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  1. How did the bonnet and grill come into contact with the timing belt ? Very nice car Neil
  2. and 11 Eclat 524 LHD
  3. SA with VDO cruise control, can't go wrong...
  4. Eclat or Elite ? Eclat in the Philips screw in the locking mechanism. N.
  5. Thank you for the kind words. The dash illumination does work, but it is more of a decoration.Our Skoda Yeti has the same system, and it works great. Latest in the carb refurbishment: I discovered the spacer rings were damaged. I must have done this at some point in the past 30 years, but never noticed it. It may be an explanation for poor running. Repaired the holes and refitted the carbs last night Engine started on first attempt, hust need to adjust the air bleed screw and balance, N.
  6. All is ready for refitting, however, I decided to inspect the spacer rings between the carbs and manifold B907E0129Z This was fun, and also a possible explanation to some poor performance. 2 of the 4 spacer rings have cracked, strangely in the same position and a hole of about the same size.
  7. Second carb completed. just need to refit and balance. Should be fun ! N.
  8. Waiting for trim parts to arrive gives me time to tackle a car rebuild The front one tonight, the rear planned for tomorrow. Ultrasonic bath and soda blaster were a great help. Metal covers replace the original light plastic coloured items. 2 small O rings left over, no idea were they may be fitted red tab was on the carbs since new. No idea what it means, but refitted it all the same. Neil
  9. Moving forward with the headining re-trim this afternoon. The tricky front part, as my sewing skills are inexistant, but still, no choice but ti give it a go. Used the old material as a template, cut the new, and pulled out the needle and thread. While gluing, 2 brackets need to be riveted into position, these are later fitted inside the top of each door seal. An overkill, as there is already a spring support 50 mm away. Best to mount the rear view mirror first. Originally mounted with wood screws, and into the roll over bar. I prefered a simple nut an dbolt solution. There are spacers behindt the screws that support the sunvisors, these were reglued into position. Bulb in the for dash illumination changed (even though it is useless) Refit, check all works and now for the sun visors Removed the material, and enjoyed discovering a cardboard card, sticky taped to a metal frame (well adds lightness) Sewing skills will need to be discovered to retrim the visors, but first some dark brown material to keep it original. Even, with a few mistakes, on the whole a positive Sunday in the garage. N.
  10. This evening I remade the foam strip that is located between the rea window and the back of the roof lining (not all cars have this). Also the original headlinng is stiched to the strip finishing piece. The original strip is made of a white foam like material, and make it very difficult to bond the headlining in a straight line. The solution I used is a plastic door plinth (pre drilled holes filled). Thsi is very light. Photos should make this self explanatory. plastic plinth fitting the lining in position N.
  11. You must be joking, I just enjoy reading stories, about people who are doing similar things to me. Keeping our Lotus running. Looking forward to seing it running Neil
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