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  1. Hi I have advertised 2 sets of these standard alloys on Ebay needing refurbishment.I have been asked for the PCD from someone wanting to use them on another make of car.I suppose I could measure them but would probably get it wrong.Can anyone tell me the size please? TIA Mick
  2. Thanks for your advice Andy.That was my decision too.
  3. Well the original air box is in such a state that it would never seal anyway.There are lumps of it missing.I have found this website which seems to have the correct type of pancake filter: or I suppose I could just use these socks: and buy some sort of oil breather to fit to the end of the existing oil breather rubber pipe?
  4. There are additional vent holes on the carbs but the filters have corresponding holes into the filter.
  5. Having looked at a couple on the net it looks like youre rightThey look deeper.I wonder if I could maybe get hold of some similar type mesh and foam to make new and extend the depth of mine?
  6. Thx for reply Andy.No the rampipes are off.The new fiters are only around 40mm deep.I can't see any way that they could be fitted to the rampipes?They have fixing holes in the same position as those on the rampipes to fix directly to the carbs.
  7. Just wondered if anyone could explain why I am having my latest problem.I have removed the original air filter set up partly because it was falling apart and also because I picked up a pair of new old stock Speedograph rectangular chrome pancake type filters.Before I removed the air filter the car started no problem and continued to do so without the filter assembly but with the ram pipes still installed(twin Dellortos).Iis now a pig to start and will only do so with the aid of ether based Ez-start type aerosols.Once it fires up it will run great until its cold again.I would have assumed it to just be a matter of mixture re-adjustment except for the fact that it still seems to start without help with the rampipes back on.Is it perhaps something to do with the venturi effect on the air intake caused by the rampipes?If so how do I get around it?I thought of putting the rampipes back on but couldnt find a source of mesh type filter that would fit them and give a decent air filtration.I have seen plenty of pics of this engine with pancake type filters so it must be possible?I certainly think they look better than the original and provide far better access to the distributor etc. TIA Mick
  8. Either new or known good S/H.Anything considered. TIA Mick
  9. Hehe yes Mike thanks. There is evidence that the waterpump has been leaking for a long time but so slightly that it couldn't be seen from a quick visual inspection and certainly no signs of water on the floor. It's been making its way round the side of the block and evaporating. There is a fixing on the power steering into the block that will need a helicoil then hopefully next week the springs and shockers and it should be ready for its first MOT since 2005. Shame it looks such a shed at the moment. It needs the fuel mixture/timing playing with as it was a first time starter until I removed the standard air filter and replaced it with Speedograph pancake type filters and now its reluctant. Mind you the induction roar more than compensates when it does start! Mick
  10. Cheers for that Cliff (including the physics lesson). I sincerely hope you're right. There ceratinly was no water in the oil I drained out. Amazing what a couple of days and a little investigation can do to your mood ;-). Mick
  11. Thanks for that Dunc. Right now there's a very vague possibility that its all been a false alarm all to do with oil levels and being up and down on and off the stands (fingers crossed anyway), I drained some oil from the sump which didn't seem to contain any water but it's hard to tell and although we all know oil floats on water I don't know which would exit from the drain plug first?. Borrowed a pressure tester and there was a hardly noticeable spot of water from the breather? hole on the water pump, pump's coming off today for a better look. Has anyone used Lotusbits rebuild kit? SJ have new pumps but £280 seems a bit steep? Will keep you posted. Mick
  12. Thanks for the tip.Havent checked the water since Friday and just done so and the level hasnt gone down since the last top up(around an inch below top of water filler and an inch and a half above top dipstick mark).Unless the sump is now full to the top(which is a ridiculous thought as I havent put THAT much water in)it seems to have reached a limit.Its off to a mates garage today to give it the once over.Fingers very tightly crossed!!!!
  13. Hi Andy.Thanks yet again.When I had it running it didnt knock and there was no indication of burning oil.I did a compression test and they were all good and close to each other.Just glad that I had no need to start it whilst I was doing this latest work.Mind you the thought of the bottom end being waterlogged isnt good.I will drain it all in the morning.
  14. Thanks Andy for your reply.At risk of sounding stupid but I know nothing about these engines could there be any possibility of there being a leak into the engine from the rear of the water pump?Just trying to work out a strategy of what do do first/next in order of ease of disassembly,expense etc.
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