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  1. Here's what you should be buying: A replica of the oldest Silver spoon in the UK, Rings, bracelets and necklaces thats what!!
  2. As the post going about FB says "The Leaders have all just beamed down, Don't fancy Angela's chances much".
  3. OMG Bob, I think she is AMAZING! Its not just the look, I like a curvy woman and a strong woman who knows her mind. She has been a burlesque dancer, a Roller Derby Player and yes, I love the ink! Got some myself (nowhere near enough). Both my daughters got my love of ink.
  4. It really does depend on what you want to do with it Chris. Is it to enjoy? Is it to invest? Or is it to go towards retirement? Frankly there are some good investments out there at present, though some are really risky. My fave would be buying a holiday home. The ones in the UK are really making a killing at present. My Uncle has one in North Norfolk, just a 1 up one down in Wells Next the Sea. Great investment. Personally I would go risky and buy an apartment or Villa in somewhere hot, on the risk that we can't live like this forever. The prices are low at present especially in places that normally cater to tourists like Spain, Portugal or even Cyprus. They will come back you can guarantee. I have quite a bit in Premium bonds and not had a thing for 3 years. before that I got 3 prizes of £50 in 6 months. Money is boring "Things" are great! become a hoarder.............or a picker!! (I am totally in love with Danielle BTW).
  5. Best car ever and a favourite of the MD of that time. Always called it "The most sorted Classic Lotus we made". I had one for 2 years and loved it! Welcome!
  6. 15 year badge for me! Cause I am amazing, cool and just can't be bothered to go anywhere else.
  7. Well hopefully you have all been buying Silver and Jewellery from my Ebay shop!!
  8. This is a huge event with over 1000 cars attending apparently. Anyone else going? I am thinking of meeting up with a few Lotus's and hooning there with the Mrs!
  9. Saturday 5th June, Looking fantastic and both waved to each other, me in my Evora.
  10. Money can't buy you happiness true, But I'd rather be rich and unhappy than poor and unhappy. Me!
  11. Whilst he wasn't the most PC comedian around, even at the time, I do think that when we start censoring Comedians we have reached as far into Political Correctness as you can go. Comedy is meant to push the boundaries, if for nothing else than to show us how rediculous things like Racism, religious intolerance, sexism etc are. I love "Achmed the dead terrorist" but know Jeff Dunham has received death threats from certain sections of our society. But he is just poking fun at how stupid religious extremism is. Ricky Gervais is well known for his jokes about such things from Religion to fat people, Extremism to Fake stardom and of course freedom of speech.
  12. Oh God! They would never allow Dave Allen! Infact the BBC have the rights to it as a BBC produced show but its never repeated as it's considered not PC enough by the BBC.
  13. Happy birthday my brother from a different mother!!
  14. Kimbers


    Yeah I use Halifax Buddsy, though I use their Sharebuilder account mostly. It only has a £2.50 fixed handling fee.
  15. If I had a quid for everytime a polite young youth used the words Innit Bro or Bruv 50 Da Nu-ink Sic Lit Molly Aint Der Ere Some examples I aint dun Nu-ink Man, you is the 50 innit bruv I aint a grass! "I haven't done anything sir, you are a policeman so I am not saying anything" That Molly was der wen I got ere. You aint taking me for it. "That MDMA/Ecstasy was on the floor under my foot when I arrived. You can't arrest me!" That Blow was sic (Or Lit) innit bruv. "That Cocaine was very nice thankyou my friend!" Brap brap 50 yu get me bruv, said whilst pointing finger "I am going to shoot you Mr Policeman and there's nothing you can do about it because if anyone asks I am just joking, do you understand?"
  16. Yup! Remember when I had a drunken conversation with myself after making up a new account so I could criticise Dany Blowhard without anyone knowing it was me Of course I didn't factor in the fact I may have been the only one on at that time in the morning so conversed with myself instead. Bibs, who knew it was my alter ego, was totally baffled lmao. Infact if you look at the first page it was me conversing with myself that started this topic!
  17. Luuuuurve that colour. Welcome mate! Anything you need don't hesitate to ask one of us Mods!
  18. Its a lot bigger than them. I'd just do a Clarkson "FULL POWER".
  19. If its naughty do you Spank the Monkey?
  20. Dogs have just pulled ahead!! I am surprised no one has birds or reptiles etc
  21. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. More news later.
  22. The ONLY skill you need post Apocalypse is to be able to run faster than those around you! I go running every day. Good luck!!
  23. What is wrong with you lot? I work 2 jobs so I don't have to do anything! Hell, I even had someone to come in and clean the house every week up until Lockdown last year! Not dusted since then and TBH its getting a little dusty! CBA is my motto! Well that and the fact I have the DIy skills of a newborn baby!........actually scratch that, a new born baby would be better at everything than me!
  24. Unless you have the building/ DIY abilities of penguin with no beak.....legs or wings. Then you pay for things to be done like a normal person!!
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