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  1. Blue Exige in the video above is now mine. I had a 2014 Elise S immediately before (and a 2003 Elise before that) which I loved but the Exige is on another level. Feels like a real supercar. Turns heads and the extra power is addictive. Handling equally superb in my opinion.
  2. Hello All I hope you're well. Any tips on what to use to keep the black bits looking good (matte black plastic roof/engine cover/spoiler/access hatch/wing mirrors)? Always looks a bit dull after cleaning and I'd like to apply something easy to bring back the deep black look. I've tried Autoglym Bumper & Trim Care Gel but this is quite heavy and hard work to use. Any lighter sprays or similar? Anything long lasting? Thanks in advance and apologies if covered elsewhere.
  3. I'm sure it's fine. Just wondering if my insurer would agree!
  4. 1. K-Series Elise (gone) 2. Toyota Elise S ( gone) 3. Exige 350 Sport (now)
  5. With the manual saying that I shouldn't remove my hardtop or I will instantly killed to death, I worry how my friendly insurer would respond if I made a claim while topless.
  6. Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated!
  7. Keeping the leather well treated. First thing to add my list - many thanks!
  8. Hello All My new 350 is going to be living on the street in all weathers. It's getting treated to Gtechniq Platinum ceramic and EVOv4 hydrophobic treatments before I pick it up. Any tips/products for keeping it looking good? A cover is not really an option, unfortunately. Particularly concerned about the matte front panel, roof, engine cover and spoiler. Anyone been in the same boat? Does your car now look like the underside of a boat after being left out in the elements? My old Elises seemed to stand up OK - with the exception of the soft tops which developed a sort
  9. Thanks Buddsy and Kimbers. I feel most welcome!
  10. Many thanks. It's only money, right?
  11. Having the blue interior inserts replaced with something a bit more subdued plus the soft top conversion before I pick it up.
  12. Thanks. Unfortunately the trajectory means I'll need a 0-60 time beginning with a 2 next time round. Evija it is then.
  13. Veteran of K-Series Elise then Toyota Elise S. Picking up Exige Sport 350 in a couple of weeks. Can't wait. Looking forward to trawling the forums for potential Exige projects! I hope all's well with you. J.
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