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  1. That looks superb. Really miss my Chrome Orange Evora.
  2. I went from an Evora NA, to a V8 Vantage Coupe for 2 years, then into an N420 roadster. For me the Aston was simply a scratch I had to itch.. Or is it the other way round?! The couple was absolutely faultless, solid, and surprisingly cheaper to run that expected. I was £600 for a dealer service and £650 for four OEM tyres fitted. Averaged around 23-24mpg. In all honesty, the Evora is the better car in almost every way, apart from the looks (subjective I guess) noise, interior and badge. The drive, handling, brakes, throttle response, ride comfort etc are all Evora hands down. I really miss mine. I was tempted by the 400 when I changed to the N420 but the inevitable depreciation put me off. Both are great cars, both with trying. Aston is a great experience to own, but the Evora is great to drive.
  3. Must admit I am tempted. I really miss my old one. I will need to nip down to Murrays and have a nosey.
  4. What is the rought build time from order to delivery? I think my old one was 10 weeks?
  5. That X-Bow is amazing! Love it! How did the owner find the journey? One of your pics looks familiar!
  6. Hi Al, Unfortunately I couldn't make Speedfest this weekend, was sunning it up in Miami! I might well pop out for breakfast on Sunday actually.. Will try and find you if I do! Evora wise, I have had a good think and don't think I can justify the double hit in depreciation after only 6 months. I'm sure the car will sell quickly and I'll be annoyed I missed it when the new owner posts pictures!
  7. This one is also brand new! Haha!
  8. Yeah I bought my Evora new, sold after three years.. Took what felt like a big hit!
  9. Don't get mw wrong, the Vantage is an absolutely lovely car to own. It's just not much fun to drive. I'm going to have a think over it for a week. I lost a lot of money on my Chrome Orange Evora, and that is the main sticking point for me, the Vantage shouldn't depreciate nearly as much. I'm 50/50 at the moment. I really miss the lotus community, track days etc
  10. Tax and mpg aren't a huge worry being honest. I don't do massive miles.
  11. LOL @ JAWS! I think you may be right, both great cars, just aimed at different people.. The worry I have is the hit I'll have on the Vantage, then another hit on the Evora.. Decisions!
  12. Update time! Thought I'd post a few thoughts now I'm 6 months in with the Vantage. @aurouge - apologies I missed your question. Being completely honest I'm still not really bonding with the Vantage. The sound it makes is wonderful, the interior is lovely, it looks stunning, but I just don't get excited about driving it. No idea why! £500 tax disc also didn't help! 22mpg average over a few thousand miles. Handbrake is a pain to use. I've spotted a Sport Racer I like the look of, just need to work out if I can justify the hit I'll need to take...
  13. I wonder how the Daytona Blue exterior would look with a Venom Red interior?
  14. Yeah, just like that. Tough call between that an Sienna.. Annoyingly when I was changing out of my one, I enquired about ordering one just like that, but told it wasn't available as a Sport Racer, but could be ordered as a normal S, then the Sport Racer colours added. Which ended up being around £5-6k more IIRC. Which I was a bit insulted by. Can appreciate where Lotus were coming from slightly though
  15. I think if and when I return to Lotus, I'll go for an Evora S IPS.. Club Racer Blue or Sienna Bronze (would love Orange again) Sport Racer details including bandit strip. Barge boards Black headlining Suede tex everywhere Red leather depending on exterior colour Most other options. Camera and sensors are a must, heated seats would be a welcome addition. I'd probably try and get some motorsport parts on aswell. My only worry would be Lotus announcing a face lifted Evora shortly after
  16. The should just plonk the Elan body on the Evora chassis and it would be awesome. I'd be right back into Lotus throwing my wallet at them
  17. I've been kicking around in my GF's Mum's Mazda 2, and actually quite enjoying it in this weather.. Deary me!
  18. I will. Almost no doubt about it. Will wait and see what L otus come out with,
  19. Absolutely, DB had some good ideas IMO.
  20. Lotus should get the Esprit out, and update the Evora by sticking the Elan body shell on it. Keep the car the same, just a fresher look. I personally like the looks, but not everyone does. Maybe a bit more power aswell as the majority want pub bragging rights. Lotus' bug problem is getting people to actually try the Evora. It's a phenomenal car, but not many people have actually experienced it. Excellent point on people lacking imagination aswell when it comes to car choice
  21. Em, yes and no. I'm missing the Evora, but when I had it I was itching for a change. The Vantage is great, but I've not quite bonded with it as much as I thought I would. It's maybe been the weather, I've not had much chance to really open it up. One thing is for sure, it's definitely not as exciting to drive as the Evora. I think my problem with it is, it's just very different. I would have seriously considered another Evora if there was a deal to be done, but I didn't get the impression there was.
  22. Bored already! My Evora has sold aswell, that was quick! I think the Aston is a much better looking car, it's proportions are just about perfect, although it doesn't stand out nearly as much as the Evora. Although I think if the colours were swapped, there would be no comparison..
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