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  1. Happy Birthday wierdo.....I mean my friend
  2. I have some very wet purpose made mats yes! And a drivers door that seems to leak when it rains sideways.
  3. Erm....I wasn't the one kissing my neck!
  4. Hey! I was dfriving next morning so was managing my alcohol intake thanks very much!
  5. You can remember the Christmas do?
  6. Dad bought me one of those Gold Concorde Coins for Christmas. It isn't very big but limited edition and has lots of bumf with it.
  7. Welcome! Very good choice. Anything you need please don't hesitate to ask a mod! How does all that petrol and Co2 work in Switzerland? I heard they are hard core on what they allow in there!
  8. Hi and welcome! Look forward to seeing your progress and getting it back and running on the road!
  9. Awesome welcome to the forums. Just outside Norwich here. Look forward to seeing her on the road! Paint looks nice!
  10. Nice to know you all love me so much you think that I am the poor relation in my relationship! Actually she's very lucky to have me................ honest!
  11. Isn't it a pasta and mince dish from Italy?
  12. Not to colour your view of me or anything but........ I paid someone to come and clean it............
  13. Some people criticise my use of the unhappy thread instead of the happy one. @pete
  14. Took my car out in the winter. It went Brrrmmmmmm. and I drove it all myself. Yay me!
  15. We can mock but they are doing what they consider right. The problem is @jbuenavides in this country at least, is the constant preaching and telling meat eaters they are wrong and evil. I even had one say to me should would rather I die than a cow because I deserved it for eating flesh.
  16. Yes. It lives outside under a cover so if its dirty I can't cover it up as it scratched the paint....and it's been newly painted. I also have leaks in the boot and drivers door so if I don't cover it up I end up with a foot of water inside the boot and drivers footwell. And no I don't have the money to fix it or the skill to do it myself (Before you ask). You have all known me long enough to know I am proud of myself when I check the oil! Anything more than that I need someone to do it for me!!
  17. But then I'd have to clean it again!!
  18. Oh no, mines been in the garage for a month as well. Not tried the undercarriage yet. Keep meaning to get her out and drive her but just too busy and weathers too horrid.
  19. Make sure to watch Carnival Row. Its an excellent "Steam Punk" Sci Fi kind of Historical thing......with Fairies...... Sounds wierd but really good and can't wait for the next series. Don't normally like the standard "Grand Tours" but the recent Cambodia in boats one is funny and interesting. I know people say they don't watch this and that on Prime but Prime is so much more! I use it for a lot of shopping as I CBA to go to the shops so it saves me a lot in postage plus the music I buy I can play through any of my mediums, car through my phone, on my system linked to my TV or via any of the voice based systems you can fit in your homes these days!
  20. I think the thread has a valid place and needs to be open. This is an enviromental post first and foremost and highly looked at and interacted with. I understood the joke and chuckled but it was open to interpretation/misinterpretation. Please lets leave it there and continue what was a really interesting conversation about various aspects of Enviromentalism and Climate change.
  21. I had a lot of Alcohol to dispose of before stopping drinking for January
  22. Holy Fuck! Binged watch all 8 episodes in 2 nights. Now desperate for series 2!!
  23. Kimbers

    Happy 2020!

    Jan 3rd part 2: Veganism now protected by law eating meat, wearing leather now a Hate crime. Happy New Year Everyone!
  24. So Vegans are now protected under law. Wait for the raft of demands "You can't wear leather shoes at work", "I demand you don't eat meat near me", "How dare you mention meat in my hearing" and the law will protect them the same as religion! Well gosh darned diggedy! What is the world coming to. I think we need to start the same for Meatism. Demand equal rights. I mean, if Vegans can get it on ethical grounds then Meat eaters should be able to or else its discimination isn't it?
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