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  1. Having just gone and removed the hardtop on my 420 and seeing the very large sticker saying 'do not remove the roof', I'm wondering what the insurance implications would be, driving the car without the roof when the manufacturer states it mustn't be removed. Thoughts?
  2. As someone who doesn’t have a partner who will go in the Exige, are there any drones that track cars particularly well? What drone do you use?
  3. Has anyone got their 410/20 hardtop off their car (is the 350 also the same size?)? If you have, would you mind measuring it for me or if you already know the size, share it with me please? I want to get a hardtop bag made up for my mine before I take it off. thanks
  4. My new 420FE purchase..... and alongside my S1....first and last.
  5. Hi everyone, pretty new on the forum and reading this thread with interest. Ive just put a deposit on a 22 plate 420FE in liquid yellow with 3k miles on the clock. £81k. I confess I'm really unsure if this is a smart price or, based on the discussion here and the lack of movement at the dealers, this is a bit steep and I should have waited a while to see what happens in the market. Certainly other brands are struggling to shift stock, for example I looked at an F type which started at 64k and has been dropped a number of times and is now at 55k in the space of 3 months. Someone else I know in the trade advised that many Covid buyers who decided they had nothing else to spend their money on and so, bought a car, are now selling them on, resulting in more supply. He suspects that there will be more drops ahead. So, I'm a little nervous if I have jumped at the wrong time! Thoughts?
  6. Security Post is a good idea and could be done without being too obtrusive. Same with cameras and lights. Good idea, thanks.
  7. After about a year of debating whether to sell my S1 for an Exige I'm about to take the plunge tomorrow. However I am a little concerned about security as it will be parked on our drive, not in a garage. Am I mad buying an Exige and putting on a drive? Have any of you fitted a tracker or some other security device that you would recommend ? thanks Nick
  8. Hi everyone. I'm on the cusp of buying a 420FE, coming from an S1 with single way Nitrons, and road tested the car today. The car is gorgious, scarily fast and I really want it. However there is one thing holding me back and that is the suspension. Compared to my S1 on the same B roads, the Exige chassis moves to every tiny bump where my S1 seems more compliant, the suspension absorbing the bumps a little better. Maybe its not so much the Nitrons but the tyres being lower profile on the Exige? Apparently the Nitrons were set up as per the factory. Has anyone played with the damper settings and found a set up that is more compliant on our crappy british b roads? I also read somewhere that the roadster has softer springs - is this correct? cheers Nick
  9. Hi fellow lotus owners. If you frequent Seloc then you may have already read this in which case, apologies. Bell & Colville a few days ago confirmed that the Lotus trim shop is to close which I think is very bad news. The existence of a trim shop at the factory is quite unique to Lotus and sets them apart from other sports car manufacturers. I'd also personally much rather have my refurbs done at the factory than an independent. We have started a petition which I will very shortly be sending to Lotus. If you feel the same as the 122 other Elise and Elan owners who have already signed the petition, please add your vote and comment to the online petition, found here :- thanks Nick
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