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  1. Hi Chris! Did you manage to get the V8 on the road? I hesitate to buy a S4 in Moscow, maybe you could share some info upon owning the Esprit? YURI 8-916-695-9545
  2. Yes, Bibs, that is the car. I am amazed with your providence! Do you know the owner, the car itself? Would you advise me to buy it? or look for another (if there's one...)? In fact, it is clearly stated S4 on the rear window, but I was confused with Brembo calipers and absence of an airbag. All cars on the Net were equipped with airbags by that year What can be told by the placement of the exhaust pipe? I didn't see any mention of it on LotusWorld. And T stands for 1996, afaik. Thank you for your answers, guys, it's very helpful to get support from the marque's homeland. YURI
  3. Hello, guys I am considering buying a LOTUS Esprit and a little bit confused with model It has THF in VIN, 082 in engine number and produced in 1996 with S4 sticker on rear quater window. But it has Brembo brake calipers, that suits the S4s description on LotusWorld by LEW. Alloys are one-piece, rear wing on the half way on the back. Could you clarify the situation? And what to look for before buying? One thing that confused me most was the brake pedal. I had a (forgotten) feeling braking the car with the engine killed. It felt DEAD hard and without any assistance. Current owner advised me that it should be considered as normal and one should have brakes 'heated up' to brake normally. Is it true? Thanks YURI Moscow
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