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  1. 2 minutes ago, Sparky said:

    All depends on the demographic of your area/practice.  They can't possibly stay in step with one another, especially with the Pfizer vaccine.  My GP had pretty much finished his group 4 two weeks ago, so my group (6) might actually get a look-in sometime in February.

    My area hasn't even finished the top 2 yet! I've got no hope as 8th on list

  2. 3 hours ago, 910Esprit said:

    I had a late night visit from the police last night checking on my recent movements!   It seems that one of my neighbours has been monitoring my movements....    Anyway, copper was nice as pie and no case to answer!   However, it sort of made me wonder what life would have been under the Stasi     

    A huge % of Police work is currently dealing with COVID law breakers and people who don't realise they are breaking it (or those that do and don't care)! Plus of course those instances where people dial 999 because their neighbour has gone out for the 2nd time that day so "It can't be essential". So I feel your pain but the Police have to be seen to be acting.

    You would be shocked by how many people are breaking the rules constantly. Walking with 2 other people from outside their household, travelling to a park 10 miles away when there's one 30 seconds away because "I wanted a change of scenery". Having someone round and telling you they are "their support bubble" then the next day its someone else (you can't change it), Refusals to wear masks making up some crappy health issue they don't have a exemption certificate for, "Just popping out for a drive because I was bored", meeting some mates in the park, going out and getting a bunch of flowers "for the Mrs to cheer her up", Having 2 other couples round for a game of Bridge because "We've done it for 30 years and we added them on our support bubble" (which is their grown up son and not their elderly friends). I could go on for ages. 

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  3. Good for the Govt! 

    "There will be a new £800 fine for people attending house parties of more than 15 people in England, "We will not be engaging and you will get a Fine". 

    "When we see people that are putting others and themselves at danger, we'll not waste time trying to reason with them"

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  4. 1 hour ago, Cdm2018 said:

    I do like bananas , scratch my arse daily no TBH hourly before the jab ! Mind you been doing that probably since my childhood jabs ? Lol 

    If you find yourself chewing on your Partner when you wake up tomorrow, make sure you leave instructions to destroy the brain as that's the only way to destroy a Zombie.

  5. Yes but he's also part of the Political Elite that Trump campaigned against originally and won him the Presidency in the first place! I would love him to be a good President but I am sitting on the Fence. Despite the "Trumpism's" he actually did boost their Economy and jobs before COVID hit.

  6. Barry's making a joke and one that many people are making. Frankly I can't Stand Trump and I think Biden only got in because it was him or Trump. Any decent republican candidate and Biden was screwed.

    I also think he will be the first President to die in Office since JFK, though not for the same reason I hope, but its a stressful job and he is very, very old. This will leave the door open to the Vice President and having a Black Woman as President will be enlightening and a good thing for the people of America. Well done Kamala Harris!

  7. 11 minutes ago, Colin P said:

    This is bollox as well, firstly - I don't accept it, unless you are on oxygen, and if not you should be shielding anyway, so shouldn't be out - notwithstanding this, additionally, even if it is genuine then there is nothing stopping them from wearing a face shield.

    To be fair, if they have a certificate then they are not wearing a mask legally and the Police can't do anything about it, that was my point.

  8. Only just been offered my Flu jab yet alone COVID. And the Police have been totally omitted from any priority list so no joy there. I mean, it's not like you are dealing with people all day within 2 meters, going into peoples homes or dealing with people who tell you they are vulnerable or anything!

  9. As per the Express article, If Scotland got accepted then it would set a precedence for other places such as Catalonia to apply hence why Spain would never agree. Then you have other places that have a large % of their population asking for independence like Corsica, Bavaria and even Sardinia. 

    I just don't see it. Especially as Scotland will need an awful lot more support coming in than they will contribute and right now the Eu is struggling to replace the UK's Net Contribution!

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  10. My mate was in a similar situation and in the end went to court where his Ex had his support cut because she was "Making unfair demands" and being unreasonable with what she was spending the money on (He proved she was out drinking 3-4 nights a week, heavy smoker, bought a flash car for new Boyfriend, shopped at Waitrose etc.

    Get a good lawyer, she may get a nasty shock.

  11. Well, G4S are being bought out and my Cash offer means I go from a loss of several hundred to a small profit. Take into account the 3 years of dividend reinvestment and I am up quite a bit. So used the Cash to buy into a Silver Mining company. 

    Silver is not only a precious metal but used in phones and It is also used in dental alloys, solder and brazing alloys, electrical contacts and batteries. I read a while ago that Silver is actually a great investment, even more so than Gold because it doesn't vary in value as much, it just tends to go up.

    This is proved in the price of Scrap Silver. As a Silver antique buyer and seller I have seen scrap 925 Silver go from £0.27 a g 2 years ago to this year around £0.48 today. 

    I think its a good investment going forward (the shares and Silver).

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  12. On 04/01/2021 at 17:40, Sparky said:

    Aaaaaand it's all gone to crap again.

    Mine aren't too bad. I am just a few hundred pounds above breaking even which isn't bad considering the state we are in. But many of my shares are Insurance companies, drinks companies, supermarkets and even a Security company. 

  13. 18 hours ago, Techyd said:

    It is in my mind, highly suspicious....

    That the WHO have not been allowed in to investigate the virus origins is very concerning, I'm sure many of you have read this article from last month??

    China is very tightly controlled country so this may simply be the government continuing to exercise its unblinkered controlling policies over its media, foreign media access and its general population.   But frankly, from where I'm sitting, it's really difficult to conclude anything but a cover up!! 


    I have been saying for months that it is highly suspicious that Chinese and other Asian countries have by far the lowest transmission rate and lowest fatalities. You look at Japan. twice the population of the UK, full testing and only 294k cases with 3989 deaths. Korea, Virtually the same population of the UK 30k cases, 501 deaths (Yes 501). Though China is controlling its information I suspect it is not because many more have died than stated, I think its because its a very low figure and they know how suspicious that looks at the Point of Origin!

    If you genetically engineer a weapon, you aim it at those you want to kill. Western, Males, Black (Incl Indian etc) Males. Middle age upwards as they are the ruling classes with the most say! Especially in countries like India and Pakistan who have a Patriachal society. But you also need to build in a level of immunity for your own Society and race.

    I know its a bit of a conspiracy theory but its one that just seems obvious, non? 

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