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  1. 2 minutes ago, Buddsy said:

    I thought you had it before?

    You were the one person I know personally who was pretty ill with it.


    Positive or Negative I hope you feel better soon!



    Yup But I had it right at the beginning almost 12 months ago. Anti-bodies drop off a cliff after around 9 months they think, like the Flu. Hopefully not but I feel rough. May be a chest infection.

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  2. TBH I know several Trump supporters well and they are normal people like me and you. 

    He does attract a higher % of right wing extremists and conspiracy theorists though and feeds their desire for publicity in a dangerous way.

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  3. Loved the Quote I just heard on the radio from a Trump supporter that really shows us Brits don't understand SOME Americans at all.

    "Yes we may have been carrying guns and riot shields, but it was a peaceful protest". 

    According to the internet (and we know everything is true on there) the woman shot was a Veteran of 3 tours of Iraq. 

  4. 15 hours ago, Buddsy said:

    They are


    Does it require a judge to sign a warrant? 



    It depends Buddsy. For what? A senior Officer can authorise entry for various reasons. However a search needs a signed warrant.....unless its because someone has been arrested then under section 18 of PACE Police can search someone's house. its complicated but this is authorised by a senior officer as is a section 23 Drug search with reasonable grounds. 

    a constable may enter and search any premises occupied or controlled by a person who is under arrest for an [F1indictable] offence, if he has reasonable grounds for suspecting that there is on the premises evidence, other than items subject to legal privilege, that relates—

    (a)to that offence; or

    (b)to some other [F1indictable] offence which is connected with or similar to that offence.

    Also, a Police Officer may enter someones property without permission for the following reasons:

    when in close pursuit of someone the police believe has committed, or attempted to commit, a serious crime (S.17 PACE), or
    to sort out a disturbance, or
    if they hear cries for help or of distress, or
    to enforce an arrest warrant (S.17 PACE), or
    if invited in freely by the occupant, or
    under various statutes which give the police powers of entry into a number of different kinds of premises.

    So if they are called to a property where there are reports of a Domestic and one party refuses to let them enter (they will always ask) then they do have power of entry under sorting a disturbance or to "save life and limb". I am not a lawyer so wouldn't know if this "Sort out a disturbance" covers a COVID Party. But if Neighbours have called it in as a disturbance then I suspect they can.

    I say this with a proviso as I would always call a Senior Officer and discuss the situation before entering in the latter scenario. (If I hear someone screaming or am chasing someone I am going in immediately no matter what).


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  5. 1 hour ago, Buddsy said:

    Are they obliged to talk with you or can they simply close the door?



    Engage, Explain, Encourage, Enforce (in that order)

    If you engage politely (why wouldn't you?) then normally you will be told what is wrong, encouraged to get people to leave and thanked for your help. If the person refuses to engage and fails what police call the "Attitude Test" i.e. are rude, then they will resort to the only thing they can do and you will be fined and the FPN sent to you. Just because you refuse to speak to an officer doesn't mean he can't charge you with an offense.

    However if you are having a large party or unlicensed music event then they will gain access using a warrant and you will be "Obliged" to talk to them. Lots of Fines and a £10k fine for the organiser will be a definate if they have gone to the trouble to kick your door in. :)

    Its like speeding. Much of the time Police will have a chat and check a few details and give you a stern talking to. Fail the attitude test and expect a fine and points.


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  6. Call 101. Online reports have a very slow rate of dissemination. if the Officers don't get there in time to witness what is happening its very hard to issue a FPN or take it further. It's one persons say so against another unless there is visual evidence like good CCTV etc.

  7. 17 hours ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    I’m still waiting for the Police to take any action against our neighbours for having a 3 day New Year’s Eve party with at least 3 other households. It’s a 5 minute drive from the Police Station and they were even provided with the offenders’ car registration numbers and photos to cross-reference, but nothing. Covidiots just laughing at the rest of us, whilst people are dying in our hospitals.

    Not sure what they are doing in Northants. Here any call like that is given a priority grade just under an emergency.

  8. I am ignoring such negativity when one in 100,000 officers acts foolishly and point out that despite your attempt to show Police in a poor light, without fail Officers are going into houses with COVID, and more present, and dealing with not only people who COVID Positive but people who have passed away from the Virus on a regular basis. 

    In light of Officers putting themselves in danger regularly, maybe support for the majority would be better than slating a tiny minority.


  9. Been playing this almost constantly since September. Still bloody excellent and impossible to keep people alive. That being said I have won the whole game twice now, but there are lots of different scenarios to try. 

    Still recommended!


  10. Track and Trace is a hard one as we have to disconnect it and our GPS while working for official reasons and seeing I am at home the rest of the time there's no point in having it!

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  11. For the first time since COVD in March my whole Portfolio is back in the green. though some shares like Aviva are still nowhere near where they should be. I am being held up by Reed Elseveer, Legal and general and Fevertree

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  12. I should point out that the Grey lines are made up as there is no info for that period yet and that 400 deaths a day is still 146,000 a year, many of which could be avoided with a total lockdown, not this namby pamby shit we keep getting. Lock everyone down and put out a Curfew past 20:00 like Spain, Italy etc. That way Police will know anyone out after then is either up to no good or breaking the rules.

    Then Immunise everyone who is at risk before you lift the Lockdown.

    You know what? I have been suffering "Long Covid" effects for 6 months now, since I had it. Running to keep fit lasts about 3 minutes as it exhausts me, I have constant headaches and muscle pains and the heart palpatations and Panic attacks where I can't breathe are horrible. And no, I have never suffered with any of this before.

    My doctor is trying everything but to be fair I don't think there is anything he can do.

    So, please, don't doubt this is horrific and that things are bad. The speed its mutating could even mutate it past immunisation levels and then this all starts again!

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