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  1. Dad asked me to elaborate as we felt this was a bit of a cop out answer. It was the intention for it to be a clamshell but by the time the prototype had been produced it still wasn't developed and it was too late to change the whole project. Hope thats better Tony
  2. Just a note to say that he USED to be head of the company. Now he is a non exec Director of Lotus Working with Proton. He will be back in the new year and will give more time to historical and technical questions. Funny but many of the questions being asked in other areas that generate hundreds of messages he answered to me in 5 secs........don't wanna spoil everyones fun tho....
  3. Wayne Dad says he's impressed but he's just a normal bloka nad if you came down our pub he'd buy you a drink........and maybe a new pair of pants
  4. Thanks Guys Dad is flying off abroad tomorrow and won't be returing till 15th and then again 2 days after. However we will try and answer via our telephone conversations. Cheers Tony
  5. Sorry Lied that was exactly the correct quote...see I don't know everything
  6. Realistically the intention was for it to be a clamshell however due to unforseen circumstances this was not possible due to various other overriding considerations.
  7. Wayne......No ! We always wanted to design a V8 and thats why we designe dthe platform to take a V8 if it ever arose.
  8. They were all my favourites as the S1 was my favourite till the S2 came out and so on. I know this is a strange answer but it's like asking which of my kids is favourite. Each was the best at the time.
  9. The films producers Cubby Brocolli and our PR guru Don Mac worked hard on the project and we produced and supplied various different full scale models. It was a great win win for everyone, I'm sure you'll all agree.
  10. Hi Wayne. I'm sure you will appreciate that I can't comment. Though i am sure you wouldn't show anyone at all........ Knowing how creative Lotus have been, I'm sure anything they release will be exceptional and stunning. Mike
  11. Hi guys Will be on line in an hour or so with my dad, just before he goes to Malaysia tomorrow. However will answer this question and a few others then. If you have a question we will try and answer it, maybe someone should start a link in General topics titled Questions for MJK and we will try and answer as many as possible. Have to be quick tho as only have a hour or so to devote....
  12. Dammit, look at the time. Sharon Stone tomorrow...well actually it was the stunt driver who......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Night all
  13. If certain people get their way, we hope it will get back to the pride and passion. Personally I would love to work there to help but, well, you know...politics means a highly probable no. Can they do a simple thing like instill passion, morale and not just loyalty but blind devotion to the company........... Is it a poor sign of our society that this may be impossible? All the passion is with you guys right now and that needs to change first. (views are mine and mine alone guys)
  14. Hi all, Know I promised the Jagged Edge 2 Esprit anecdote/story tonight but my late night ramblings will have to wait for tomorrow as I am totally Knackered and gotta go to work early tom. Hope you understand but too many boozy nights and not enough sleep........Now I definately know some Lotus stories about boozy nights out....funnily enough it starts....So dad gets a call
  15. It's like someone slapped a tin of rubberised paint on it!
  16. We are still in the planning stages at present, though we have some unique photo's that we have both collected over the years........Like the M100 Elan as it should have been (bit of a mini Esprit...more wedge shaped). Writing on here actually helps me to come up with parts for the book, helping prompt dad's know what? I could start a topic of info everyone would really like to know! what do you think? Colin had his own museum at Carleton Manor, it was a huge collection but I suspect much of it has gone to collectors etc.... My dads house is a bit of a shrine, maybe I could charge admission????
  17. Hi Wayne Yeah dad knew Giugiaro very well and though Giugiaro did the design it was up to Dad and his team to actually make the design work. This was difficult because it was pretty ground breaking. Take the screen for example. Did you know that it and it's fitting were unique and totally new at the time? Had to do with the lines from the front up to the roof. They couldn't use a conventional screen as it was slightly convex (as are screens today) Ever notice the screen on an S1....will have to talk to dad about this as he was explaining all about this to me the other day. Unfortunately for you guys much of his experiances are being saved for his Autobiography but he's happy to keep talking about some of it and I will pass it on. We also went over to Italy with dad several times and got to know the guys over there. To be honest we have some original designs of early esprits penned by the man himself and given to my father by him, but those are dads and will never see the light of day....sorry....unless you get the book....
  18. Thanks Bibs, I genuinely sell these items due to the fact that they do me no good sitting in my attic. Lots of genuine Esprit stuff has gone to alot of collectors and I am genuine in description and authenticity. Of course everyone is entitled to their personal opinions. Thanks again for support guys Tony K
  19. Thanks, I write what I am thinking and what the person behind me is saying...Thats the old man by the way. It's casual because it's from real memories and it means alot to me to talk about them and share them. I have a few more too.....................
  20. One I remember, was when he got out of the Esprit, slammed the door and retorted to the guys - "Why can't you get it to shut like a Merc"!!! Your stories illustrate his "up and go character", but why was he held in such affection by his workers and colleagues? There is no doubt about it that he was a genius in his generation Thanks for the input and I love to talk about things that to me were an everyday part of growing up. Until Dad left Lotus neither him nor me realised what we had. This is hard for me to say, especially as my dad and me are closer than ever just recently but he wasn't a great dad at the time!...Ok bare with me here cause it is pointing towards Colin. From the time dad went from an Engineer designing the e-type lemans car to MD of Lotus cars then CEO and MD of Group Lotus, me and my 2 brothers rarely saw my father. Him and Colin were close and when Colin realised that Dad, Fred, Richard Sandiford and the other Directors had the companies interest at heart he spent less time at the factory and more at Ket hall with Team Lotus...That was his passion. I don't think he really liked the day to day drudgery of running the company (my personal opinion). However!! If a decision had to be made he was there like a shot. Unfortunately that meant my dad and other Directors spent much more time at the factory. You mustn't forget, at the time Lotus was not just a job but a home for everyone there. Many of the retired employees talk to me at our local pub and say how they saw Dad, Colin and others walking around EVERY morning talking to the production line workers, remembering their wifes names etc......This is something that you just don't see today and something that Lotus is currently sorely missing. Anyway...where was I?....Oh yeah, because I never saw Dad for 9 months of the year due to USA visits, Japan Visits etc, when he was at home I went to work on a Saturday and Sunday with him (I was between 10 and 16 at this time)...and yes they worked all day Sunday. My brothers never did but for me Lotus was the passion and what has kept me in the industry for so many years. I saw who was there. Sorry about the rambling but here comes the point...COLIN ! Was there as much as my dad if not more, he sacrificed the whole "Family" thing, I'm sure (Though not being privy to the information I can only go on first hand experiance) as did my dad, and this was noticed by everyone. When Colin Died every worker was stunned and destraught because they knew that Colin was the passion and commitment and inspiration that made Lotus what it was at that time. Thats why the passion and thats why the affection. After Colin died much happened and luckily my dad and others are remembered by the workers for keeping this passion alive (as well as the company) and my dad worked 26 years ensuring that Lotus survived, but this must be a story for another time as I have to check certain information is ok to mention first. One thing I have to say is that Dad is always happy to talk about Lotus and give me anecdotes but he will NEVER EVER say anything bad about Colin.....thats what the company was founded on. By the way Colin never said that! I think it was Porsche he referred to Phew. Marathon one that hope it gives more of an insight into the history of the company. Let me know.
  21. Ok Am back and had a few too many but here goes. Pretty Woman was a direct result of the board looking for another marketing method after losing the James Bond gig years before.....yes it took a while.....Dad and Ron Foster got an agent in the states and they were sent the script to Pretty Woman. However, it wasn't a brilliant gig as there was no mention of the car apart from it's appearance. Here's the cool thing! Lotus offered the services of it's own stunt driver who had done the driving in the James Bond Movies (and yes he is a test driver at the factory) THE ONE AND ONLY Roger Becker aka Bodger Wrecker. In return Dad and Ron requested some input from the company into the script. Now this is a major thing to do, as I'm sure you know, Touchstone (I think dad said it was them) said to put recommendations in and you know what? Changed parts to accomodate Lotus. "Which Parts?" I hear you cry! Well......The original script had nothing about the car in it at all. They changed the fact that he was driving it so terribly (cause in the original he was fine) and Julia Roberts says " this is a 4 cylinder......" thats also Lotus. Same as the gearbox quote and the recommendations on how to drive it. Cool! Now have you ever seen Jagged Edge? Well Funny Story about that know the Black Esprit? So..............Dad gets a call Tomorrow all.
  22. but I was amazed at the sight of the SE in Pretty Woman. Funny Anecdote about that one: So dad gets a call ....actually am going to shoot some pool, will finish this one off when I get back........
  23. A few years ago I met Roger Becker at the annual Lotus Owners Gathering in Atlanta. He spoke to us during the banquet and revealed a few secrets of his' driving that S1 during "Spy who loved me". Any Roger stories'? This might be over the line but.....Any scoop on the new Esprit? Thanks again and welcome. Johnny Zayas Dade City, Fl. Johnny Need I say more that Rogers nickname was Bodger Wrecker?? Great driver tho. Still around aswell. New Esprit? Is there one? Well I must admit to<<<<<<CENSORED>>>>>>>> Tony
  24. By the way guys, please check out some anecdotes/stories i have put in General.
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