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  1. About time. That's Northamptonshire and Durham. Northamptonshire Police to arm all officers with Tasers Durham Police to offer all frontline officers Tasers
  2. VIOLENT assaults on police have risen by a third in just four years. Officers are being injured on duty at a rate of 28 a day, were victims of 10,399 assaults that caused injuries last year – up 32 per cent from 7,903 recorded in 2015/16. In the last week you have had one Officer stabbed in the head. One Officer murdered. 2 Officers run over, both with life changing injuries. This is not just about deaths. This is about Officer well being, Officer mental health and injuries/Assaults, not just being murdered. Assaults build up over time. Imagine you go to work and once a week you get punched bitten, spat at and kicked. After 10 years would you still want to go to work? But ultimately this is about how Officers can protect you. They sign up knowing that they may have to put themselves in harms way to protect the public. It's their primary role. But for gods sake give them the equipment and things they need to deal with ever increasing violence with ever decreasing numbers. BTW I voted all officers have tasers but limited firearms units. But I can see a day where it will be necessary.
  3. Sorry mate but.............. Don't arm them but when they get murdered hang the person who did it? Surely prevention would be better and save the life of the Officers, or are they disposable now. I always say "Imagine leaving for your work in the morning knowing you have a high percentage chance of getting beaten up and a small chance of never coming home" Would you still do your job?
  4. It isn't a one man show if you take your wife and kids, surely!!
  5. 95% of Taser deployments don't result in a discharge. Normally the "Red Spotting" calms the situation to a level where it doesn't need to be used. If you were out there or even listening to a Police Radio on a Friday and Saturday you may change your mind about all Police Officers having Tasers. On Average 5 Norfolk Police officers are injured on a Friday and Saturday. No one should go to work not knowing if they are coming home again and Taser makes a massive difference. However, at present, due to lack of numbers both of Officers and Tasers it can take 10-20 minutes to get a taser unit to an incident and by then you are just dealing with the aftermath. The only way to ensure Protection of the public and Officers is everyone routinely carrying one......IMHO
  6. In light of last nights murder of a Police Officer who was sent to a Burglary, plus the stabbing in the head of an Officer earlier in the week AND another Officer suffering life changing injuries by purposely being run over on a traffic stop, Should all UK Police be routinely armed and what with. Your thoughts are, as always, appreciated in a post as well! My thoughts (as a bit of an insider) are all Officers should be armed with a Taser, but I wouldn't want a firearm. If Firearms are routinely carried then there needs to be a change in regulations and attitudes.
  7. Hi Everyone I have just put a large number of Lotus Memorabilia in the Classifieds listings. This is part of my Aunties Collection and she wants them to go to real Lotus enthusiasts and are all genuine Lotus items. She is nearly 80 and would like to use the money. Many of these are exceedingly rare with only a few ever having been made. Some are consumable items (Like Matches) so were used and discarded. There is no pricing as I am looking at decent offers. I have sold many of these items before for other family members so know roughly what they are worth. Please don't hesitate to contact me by PM for any further info or offers. Thanks @Sparky 2 very rare model kits unused there!
  8. Kimbers

    Bye Scotland!

    But at this time we are still members of the EU, as are Wales and N Ireland so how do they justify that?
  9. I think they look like any normal youngster (God I feel old saying that word) on a night out TBH! Infact that would be me and my Mrs even today!!
  10. Mind...............Blown...............
  11. Kimbers

    Bye Scotland!

    I am English, Welsh, Irish decent (in that order). Wendy is half Scottish/English. Which makes my kids truly from the UK, not England. My wife loves her scottish roots but frankly, both of us are ashamed of Nationalistic rhetoric. On all sides. I want to see a united Britain but I just get the impression that Sturgeon doesn't. What really grinds my gears is when she quotes the English as the root of all evils, yet clearly discriminates against them. For example, free tuition fees in Scottish Universities. But only if you are from Scotland or the EU. The English, Welsh and Northern Irish still have to pay. How can that be legal under EU law? "I am acutely aware of the responsibility of all politicians, especially leaders, to bring people together not drive them apart." Says the politician who has just spent 40 minutes at her Party conference attacking, Tories, Westminster, Brexiteers and English in general! It’s no use talking about bringing people together when you are deriding and mocking those who do not share your views!!
  12. Yeah Loved it too. Even my super hero hating wife loved it.
  13. Macron is just a mouth piece for the Rothschilds. Look up his history. he worked for them up until he "decided" to run for President. Miraculously he had a lot of monetary backing.....hmmm wonder where that came from? It's big money pulling the strings, IMHO.
  14. Gotta love the EU.... From this article: "EU negotiators told European diplomats there was currently no basis for "meaningful discussions" and talks were back where they were three years ago.". No Basis for meaningful discussions.....let that sink in.....and that is why we are leaving! Boris's reply is basically "Well thats unacceptable............ To which the EU replied "No it isn't" Boris "Yes it is" EU: Oh no it isn't.........etc etc.
  15. Oh No! Hope its ok mate! Mine is: When you leave your newly painted car with newly powder coated wheels at the tyre place for 2 new tyres and they use brake cleaner on the weight glue to remove it. Brake cleaner.....the only thing that would effect powder coated gloss wheels.......Absolute fucktards!
  16. Lost another seat today. Majority of 1 now!
  17. My Alloys were professionally sand blasted, treated and Powder coated Gloss black. Looks awesome and was £50 a wheel + £10 to refit tyres and rebalance. All that respraying....considering he had to take it back to gel coat because some of the chips were to base.....and alloys were £1100.
  18. He's a sole trader fred in a shed....... however he was also one of Dads top painters for 20 years at Lotus
  19. I have my baby back and have brought her on a little trip to Bucks to work for a couple of days. Barge boards and sills resprayed Gloss Black, Front Splitter painted Gloss and red stripe put all way round painted rather than stickers. All the grills resprayed gloss black, full front end respray after laquer started lifting and totally recon'ed alloys and powder coated.
  20. Not picked it up yet! Gimme a chance!!
  21. Picking up my resprayed Evora tonight. All Alloys done, splitter and side Board painted Gloss instead of the matt they were. Front end reprayed where laquer was lifting. Gonna take her to head Office in the morning, nice little 300 mile round trip!!
  22. Alita Battle Angel. Trailer below for those that don't know it. Mix of CGI and real actors. Brings me out in goosebumps watching the trailer again. I am a geeky Anime fanboy anyway but even for those not into Anime this is absolutely friggin amazing movie. If I could give it more I would 10/10 and then some!
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