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  1. cam belt tensioner, with a piece of rivet still stuck to the 4 mm drill used to remove it Neil
  2. Distance between wheel centre and wheel arch, in a vertical line ? quick measurement gives me 340mm Neil
  3. Tamiya scale model
  4. Hi Berend, The Chassis number is "supposed" to be cold stamped onto the chassis directly, and NOT on a plate. (in the place you mention) I have owned my Eclat since 88, and have never found this number. However, it was not a problem to register the car in France. Worst case, stamp the number on yourself. If you have a genuine replacement chassis, it should be stamped LR******, (Lotus Replacement) which is not something you want for a registation in Europe. Same problem with Spyder chassis. Neil
  6. Still, better check the rear lights and brake lights wiring are not reversed. N
  7. Here is a rear view of mine. The rear Fogs are also Hella, the switches are located to the right side of the steering wheel above the air vent. Neil
  8. Front bumper was an option by NMG garage, do you have the matching rear bumper ? Fog lights should be "Hella" Any idea of original GB registration ? Neil
  9. Any ideas on these parts ? Relays ? Neil
  10. a selection here Neil
  11. Elite should be a lot more simple than Eclat. No fork extensions to the back. Just a square piece of vinyl. some pics here: Neil
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