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  1. One of the 2 silverstone cars has just been removed as sold. The Manual that they had increased from £30-32. I rest my case milud. ES Motorsports have their Road "Runabout" for sale. 2011 for £34000............... it might have a few mods at 430HP.
  2. I'd kill for some twinkies right now and you can get them in the UK on Amazon! Buy all sorts of USA stuff here. Dammit, I blame you for this @Simon350Sjust ordered twinkies and these:
  3. No It's not. When my wife and many of the experienced nurses joined they had cost of living rises and different bandings that allowed them to keep on earning a decent whack. That all changed around 10 years ago with the new bandings restricting earnings were brought in and their pension was forced through from final salary to new style. This included a 30% increase in contributions for 25% lower Pension. Up until then many Nurses joined overlooking pay and conditions, on the fact that they had good pensions at the end. They have, since then seen a 15% pay decrease in real terms when many
  4. Col, you have mixed up your bandings here. A Staff nurse newly qualified is £24907 you are correct however a Staff Nurse Band 5 (qualified nurse) salary rises' stop at 7 years experience at £30615. Your £31-38k figure is deceptive as that is for a band 6 "Specialised Nurse" or "Senior Nurse" these are not a continuation of a Staff Nurses pay, they are promotions and you have to apply and get that position, and there are very few. A Sister on a ward for example manages the shift and is only junior to a Matron. She is band 6 so there aren't many positions or chances to move higher up. My wife, i
  5. It was a bargain at the time and I think anyone getting one under £30k for a sorted model, is doing well. I haven't even seen her for 4 months now as she has been in Air Con'd lockup over winter. Thinking of getting her out soon. I am glad I didn't sell her. Really want to come up and see you guys this year and Hoon around Scotland.
  6. Across the board older Evora pricing has risen and is still going up. £2k increase in a year isn't much off a true market reflection. During the late 2019's and early 2020's price dropped to a level where there was a mahosive price difference between you NA, S and 400. With NA's at £27k, S's at £32-35 then the cheapest 400 at £54k. What the market is doing here is reflecting peoples demand. An Evora for £30k is an affordable supercar, £54k isn't for the layman. So the Evora's that were "Too Cheap" have been snapped up and now there is a shortage of good used stock. It should be noted tha
  7. Aston looks just like the old Mercedes
  8. Oh God Jamie, we have a very vocal Scottish Contingent who meet regularly and take the piss of their English masters and betters! We have to put them back in their box but sometimes they escape and post up here. So watch out and never tell them your address or they may turn up on a raining stormy day and demand you take your fair weather baby out across the hills! Welcome BTW from a Welsh/English Irishman with a half Scottish wife! Anything you need please ask one of us Moderators!
  9. Indeed, but they need the staff because they are so short and the agencies take a cut as well so they look even more expensive than they are! On that note Wendy could get a 25% pay rise for going agency but they are 0 hour contracts AND many agency nurses I know sometimes go for weeks without any work or just a day here or there. Her best bet is private Nursing but that isn't her, she's there for the care aspect not the money.
  10. Here's your starter for one! I am a little in the know so feel I can comment and explain this a little. Nurses/NHS workers had no rise for 5 years with inflation from 2-3% so lost around 12-15% of their wages. They then had 5% over 3 years which again was a real life cut in wages. Now they are being offered 1% and see this as an insult. Many, like my wife, are at a level where they won't get a rise at all as they aren't increasing the "Earning brackets". However what that means is those who have been there the longest won't be getting rises. Many are naturally worried about staff ret
  11. People are still engaged with Silver and antique jewellery and I am pretty sure with a decent supply I can make a living from this. However!!!!! I can't get enough supply. Sooooooooo.............if anyone wants to sell or knows anyone with Antiques to sell or house clearances to do. Please contact me. I am more than happy to give decent values above those given in auction houses!
  12. @Nathan PitmanSadly no cars will be the same or appeal to those of us who love cars because (at least here in the uk) there will be no more petrol engines in just 9 years time. The EU is similar but they are saying 14-19 years time. If others don't follow suit the UK will struggle I think but thats for another Topic. That being said the next lotus's will I am sure, have at least some Lotus DNA. Living here in Norfolk a couple of miles from the factory, you hear and see things and I totally have high hopes for the future models. The new team in place have just as much passion as those befo
  13. Kimbers


    Some great pics been released overnight.
  14. I know several companies who took furlough money during the previous lockdown and then insisted staff work before end. Some never even put staff on furlough. I also know several companies that took money to "help them survive" when they were actually thriving during lockdown. I think HMRC will have its hands full for a while!
  15. In terms of the market place rising on the Porkers, we are seeing something similar on Lotus. I was seeing 2010 Evora's advertised below £25000 back in 2020 after initial lockdown. I just saw one advertised at £32000. Part of the reason is that statement "I just saw ONE". There are lots of newer 400's etc but NA's or S's are much rarer. Just do a search on lotus Evora on Autotrader and there are very few below £50k (Though the odd anomoly exists). In terms of the newer Models, I personally would look at the 400. I heard that many of the latter ones were stiffer. Though, maybe someon
  16. I had an outdoor cover and it worked well for a year. But then despite me cleaning the car before putting it on it started to get dust and the inside started to get a little dirty (I couldn't see it myself). After the winter last year I took it off and where the wind had been blowing it my roof and the edges of the body all had rub marks and minute scratches everywhere. Not used it since.
  17. My Electric just went up 10%!!! 10 friggin percent! Where the frig does that come from?
  18. In terms of Property affordability Wendy and I Bought our first place together just after the boys were born. Until that point I stayed with her in her 2 up 2 down in Norwich, which her Ex had mortgaged to the hilt and had negative equity. With the boys born that left us and the 2 boys in one room and our 2 daughters in the other. We bought our first house together which was run down and in need of renovation, for £34000. It had 2 double bedrooms and a Single for the Cots for the boys. It had an upstairs bathroom which was a luxury, and a decent sized lounge. and kitchen. It didn't have w
  19. And we only have ourselves to blame for this woke and pampered generation. We are the ones who entitled children to the point where they have representatives on school boards and are told "If a teacher upsets you report them and they will be disciplined". We have entitled them to understand that they don't have to do something they don't want to, and we are not talking about the things we originally told them they didn't have to do like get into a car with a stranger of go see their puppies. We are talking "No I don't want to stop hitting this younger child, you can't force me to!". We have t
  20. It was from the Suffolk News I think. If you put the name of your windmill in its one of the first pictures on "Images" on google
  21. So your Dad is Peter? Hope he gets well soon mate. it's a lovely Windmill.
  22. Always up for some excuse to drive somewhere! I am in Diss a lot and know the area well. Are you particularly close? The 2 I know are Billingford and Thelnetham. though isn't there one on Victoria Road?
  23. Bell and Colville are very good. I Bought mine for Silverstone and its a 2010 NA and I am chuffed values have gone up because it had dropped £5000 after 2nd Lockdown. Guy Munday who lives very close to you is a good guy to speak to as he often knows of cars before they come on the market. Plus here is a good place as members are often upgrading or changing cars. I am just outside Hethersett and have the below car so would be great to meet up when you get one for a hoon somewhere and get a bite to eat! Plus there are the Lotus meetings at The Bird In Hand near Hethel when things open
  24. type R 300bhp model mate. Just before it came out in the UK.
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