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  1. Happy Halloween everyone. Happy Halloween. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr
  2. Thanks man, really appreciate it. I enjoy the car a lot, going slow, fast, washing it, photographing it, it's really the car I've been searching for all my life. Cool stuff ahead for it as well :).
  3. Finally got my Nitron Street Series suspension installed. LOVE working on my car in my basement, so much more comfortable than the garage! Nitron Days. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr
  4. A little pink, and a little red. Baby Driver. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr Sex on Fire. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr OK, and maybe some blue. Blues For the Red Sun. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr
  5. It's been a while, figured I'd update this thread with some of my newer stuff. You've seen it all before, of course, I use it a lot for practice. Sentinel II by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr Spring. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr 17x9.75 by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr The Organic Experience. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr After Dark. (Explore) by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr Black is Beautiful. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr The Prestige Concept. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr Fifty Shades Darker. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr Morning. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr Archimedes. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr Legendary. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr
  6. Actually, after more research, the car above doesn't even use the 5-lug, it's center-lock. And I suppose the VX220 5x110 wouldn't help much.
  7. Thanks for the reply. The goal would be to increase the number of wheels available by changing to 5-lug, as 4-lug is pretty much dead in the USA. I've also seen some race cars make this conversion, and wondered what they might have used.
  8. Hey from across the pond. I'm wondering if any of you guys have done the 4-lug to 5-lug conversion, and if it's as simple as just replacing the hubs from a VX 220. I'm also wondering about the front hubs of the S3 Exige, since they are also 5-lug. Does anyone here have any information on what parts it would take to make the conversion?
  9. Yeah, I use it a lot for that reason. My car is always stupid clean and creates terrible reflections. I wanted Graphite Grey, but I knew it'd be too dark for my photography, so I got ST, which I think is the most lovely Lotus color to photograph.
  10. It's because of the CP. There is quite a bit of recovery going on here as well. There wasn't a need, but I like the way it takes the shine off.
  11. And another. Atmospheric. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr
  12. This one just for the atmosphere. Silent Hill II. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr
  13. That's a multiple dof shot, and there was a lot of wind. A bit weird how it turned out, but I wanted it that way.
  14. Haha, thanks man. Hate seeing myself on camera.
  15. Another shot from my collaboration with Easton Chang and RGG EDU. Porsche - Accept No Substitute. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr
  16. Finally able to take the wraps off of this shot. This was done in collaboration with Easton Chang, Rig-Pro, and RGG EDU. If you are serious about learning car photography, you NEED this tutorial. And don't forget about the rig giveaway! — with Easton Chang Photography, RGG EDU and Rig-Pro. Green With Envy. by Andrew Thompson, on Flickr
  17. The best FF rig-shot lens is the 20mm prime, if you're using 20 feet. If not, then the Tokina 17mm prime is. Remember, all rig-shots are taken between f9 & f11 where EVERY lens is sharp, so there is no need for heavy, 2.8 glass. In fact, it hurts performance because of the weight. Used Tokina 17mm ƒ3.5 FTW
  18. Yes, everyone is different, and no disrespect intended with any of my personal opinions, you're a fine photographer. Hooray for new lenses! haha
  19. Sure, be happy to. Being a rigger myself, certain things look good to me, and certain things don't. Let me compare the 4 shots you posted to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. 1. This is your second strongest shot IMO. Car is sharp, ground is detailed, exposure is perfect for the day, but the tree above the car hurts it, as does the fact that it looks like it's going so fast, but you're very near the beginning of a driveway, which totally undermines the shot IMO. I see this all the time, it's a common issue. 2. Strongest shot easily. Car appears to be on a race track, or near grandstands (where it belongs), no barrier in front, none in the back, super awesome leading lines, angle isn't too crazy, stupid sharp, reflection. In fact, it just needs a crop to be on another level IMO. 3. This is a cool shot, but is hurt by the big white splotch above the bonnet, and the tire face towards the viewer. You make those points back up for showing the driver's eyes, but it still doesn't beat #2 IMO. 4. This is the weakest of the bunch. Odd angle, too tight, distortion, weird vantage, it just doesn't work IMO. Now, having said that, you know I'm a critic, so most would fall in love with all 4, it's only because I'm particular, and I'm used to looking at rig-shots that I find any fault. Great exposure on all, detail in the road surface (another common rig issue), sense of motion, they all rock in that regard.
  20. I had not seen this shot from you. So much about this shot I should not like, as it's just about as unnatural as possible, but I find that I really like it anyway. Well done.
  21. I had not seen them all, great set! The one I left above is my favorite!
  22. I have done just as bad. I also wanted to tell you that the black/yellow 211 shot is one of the very best I have ever seen, you really knocked it out of the park on that one dude, congrats.
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