories. Also think on this. If Scotland leaves the UK which side does it benefit? The Right wing Tories or the Left Wing Labour? No Matter how much I dislike Sturgeon and her Anti English Rhetoric, her party does keep the right wing on it's toes. This is rapidly dissolving into farce and this is YOUR parliament, apparently "Representing" you......No. This is just about themselves, power and further dividing the country (If we all agreed on something they wouldn't be needed). Lastly, Stop with telling people "They don't know what we were voting for". Just because remainers voted because they preferred the status quo or think open free borders are a good idea doesn't make them Idiots who will destroy the country. Leavers voting because they are worried about immigration etc doesn't make them "Racist" or "Ignorant leavers". They voted for their own reasons and in a democracy with free speech even if it is a vote you think is ignorant or foolish doesn't make it a less valid vote. They obviously thought about it because they took the time to vote in bigger numbers than any other vote. Living in Rural Norfolk I for one wouldn't be so stupid to say I know what concerns the 75% who voted to leave in Boston have. I don't live there day to day. Likewise the 72.8% who voted remain in Southwark. So it's about time both sides stopped mud slinging and got on with it one way or another because this farce of extension after extension only favours one group of people....those in power and clinging on to it on both sides of the divide. "Let the people decide!"..... We would if we had any decent options to decide on!! Instead we get Huffy puffy middle aged men hell bent on dividing us to keep their own fortunes or Nasty middle aged men who peddle the politics of Jealousy (Its not fair they have more money than me politics) and are too blind in their own ideals to see whats best for the country and people. Nuff said.
  21. Oh Fuck! I meant Liver!! Fruedian Slip!
  22. At this time, if this came through to Norfolk, I din't think it would be dealt with. It's hard enough dealing with all the emergency calls! I suggest a call to the council would be more productive. It's basically like leaving rotting food out and is both anti-social and unclean/risk of disease. The Police would take a report but what they would do about it would differ area to area. I would say if you report it to Police, when they get there (eventually) they would take a report and go speak to your neighbour and ask them to stop it. Council would get more involved.
  23. Thanks everyone. I was away off the grid for my Birthday so just catching up now I am back at work and not sitting in a forest in a log cabin. To say I had a drunken weekend was a little understatement, it may take a while for my lover to come up for air!
  24. Avengers Endgame.......... You F**Kin WHAT? Basteds! Won't spoil it for people who have seen it but..............FFS!
  25. "Not a regular occurance.............. Beg to differ! Police officer suffers severe facial injuries while trying to detain suspect in Bristol
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