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  1. I have found the joys of a little Indie game called "Battle Brothers" its an old fashioned RPG in the style of the old D&D games. Its utterly enthralling and totally impossible, even on the easy setting I regularly lose long standing members of my team.

    Imagine a cross between Baldurs Gate and a desktop RPG. 

    Basically you run a Mercenary team and you start with just 3 men. Go up levels, learn new skills and take on new Men to die for you because die they will, on a very regular basis! You soon learn not to even bother going back and reloading a previous save point because losing a man is just a normal battle!

    Great fun and cheap! Well worth a look!

  2. Awesome painting and still one of my Favourites.

    Thanks Andy, she already has that, plus a Gallery stocking her work and work on Artfinder. Just for everyone's info Below links to her FB page, Web Page etc. But my point is that we do 4 Art shows in Surrey and Windsor a year. On Average Wendy will sell £4000 of paintings to people who just don't buy online. That's £16,000 a year. With that out of the equation she can't go full time.

    BTW she has been Shortlisted for the Sire John Hurt (Yes the actor) international Art Prize. Her painting below and a link.


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  3. Well that's it for several of my friends dreams and my wifes has had to be put on hold. A couple own businesses in the hospitality sector and one is involved in Exhibitions. All have said they will be bust before Xmas.

    And Wendy was going to retire early after huge success in the last couple of years Art Shows, and go professional. Without the income from the Art shows this will have to be put on hold (50% of sales a year).

    On an aside, there are many businesses who need to be pulled up on their behaviour. Like a certain well know Art Sales site which is the main place online to sell original art. Commission has gone from 25% to 50%. The cynic in me would say this could be because Artists have nowhere else to go at this time.

    Local Auction house has also put up its Commission. I understand there is less going on so to maintain a profit they need to increase income or reduce costs but at this time people need help and those who use Auction platforms or Agency sites to sell their goods are struggling as it is!

  4. Hi Stu and welcome from Norfolkshire again! My Evora likes to play with its little brother..........well we are all from East Anglia! So please feel free to come up for a spin and a chat. Or we could do what most Lotus owners normally do and just enjoy them blasting around some nice A roads!

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  5. I'll get in first then! 6 months of stricter lockdowns. And only six in your house for Christmas. Well we have 7 from 3 households just for us and the kids! How will that work? Plus normally their partners (Neither of which live with them so thats up to 5 households. Then Mom, dad, Wendys Mom thats 8 households...................... What a load of bollox, because you can still go into a restaurant or work (My head office has 10 people in one room).

    Wendy had just got her Art into a position where she was selling 5-10 paintings a Show, making it a viable business but the next 2 shows were Oct & Nov after 2 were cancelled earlier in the year. At least she can stay working as a Nurse but many of those we know are professionals who require the shows to pay the bills! Its all a bit bollocks TBH!

  6. I must admit I wondered about the title to this topic!!!!! 

    Used to set fire to black plastic bags on a stick and they would drip making little "Wzzzzz" noises if you swung it around it got louder. I have the scars on my arm to prove it after it fell off and stuck to my arm.

    Used to put bangers in the boys toilets in school.

    When next door complained we were being too noisy on Fireworks night we aimed rockets at his house and put bangers in his letter box. Our parents had to foot the bill as we destroyed his front porch and blew holes in his Guttering.

    When I was 6 I lived next door to Ketteringham Hall in the old Vicarage. In the woods there, while digging for treasure, me and my brother found a box of 50 cal bullets and also belts of them, obviously set up for WW2 American bombers. Not knowing they were live and being idiot children we hammered them into a rotten old tree stump with stones. Of Course they were live and seeing the horrified look on my fathers face when he came to see where we were and then the Police and disposal units turning up because "Some idiot child has actually hammered these into a rotten tree stump and NOT blown his arm off". 

    Ahhh Inocent times!

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  7. Nearly all of my drives are just me. I had a great time a year ago on a North Norfolk Hoon with a new Exige and I found being 2-3 of us was much preferable to having 10-15 like the old days. We could stick together and we got loads of attention.

    That being said I used to do all the Pistonheads Hoons in Norfolk when I had my Yellow Exige and they always had a photographer on scene to take action shots etc. They sent you the pics at the end as driving with lots of other special cars was really good. 

    it's funny you should post this @slewthybecause I was looking for an end of summer season Hoon over the next few weeks. I really wanted to go up to Scotland and see the guys up there but not sure whats going on now with the whole "Lock Down" thing happening again.

  8. 1 hour ago, Cdm2018 said:

    My sentiments I don’t have a technical understanding or as I feel I am cursed with bad luck when it comes to tech or DIY matters so I leave it to so called experts  including my partner she better at DIY than me ! 🙁  

    like you I am waiting for my cars return patiently and time will soon pass ? However missing using the car during these past few days of lovely weather 

    We will have to go out for a hoon together when  they are fixed!!

    Just had a call from E S Motorsports. The Leads were knackered. Currently having new leads and plugs and a full service.

    Only thing they have found an issue with was the Sump was rotted through so much he was surprised it wasn't leaking. New Sump will cost me £200 + Fitting but better than it dumping its oil everywhere! 

    Next step, MOT.

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  9. My approach is purely "CBA" related. I appreciate when people assist me but the thought of touching anything other than the wheel or door handle makes me go cold and think of selling her. How on earth people fix these things for enjoyment is beyond me! Doing it for cold hard cash I understand!

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