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  1. Neil D.

    Almost a Lotus

    Money maketh the driver !
  2. A mock up of where my father put the face vents in the early 80's Eclat The space saved was used to fit an onboard computer, sadly I have no pictures at hand. But the modification was simple. N
  3. From the pictures, the headlights are vacuum operated. This car was for sale some 15-20 years ago in Nyon (VD) for a lot less I recall. Waist line was ground away, make sure the car does not end up in 2 halves 😉 As for rarity, only 11 Elite / Eclat ROW LHD 504 /524 were built. Still as Don.Hasi says, 4K to 6K € max. Neil
  4. spare parts: REG is close Neil
  5. Neil D.

    1975 Lotus Elite renovation
  6. Neil D.

    M50 film

    Just saw this on YT Neil
  7. Neil D.

    Europa on Ebay

    Good luck fitting the Dell'orto's to the Renault engine... without a manifold.
  8. Today's Sun on the www.
  9. Neil D.

    Very early dry sump SOLD at French Auction
  10. Neil D.

    Saddo alert!

    Antenna on drivers side ! Neil
  11. Neil D.

    Power demands of additional items

    For the Delco A/C system 8hp, and this is not compensated at idle. Power steering a lot less for sure, but how much ? Neil
  12. Neil D.

    Double wings

    Esprits have had many different wing designs and positions, same with the Elise Exige range. Only poor aero design need wings ! None of Chapman's road cars had wings. possibly explains the popularity of S1 and S2 Esprit. Simplicate and remove the wing. Neil
  13. Elite/Eclat and Excel wheels are interchangeable. Also Eclats, and later Elite do carry the spare wheel onboard, as opposed to under the car, so the mod should work. Tyres and rim sizes do differ. (14 to 15 inch, and 205 to 215) Neil
  14. Neil D.

    Evora GT430

    For Sale