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  1. Earlier tonight I posted in the Engine/Gearbox section for help in finding out which model of Excel this engine has come from. Does anyone know what these digits represent? They are OZ 912 88 05 24936. I would be very grateful if someone could help me with any information. Thanks Chris
  2. Hello again, I have just got the the engine number from the seller and would be very grateful if someone could help me to find out what the numbers represent. The digits I have been give are oz 912 88 05 24936. From the internet I have found that z is a USA engine with PAS, 912 is 2.2, 88 is 1988, 05 is May and the rest are serial or engine numbers. I cant seem to find out what the 0 or o represents. Can anyone help? Thanks Chris
  3. Thanks for the information John. When you broke the car was it an Excel SE shell? Would you mind if I rang you to get some more info as I have'nt paid for the engine yet and I don't want to get the wrong one. If this is ok please PM me. Thanks Chris
  4. Hello all, I have just bought an SE engine off Ebay to fit into my Esprit along with the gearbox and propshaft. I obviously don't need the box and propshaft and would like to sell them but have no clue to their value or if they would be of any interest to any one here. I have no idea of their condition but they were removed from a car with 58,000 on the clock. I am prepared to let them go cheaply but they would need to be picked up from Wrexham or if someone wants them I can get the person I bought them off to send direct to you ( all the parts I bought are still in Scotland at the moment, currently on a pallet for delivery ). Thanks Chris
  5. Thanks for that Andy. I'v seen a few covers on Excels painted all red ( 160BHP? ) but seem to be the saddle type. Do you know if the flat type were used only on the 180bhp Excels and HC n/a Esprits ( just the top surface painted red )? Thanks Chris
  6. Can the cam covers from an Excel SE be fitted to an S2 engine? ( having trouble sealing mine ). Are the low compression cam covers the same as SE covers? Thanks Chris
  7. Hello all The anti freeze in my S2 has not been changed for a couple of years now and I could do with changing it. In this hot weather the car is getting slightly hot so a minor overhaul of the cooling system with new anti freeze, thermostat and perhaps some Redline Water Wetter seems a good idea. Can someone tell me which anti freeze I should be using and has anyone used Water Wetter with good results? Thanks Chris
  8. Thanks for that Pete, I need to get them pretty soon! I'm taking the car to Cholmondeley Castle car show next Sunday, its a good show if anybody is thinking of going, Chris
  9. Hello Pete, thanks for that. I have just been on a Land Rover specialist site and the u/j's they are selling seem to be 75x27, do you know if this is the correct size for an Esprit? Thanks Chris
  10. Hello all My S2 needs new drive shaft u/j's, before I start ringing around is there one make of u/j better than the rest and what are your opinions of the u/j on your cars? Regards Cris
  11. Hello Bob After you fitted the manifold did it make any difference to the performance or exhaust note? I don't need a new manifold yet but if there are any performance gains I might get one. Regards Chris
  12. Thanks for all the replies, the shimmy as I call it is noticeable at 55/60 mph but at 75/80 is much smoother ( good excuse to speed! ). I hope to have the new tyres fitted by the weekend and see what happens. The old tyres are Goodyear NCT's and are probably well knackered by now but they look ok. Rregards Chris
  13. I had my S2 radiator uprated and fitted three Yamaha R1 fans I bought on Ebay, they are powerfull and work well. Regards Chris
  14. I've got two sets of front tyres, one set is very old but even with new tyres the steering tends to 'shimmy'. The tyre pressures are 18psi in the front and 26psi in the rear. I've also found a slight amount of play in the rack, so i'll get that sorted first. Just another couple of questions, there is no play or noise from the wheel bearings and I assume they are the originals, possible cause of shimmy? Also, could the rear tyres cause a problem ?( tyres are as old as the fronts! ) I've just bought some nos. Fuldas for rear so I can eliminate them as a possible problem when I get them fitted. Regards Chris
  15. Hello all After my S2 Esprit was rebuilt I had the suspension four wheel aligned at Demon Tweeks near me and to be fair there was a big improvment to the handling but I still don't feel it is as Lotus intended. It pulls slightly to the left and the steering does not feel 'right', I would like it set up by someone who knows Esprits. Has anyone got somebody they could recomend, preferably in the North West/ Midand areas but I don't mind traveling. Regards Chris
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