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  1. Now they say they could close Pubs and Restaurants again. Now I am not a huge pub goer but I do like to go our once a week for some nice food. I don't agree with this policy TBH. The Restaurants are pretty damned hot on social distancing and cleanliness. The pubs, the issue is people start off doing everything right and by the 5th pint that all goes out the window! However they are clean ad doing their best to adhere to social distancing etc. The worst by far are those who don't seem to think this all applies to them. I saw someone last week who thought he had it. So he saw the
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    All I do is adjust my regular investment @ChrisJ. So normally it goes out of my account on 1st and the shares are bought for 3rd. If I want to invest say, £1000, I use the next closest date (they allow 4 a month) set up a draw on my bank account for say the 15th and invest the £1000 on 17th. After its done I change it back to the regular investment. If you want to trade immediately then yes you use the Share Trader Account instead but I don't mind waiting a week or so as my dealing is long term.
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    I use Halifax Share builder. You need to sign up for a regular amount (I do £100) but you can adjust it monthly so If I want to buy £1000 worth I just change my next investment. You get a choice of 4 dates per month. Best thing about it? My Trading fee is £2 no matter how much I buy. Its by far the most cost effective way to invest in Shares regularly and you can swap and change what shares you buy monthly. I also have it set to Dividend reinvestment so it automatically handles that for me as well as giving me Tax invoices etc and it has a research centre attached which gives you a
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    Last massive drop in 2008 I put all my savings into shares and doubled my money. Stupidly left it i there and I am almost back to where I was! But the way I see it my stock is in companies that are quite COVID Proof like Diageo, Fevertree, Aviva etc. My worst ones are Stagecoach which have been an unmitigated disaster, as to be expected, but hopefully they will come back. I think now is a great time to invest in strong companies because the only reason their stock is low is because of COVID, not any profit issues.
  5. I had to go back several times to double check it!
  6. Morning Everyone! Normally several of you lovely people come and see us at the Art Fairs, however with COVID the Surrey Fair has gone Virtual! You can browse everything from Glass to Pottery and, of Course, Paintings. Please please please take a second to View Wendys section. She has some amazing Paintings on Wood Slices perfect for that Christmas pressie and priced from just £55! Wendy will also be doing a live demonstration at 3:45 on painting techniques she uses and show a few of her paintings around the hou
  7. It was just a couple of years ago that me and the old man went on an adventure to track down his Moms missing brother. They had a telegram to say he was MIA then KIA near the Belgian border. We were the first member of the family to find him and see him. It was quite emotional. We learnt he was shot after reaching the German trenches and taken to a POW camp in Glageon where he died of Gangrene. Difficult to find because it was not a battle burial site. He went through the whole war fighting from 1914 onwards and then died a month before Armistice day. Very sad. I also recently learnt that her
  8. It started from collecting myself but I buy job lots of items and I found a lot I didn't want so I take what I want then flog the others individually. I normally get the items I want for free by doing this, plus make a quid or 2 but not a lot. However I do want to do this as a business at some time in the future, maybe even run a little shop myself, when I retire. So I was trying to build up knowledge by putting 10-20 items online a week. Of Course only 2-3 sell a week.
  9. I have a fledgling business dealing in Antiques and have a few queries that maybe you can all help with. I have read online about Fledgling businesses and that you can earn up to a certain amount without claiming on tax or having to self assess. But not sure of the details. 1. Is the £1000 I can earn profit for the business? Turnover? Or personal wages because I don't take a wage at all. 2. Do I need to keep accounts? I keep a stock list and sales receipts through Paypal and selling to individuals through word of mouth but don't do any accounts. At what point do I need to?
  10. They've only just reintroduced them! Are they allowed to hunt them already?
  11. I was just going to say that
  12. I have found the joys of a little Indie game called "Battle Brothers" its an old fashioned RPG in the style of the old D&D games. Its utterly enthralling and totally impossible, even on the easy setting I regularly lose long standing members of my team. Imagine a cross between Baldurs Gate and a desktop RPG. Basically you run a Mercenary team and you start with just 3 men. Go up levels, learn new skills and take on new Men to die for you because die they will, on a very regular basis! You soon learn not to even bother going back and reloading a previous save point because losing
  13. Yes, they were on full throttle coming off the corner and so busy racing each other they failed to notice everyone else hadn't gone yet!
  14. Speaking of which.............find that Service Manual?
  15. Croydon and losing another colleague. Will there be protests around the world do you think?
  16. Lemmings. We noticed it the night Boris made the speech and we were in Morrisons doing our weekly shop. No Loo Roll, No Pasta, Rice or Flour, no hand sanitiser......... Bunch of muppets!
  17. Awesome painting and still one of my Favourites. Thanks Andy, she already has that, plus a Gallery stocking her work and work on Artfinder. Just for everyone's info Below links to her FB page, Web Page etc. But my point is that we do 4 Art shows in Surrey and Windsor a year. On Average Wendy will sell £4000 of paintings to people who just don't buy online. That's £16,000 a year. With that out of the equation she can't go full time. BTW she has been Shortlisted for the Sire John Hurt (Yes the actor) international Art Prize. Her painting below and a link. https://www.wendykimberl
  18. Hi And welcome. Good luck, can't help with the mechanic I'm afraid, you could try our USA section to ask.
  19. Welcome and good luck finding your Lotus. Once you've had one you won't go back!
  20. Well that's it for several of my friends dreams and my wifes has had to be put on hold. A couple own businesses in the hospitality sector and one is involved in Exhibitions. All have said they will be bust before Xmas. And Wendy was going to retire early after huge success in the last couple of years Art Shows, and go professional. Without the income from the Art shows this will have to be put on hold (50% of sales a year). On an aside, there are many businesses who need to be pulled up on their behaviour. Like a certain well know Art Sales site which is the main place online to sell
  21. Having been a LEF Member previously to TLF I remember it well. Happy Birthday to TLF and long may it continue. I have made many long term friends on here, not the least of which is Bibbo who calls my dad Dad and has always been welcome in our family. Through the good times and the bad TLF has been there for many of us and I thank him for that and for being my friend. I could say the same for many members both at home and abroad and always look forward to the Xmas party that we may have to miss this year to renew those friendships. Here's some pics of us!
  22. Hi Stu and welcome from Norfolkshire again! My Evora likes to play with its little brother..........well we are all from East Anglia! So please feel free to come up for a spin and a chat. Or we could do what most Lotus owners normally do and just enjoy them blasting around some nice A roads!
  23. Glenns one of my oldest mates, his dad and mine go way back as well so I will look it up Yeah he says 162....sorry.
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