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  1. I'm waiting for Logans Run. I think most of us would have flashing red gems
  2. Hey everyone! Wendy is exhibiting at the Surrey Art Fair and as her Sales Manager I have some Complimentary tickets. If anyone would like to spent a great day out with 140 Artists, from Paint to Glass and ceramics, live shows, Cafe and Restaurant, please PM me with your email address and I will email you the link for the tickets! Hope to see some of you there! @Sparky has been before and its a great day out!
  3. Was great to be there and watch the filming!
  4. Kimbers


    We are very similar My boys and girls have never ever said anything about half siblings and I don't think the thought has even crossed their minds. They all grew up together so consider themselves siblings end of. Likewise I had never thought of it till now reading this.
  5. What you saying? My sons a Manager at BK and been there for 5 years. It's actually not a bad job and they take into account his Autism which many wouldn't.
  6. Amazon now offering a £50 a week bonus for "Turning up on time (or at all)" and a £1000 bonus in first month of joining!
  7. I read last week that most of the companies that build Large Blocks are formed purely for that build then closed. As such there is no legal come back on the building firms of large blocks. This is why there are so many problems with Cladding claims. The Company running the day to day contract of the Blocks are not the original company and aren't liable for any build issues!
  8. Your wife needs a new job Michael! My son earns more than that at Burger King!
  9. A friend of mine has a Construction Company and all he does is assess new build houses and inform or put right the builds. Some of the things he told me have forever put me off buying a new build. Below are some of the things I was told. - Apprentice 17 year old Bricklayers building houses with no supervision - Nearly 50% of houses on one estate requiring serious correction - Nearly all new build houses failing Fire Service "Fire rating standards" often so poorly built that the walls funnel the flames up into the sleeping areas - Coming to an estate round the corner from me and condemning 4 houses. They were so poor that it was cheaper to knock them down than to correct the mistakes - Building companies buying obsolete and "Seconds" stock of household items including batches of faulty Bathrooms, Electrical equipment etc. Knowing it is faulty or not perfect. - Houses often have no breather vents (seen in the video as well) that actually work (It's building regs so must be there but they are often fitted in to solid mortar - Houses often have no, or substandard cavity insulation. - Lastly he said that on every large estate the builders land fill the gardens with scrap building material and even metal to save on skips. They then cover it over with a thin layer of topsoil and then turf. Often the turf dies. I could go on but its all very sad that profit takes precedence over quality, living standards and even safety.
  10. The answer to your title question is "Cause my wife won't let me"...... actually quite often! Of course the things I want to do may end up in serious injury!"
  11. So it's not just the UK. The USA also has a labour shortage. McDonalds have even started advertising for 14 year olds as they have such labour shortages!
  12. Kimbers


    As you know I have 2 girls that call me dad and who are mine in every sense apart from I never did the adoption papers. Their father left when they were 3 and 5 (to escape he CSA and paying my wife maintenance. We had a letter just over 2 years ago saying they were unable to collect the £35000 back money owed). However he wouldn't have allowed any adoption by me. So I just stood up as a father and did the right thing. They call me dad, my oldest asked me to do her father of the bride speech at her wedding and I love them no differently and have never considered them any different from their brothers. However don't listen to Barry Sorry Barry. My income WAS taken into account with their Uni loans mean testing as I married their mother and lived with her. So that argument doesn't count. It's lovely she has asked you to adopt her and with a totally absent father thats great. He may not reply, especially if you put on the adoption form "Address unknown". and it will all be fine! But you don't need the piece of paper to be her Dad, you do that by example, goodness and being a Dad to her.
  13. Shame the General Haulage companies are still in the stone age, though TBH they are only paying what they could get away with, based on previous influx of Cheap HGV drivers mainly from the Eastern EU countries.
  14. I agree there's a downside. I too am looking at buying a holiday home in Europe, Cyprus to be exact. However the new rules state that without applying for a Visa I can only stay there for 3 months and then I have to return back to the UK for 3 months before returning again. However, there's a solution. You apply for the visa. Before there was an EU we had to apply for a Visa every time we flew to Ibiza where we used a Villa there. It took a bit of planning is all! Yes, you don't have the automatic right to go but they don't refuse visa's unless you are a criminal or have restrictions on your travel. One thing COVID has taught everyone is that many countries rely on tourism and visitors to survive!
  15. One of my best friends, who was a Lotus Engineer, then Williams F1 Team designer, has for the last several years been working for a Chinese Electric car maker. He is currently designing the "Next step" in Electric. Their cars can do many more miles than normal EV's and when you are low you just turn up at one of their charge points. The batteries are on a tray under the floor and the tray slides out and is replaced with another fully charged tray in less than a minute. it's then slid back in and off you go. Down side is the cost. Their cheapest car will be £100,000. But you are talking large luxury SUV like Jag or Tesla. However from what I am hearing now from manufacturers we work with, many are only using Electric as a stop gap. They really think Fuel Cells are the future. It's just making them affordable with the high pressure requirements of he fuel.
  16. You are more Bacteria than human! The bacterial cells in your body outnumber your human cells significantly. In fact, scientists once thought that ratio was about 10 to one in favour of bacteria, but more recent research has found that's it's likely to "only" be 39 trillion bacteria compared to 30 trillion human cells. Stress can make you produce more earwax than usual, and worry-induced wax smells worse than the stress-free kind. The apocrine glands in your ear are the same glands that are responsible for your smelliest sweat, and when you'e stressed or sick, they can encourage faster, smellier earwax production. It's basically the same process that makes you sweat when you're worried "Ectopic axillary breast tissue" is where breasts stretch out beyond their usual boundaries, often expanding sideways into the armpit. Pregnancy doesn't cause this, but lactation can make it show up – some people find that milk travels to their 'pits when they're breastfeeding, and others even end up lactating from the pores underneath their arms.
  17. I got called in to see my sons Head Mistress. He was 8 and had just sparko'd another boy the same age as him. "Mr Kimberley, you are a terrible parent telling your son to hit M""""" (boys name)" "Well if you did something about the bullying M"""""" does to my son every day then I wouldn't need to teach him to look after himself!" "He punched the boy in the face as he came round the corner of the gate with his Mom" Aaron, sitting quietly in the corner looking innocent I turned to him and asked "Is this right Aaron? I only told you to fight back when M"""""" hits you" Aaron, 8 years old, Autistic "Well I figured that seeing he had hit me every day for the last 2 weeks he would hit me at some point today so decided to beat him to it" Me saying in my head "Well Done lad"....says out loud "You aren't meant to hit him when he's holding his moms hand and can't defend himself" Aaron looking puzzled mumbled "Thought that's the best time"
  18. I am 100% with David Attenborough. The way to save the Planet is not taxes and huge changes to how we drive or fly. The way to save the Planet is in rebuilding our Natural world to help process both the things we create and that nature creates naturally. This includes: - Rebuilding the rain forests and stopping deforestisation. - Western Countries replanting Proper Ancient Forests (not building Pine Forests for wood) - Reducing the impact on the environment of population Growth including Building Apartments instead of housing estates and legislation for all houses to have Solar Panels etc. - Cutting our reliance on natural resources/Plastics/wastage etc - Shipping all those who tell us "You have ruined our lives and our future!" to China, Russia or somewhere where they may actually do some good (or Disappear, either is fine).
  19. So, linked to the climate change Topic I thought I'd highlight this issue. It effects our natural resources and climate change as the companies make more and more things to replace those that break, instead of repairing them. So here's my examples, lets hear yours! 1. I am on my third cordless hedge trimmer in 7 years. The first one I had for 2 years and the battery was crap, only last a few minutes! So I looked for a new battery and "We no longer make this battery" Black and Decker as well! So I bought another. Another good brand, cost me around £100. After only 4 uses it broke down. think the motor burnt out. Sent it back, was told I had been using it on hedges it wasn't recommended for and as such it was abuse not warranty. I just couldn't be arsed to argue so bought another different brand and this one is great. Only my wife "Tidied" the charger and we can't find it. That's fine, thinks I! I bought it specifically because it says in the advert "All our garden appliances use the same battery and charger so they are interchangable". AT LAST! Someone with some intelligence! So I go online and order their "replacement charger"...... Only it doesn't work. So I contacted Customer services and I am told "No sorry, we no longer use that battery or charger, it's obsolete"....... I replied "But i only bought it last year. How often do you change your Chargers and battery designs"...... "When we get new technology from the factor"............ "How often is that"....... "Oh it varies"...... So I do some research. They have had 5 new systems in 7 years! Now all that for one conclusion: They only do it so you have to buy another! 2. Washing machine. My washer is now 5 years old. When it broke down it was cheaper to replace it than fix it. They are that cheap these days! Lets hear your disposable society examples!
  20. Wouldn't it be ironic if we damage the Environment by tackling our effects on climate change. It seems to me that the core of all Scientific research is "Don't do anything unless you know it's exact effects". There are so many organisations and people out there effecting climate change Policy for the whole world, who know too little, not enough or none at all of their policies (See my previous post of A certain young climate change activist sitting with a Banana from Costa Rica and a single use plastic bottle whilst telling everyone you are scum for driving a car). As such we get high profile "Stop flying on holiday" whilst the fashion industry gets off scott free despite putting more crap into the air than flying and shipping together Get with it! It's their human right to have as many kids as they want! You can only save the planet if its taxable and doesn't upset the poor little snowflakes and human rights activists!
  21. My requested and perfect lifestyle would have little effect on the planet. All I want is a 2 bed place in Cyprus close to the sea so I can swim every day, close to the restaurants so I can eat fresh fish and enough income to do that. So if the Govt or climate change activists are listening, please supply me with a small income and you can take me totally out of the equation! I'm also happy to work for the income, maybe in cleaning up plastic in the Med while swimming or any such work! As long as I get to do nothing for the rest of the time!
  22. I totally believe we are affecting the climate however I totally believe its all about Politics. Why else would you, in the UK, say there's a total ban on Petrol and Diesel cars, whilst simultaneously opening Planning regs so people can build anywhere, anytime and on Green field sites. Here in Norfolk the Council just approved a housing estate on "Protected" land which is a recently planted Natural British Wood with Oaks, Ash and a mix of natural Trees. Why else would you make everyone pay more taxes to create more and more sustainable and carbon zero electricity whilst simultaneously agreeing to build HS2 through 2 of the oldest Ancient forests in the UK and wiping out nature reserves and areas put aside for green activities? No. The reason I hate this whole thing is the absolute hypocracy! If it gets votes then F**k the Green spaces! Whilst demanding everyone sacrifice car's and telling everyone "How Dare you" a certain young Climate Change activist is pictured with a Banana from Costa Rica and a single use Plastic bottle. Whilst Demanding the Govt taxes flying to a level where the poorer people won't be able to afford to go away, no one says a thing about the Fashion industry which is less green and puts more Co2 into the atmosphere than both flying and Shipping added together! Stupid, stupid stupid!
  23. Nothin wrong, with my Grammar are you sure, it isn't you're eyes!
  24. I am a huge supporter of Europe, but not the EU as an organisation. I love their ideals, but hated the way they operated. I liked to be able to drive to France and through Europe and did so regularly, but that didn't stop me disagreeing with the way they enforced freedom of movement. The EU is a perfect example of a Good idea terribly done. That's why I voted leave. Despite having lived in the Canaries and Italy, I wanted Brexit because the Ideal didn't meet the reality.
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