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  1. I take in what you are saying but can I please just say this (and this is from me not anyone else...and I know nothing about the new Esprit): Whilst every other performance car maker was making
  2. Stop it with the pics Wayne, you're just showing off.......
  3. Your car looks great, is it a total refurb/recon job or was most of it ok?
  4. Nope, in those days you just supplied the vehicles for free. Though alot of development work was done by Engineering to make it happen. The end vehicle was the result of Lotus putting forward several life sized mock ups for Cubbi Broccolis to chose from. So I suppose you could say it was a Lotus design, though the specs were from the film makers. Don't know about the parking outside the restaurant thing, though it is more likely that the board would have offered him one FOC to drive around in to see what he thought than park one up. Don't play golf so no, though Roger Moore did kno
  5. Really sad that you would rather have a car that sounds like a hoover! If every Lotus you've driven sounded like citty chitty bang bang then maybe they have engine problems as I think that was a single cylinder engine.
  6. It wasn't watertight.......thats why they were stunt people!
  7. Seriously teigan, why bother? You know you love it, so why constantly knock it? You are like a man who can't admit he loves large women. It's not right cause his mates take the piss, but you can't help but love it. You're constantly seeking approval for loving it! Just relax and every time you feel angry at it, close your eyes and run your fingertips over it's lines, it's smooth, the laquer feels cool and you know instinctively that it's right!
  8. Fantastic! I agree so much. This is the first line of a column I am working on for Remarque and I think it ties in perfectly with what you are saying! " My First memory in life is walking outside of my house and seeing my fathers first Elan +2 in Metallic Purple. I must have been 4/5 years old and I distinctly remember running my fingers along it's lines, like dad had taught me. The front wing to the screen, the convex lines along it's side and finally tapering off behind the screen...aerodynamics were always Lotus' s forte. If you close your eyes and image it I'm sure you can feel the s
  9. Dave I have an issue with what you and teigan say (suprise that me and teigan disagree). Without the publicity it is highly likely that the US market wouldn't have been attractive enough for Lotus to go into in the first place. therefore neither of you would have a Lotus. As it was Lotus was in and out of the US all through the 70's and 80's and my dads life was enveloped by trying to make a go of it out there. Off the back of the Pretty Woman film Lotus saw a huge surge in orders jut when they were considering withdrawing due to losses being made. As an industry professional I have to say
  10. 2 in one day! will run out soon! The 007 submarine car comes out of the water on a beach after crashing off a pier in the Spy who loved me. How did they do it? Well it was an actual car, but obviously wouldn't drive out so it was put out over its roof and a chain in a tube attached, under the sand so you couldn't see it pulling the car up. It was never trick photography and 2 stunt men had to actually sit in the (very real) car underwater. Got the shot sequence in my's great!
  11. Hows about this for a quick one, some of you may not know it: Did you know the 007 "The spy who loved me" car had an actual bullet hole in it and it was kept in it for show? One of the scenes involved a helicopter firing at the car with a machine gun and one of the charges went off under the car, punching a small hole in the rear O/S wing. It was a mistake but looked great on the car itself!
  12. Mine in the will, u can have a copy if you knock the old man off.......
  13. Agreed, many of the earlier Ferrari's looked absolutely gorgeous but for me, your ID picture shows a truely beautiful sight and you have chosen prob. the best view and best 3/4 side view in the automotive industry.
  14. Maybe it should also say something else about Black not cracking? Like Black it looks terrible unless I clean it every 2.5 miles? Sorry.....don't mean it, for me black is a great tradition at Lotus. Cheers mate Tony
  15. Is there really a great Ferrari? I'm sorry but just couldn't stomach it! They were always the arch enemy of Lotus in early esprit/Elite days and dad always respected them but I hated it every time a red car beat a black and gold one....or someone compared the Esprit to some Italian upstart! Maybe it's just me, but even now I hate it when Ferrari win F1.
  16. Slade, Thanks for all your input but....ermmm shouldn't it say Black Brigade rather than Birgade?
  17. Crikey! a good question. Will answer shortly....once I check with the powers that sure you're teigan??
  18. Did some development work and engine testing on the 996 and other development engines, but have to admit that much of that time was a blurr for me due to Italian life style. Basically out till 4.30 in clubs and work at 7.30 AM. Weekends most stay at home and I slept from Friday night to Sunday afternoon....those were the days, was much younger then. Mercedes are very proactive on new developments, however these tend to be technology based. Our top truck, the Actros has about 7 seperate computers controlling suspension, engine, brakes, electrics etc etc. great experiance in Italy, some good
  19. Hey all, Just a quick call out for anyone who attended the inaugral West coast Lotus meet in Cambria 1986 and the second in 1987. My dad attended from the UK and was presented with a painting of him in a new Elan M100 with Colin sitting beside him in ghost form. This picture takes pride of place in my dads home and really want to hear from anyone who took part in the meet. Cheers Tony Kimberley
  20. Thanks Dave However I would just like to point out that I couldn't comment for a different reason. I work for Mercedes, Lotus is for me like it is for you all. A passion, except I have had the luck to get 20 years insight whilst growing up with them......not to mention a lot of behind the scenes info. Dad can't comment because he's not in that position to. Those questions would have to be directed to the Factory spokesperson.
  21. Hi Jan sorry, but dad is not in a position to make any comment on current/future development projects. Tony
  22. Dave Quite possibly they do though it would only be the cars original owner. My recommendation is to contact the factory with your Chassis & Possibly Engine number and they should be able to help. There was a rumour a while back that much of the records were lost, but I hope it was incorrect. Tony
  23. Hi and thanks for another picture I don't have............Ok will get to all the other questions when the old man lands and gets some kip. Don't know what you mean about the picture....Colin spooner was his friend and fellow worker???? Europa TC...will have to check......How did they keep it going after colin died? With great difficulty and making deals with the right partners, Toyota, GM and of Course the era all true Lotus fanatics hate The Wickens Era (that time when the ACBC Badge was changed and then lost all together) That was a bitter pill for dad to take and changed it back as so
  24. I gotta say Teigan that people really do know you well However I'm with evil, and agree with you twice...I better get my head checked. New & slight change in topic......I really hope (and this is MY opinion and has nothing to do with any family member) that the new Esprit isn't too similar to the new's in the new Autocar here in the UK and looks like a Ford Cougar from the front....not a Lotus if u ask me.....but then what do I know, I've only grown up with them since 3 yrs old.
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