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  1. That looks superb. Really miss my Chrome Orange Evora.
  2. I went from an Evora NA, to a V8 Vantage Coupe for 2 years, then into an N420 roadster. For me the Aston was simply a scratch I had to itch.. Or is it the other way round?! The couple was absolutely faultless, solid, and surprisingly cheaper to run that expected. I was £600 for a dealer service and £650 for four OEM tyres fitted. Averaged around 23-24mpg. In all honesty, the Evora is the better car in almost every way, apart from the looks (subjective I guess) noise, interior and badge. The drive, handling, brakes, throttle response, ride comfort etc are all Evora hands down. I really miss mine. I was tempted by the 400 when I changed to the N420 but the inevitable depreciation put me off. Both are great cars, both with trying. Aston is a great experience to own, but the Evora is great to drive.
  3. Must admit I am tempted. I really miss my old one. I will need to nip down to Murrays and have a nosey.
  4. What is the rought build time from order to delivery? I think my old one was 10 weeks?
  5. That X-Bow is amazing! Love it! How did the owner find the journey? One of your pics looks familiar!
  6. Hi Al, Unfortunately I couldn't make Speedfest this weekend, was sunning it up in Miami! I might well pop out for breakfast on Sunday actually.. Will try and find you if I do! Evora wise, I have had a good think and don't think I can justify the double hit in depreciation after only 6 months. I'm sure the car will sell quickly and I'll be annoyed I missed it when the new owner posts pictures!
  7. This one is also brand new! Haha!
  8. Yeah I bought my Evora new, sold after three years.. Took what felt like a big hit!
  9. Don't get mw wrong, the Vantage is an absolutely lovely car to own. It's just not much fun to drive. I'm going to have a think over it for a week. I lost a lot of money on my Chrome Orange Evora, and that is the main sticking point for me, the Vantage shouldn't depreciate nearly as much. I'm 50/50 at the moment. I really miss the lotus community, track days etc
  10. Tax and mpg aren't a huge worry being honest. I don't do massive miles.
  11. LOL @ JAWS! I think you may be right, both great cars, just aimed at different people.. The worry I have is the hit I'll have on the Vantage, then another hit on the Evora.. Decisions!
  12. Update time! Thought I'd post a few thoughts now I'm 6 months in with the Vantage. @aurouge - apologies I missed your question. Being completely honest I'm still not really bonding with the Vantage. The sound it makes is wonderful, the interior is lovely, it looks stunning, but I just don't get excited about driving it. No idea why! £500 tax disc also didn't help! 22mpg average over a few thousand miles. Handbrake is a pain to use. I've spotted a Sport Racer I like the look of, just need to work out if I can justify the hit I'll need to take...
  13. I wonder how the Daytona Blue exterior would look with a Venom Red interior?
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