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  1. Christian, not sure where you live, but if you are in the UK I have two Continental Eco Sport 225/60x15 rears and two 195/60 front tyres, they are brand new and have not been fitted. I am not going down the fifteen inch route now, sticking to fourteens. Pm me if you are interested. Chris.
  2. Thanks for that Pete, there seems to be no problem of the steering arms touching the arb there. It looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and buy a new arb from SJ's, there doesn't seem to be any used ones about at the moment.
  3. I'm in Wrexham, North Wales. Demon Tweeks set it up for me about twelve years ago, it was better but they put seven washers on each side of the rear radius arms to get the right alignment. I would prefer someone who is used to working on a Lotus and knows how they are supposed to be set up. Nearly every suspension part has been replaced so far and I need it to be right.
  4. I'm no suspension expert, but if the rack height can be adjusted what is it's correct position? When I get my car back together, I need to find someone who can set it up properly and then mark the rack position for future reference. Can anyone recomend a good suspension expert?
  5. The car was obviously designed to be like that, but when you jack the car up the coil spring pushes the suspension down and the rack arms touch the arb. I can't say for certain, but this may be the cause of my outer rack bush breaking up. I now try to set the rack height with the suspension on full droop and the arms just clearing the arb and then get it tracked in that position, I don't know if the rack is at the correct height, but the arms don't touch the arb on full droop. If the later arb is fitted you can have the rack arms level and have no clearance issues.
  6. Paul I have also posted this in the Giugaro Esprit Tech Forum. I have tried PNM, no luck, but not Lotusbits yet. The arb I would like is the one you showed from SJ, but it is £234.00, so I am trying to get a used one first. Chris.
  7. Steve/Pete, here is a picture of my anti roll bar. The steering rack arms on my car are very close the anti roll bar, the rack can be raised to clear it ( the mountings are adjustable ) but I am unsure of where the best position for the rack should be. With the steering arms level it is very close to the arb. The arb SJ sell has a kink or formed end as they say on their website which gives more clearance. I was hoping to get a used one, SJ want £234.00 for a new one. My set up works but I'm not keen on having the steering arms so close to the arb. Chris.
  8. My early S2 has the S1 flat type anti roll bar fitted, has anyone got an S2 kinked type bar they would like to sell or know where I could get one from? Thanks, Chris.
  9. My early S2 has the flat type S1 anti roll bar fitted, has anyone got an S2 kinked type bar they would like to sell or know where I could get one from? Thank, Chris.
  10. Thanks for the reply Giorgio, looking from inside the car I need the left hand motor.
  11. I have just placed an ad in the Wanted section for a heater fan motor for my Esprit S2. If anyone has one they might want to sell, or know where I could get one from could you please contact me. It was a lot of work to get the motor out and I don't want to put it back unless I can have both working. Thanks, Chris.
  12. Has anyone got a fan motor they would to sell or know where I could get one from? I have one fan working but the other is dead and I don't want to put the heater back unless both are working unless I have to. Thanks, Chris.
  13. I have an S2 Esprit and I am waiting to fit some 15 inch rims from Image Wheels, I have bought the tyres which are Continental Eco Sport, 225/60x15 rears and 195/60x15 fronts and are a matching pair. I obviously have not fitted them yet until I get the wheels but they look ok and are a pretty good make. Looks wise the only gripe I have is that the fronts have only three grooves, the rears are ok and have four. The only other matching tyres I could find in the same size were the Falkens, the Continentals were dearer by approx £80.
  14. Hi Matt, If you are making another batch and are considering selling a set I will definitely be interested. Chris.
  15. Hello Matt, I know this is old topic, but are you still making the door pins and bushes? I am starting to restore my S2 Esprit again and the hinge bushes seem to be on the way out. Chris.
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