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  1. Any news on if the supercharger will be available for existing Evoras? Not sure if i really need the extra power, the car is plenty swift, but nice to have the option down the road!
  2. Ah thanks for the tip! Wow it would be kind of crazy if they have to replace both entire headlights just to fix what I assume is some loose connection on the blinker LEDs! Do you have any idea why they made that change?
  3. I feared they may not be selling well, but my local dealer said that all cars sold now would be model year 2011. Also, I am waiting for a new headlight assembly (my front right indicator only works sometimes, and apparently you have to replace the whole thing), and it's taking a while because they are putting them into new cars.
  4. Thanks for the tip on this! On the Alpine USA web site, it just says "Software updates for the Blackbird PMD-B100/T and PMD-B200 will no longer be offered." Grabbing the Naviextras Toolbox now and will see if it works later...
  5. Yep, apparently replacing the clutch is listed as around 35 hours of labour. I am very glad that's all under warranty!
  6. I have been getting some annoying vibration when lifting the clutch, any time the wheels and engine are at different speeds, especially bad starting in 1st or downshifting. I let the dealer drive it, and he agreed something was wrong. When the engineers got a look, they basically decided I needed a whole new clutch! Apparently the problem is that the engine was never designed to have a stick shift attached, so there is some 'adapter' piece to make it work, and that is causing the problem. Not sure how it could have left the factory vibrating like that though :/ The new clutch has arrived an
  7. I'm the one driving, he's the one leaning out his window with a camera Yes! I think it's a great color
  8. A couple of pics taken by a friend as we were leaving work the other day. He's done a lot of auto photography, these came out pretty well I think!
  9. I found the seat belts in the back of my 2+2 actually useful for 'strapping in' groceries Haven't tried putting an actual person back there yet, but having air conditioned carrying space is really nice. This way I don't cook the food in the boot before it gets home!
  10. The 'worst' review I think I saw was the Car and Driver one against the Cayman S and a Corvette. The Evora came 3rd - I think the summary was "floats like a butterfly, stings like a butterfly". Maybe they live in a world without speed limits and traffic
  11. I'm afraid that is one problem I have not run into yet! Hope you find a quick resolution...
  12. Favourite quote: "There's a sense that a Lotus on the freeway, like roller-skating at a funeral, is technically possible but somehow, shocking."
  14. SCCLMDTU9AHA11543 Laser Blue, Launch Edition James Golding - Raleigh, NC, USA
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