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    Corinna & Neil Dixon
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  1. Neil D.

    Dutch yellow Eclat project

    Sorry, it was a note to myself...
  2. Neil D.

    Dutch yellow Eclat project

    Still, better check the rear lights and brake lights wiring are not reversed. N
  3. Neil D.

    Dutch yellow Eclat project

    Front view, with fog lights.
  4. Neil D.

    Dutch yellow Eclat project

    Here is a rear view of mine. The rear Fogs are also Hella, the switches are located to the right side of the steering wheel above the air vent. Neil
  5. Neil D.

    Dutch yellow Eclat project

    Front bumper was an option by NMG garage, do you have the matching rear bumper ? Fog lights should be "Hella" Any idea of original GB registration ? Neil
  6. Neil D.

    elite to auction

    Any ideas on these parts ? Relays ? Neil
  7. Neil D.

    tyre sugestions?

    a selection here Neil
  8. Neil D.

    Vinyl roof

    Elite should be a lot more simple than Eclat. No fork extensions to the back. Just a square piece of vinyl. some pics here: Neil
  9. Neil D.

    Elite/Eclat bodykits

    And my original scan !
  10. Original on my S1 Eclat !
  11. Hi all, Just for general interest. Who else has chrome washer jets for the windscreen instead of tubes poking out the grill ? S1 Elite / Eclat They appear to have been dropped on the later Riviera series. just general interest. Thanks Neil
  12. Neil D.

    Lotus Excel - Treasure Hunt

    I have these rear pads available from France. Neil
  13. Neil D.

    Ignition switch

    WD 40
  14. Neil D.


    fill in a v888 Neil
  15. Neil D.

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Made me unhappy today... Doing the cam belt on my M100. Every 5 years, I wonder who designed this ??? And I enjoy working on cars 🙂 N.