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  1. try this hope it helps, Neil
  2. Thank you Mike for the picture !
  3. A few observatiosn we will all have made, 521, so basic, RHS head light mounted at an angle (easy fix). No airduct, or belt guard. Year of manufacture of the tyres has mysteriously disappeared on 3 of the 4 tyres. Wheels nuts are not original. Fuel line between carburettors looks suspect (read old). No rear seat belts. Aftermarket fog light switches fitted to centre console, but no fogs on car. Nose badge should be black. Missing world champion constructors badge on rear left and Eclat on rear right. Wheel centres should be grey and bumpers semi gloss black. Real expensive, would love to see the chassis 🙂 Neil
  4. My father owned a LHD 524 (one of 11 elite/eclats built LHD), followed by and LHD SA. the later car being a real improvement. extra fear, cruise and reliability Me, I am happy with my Gold 523 Neil
  5. Bottom of this page is worth a read are the dimensions of,mm%3B and wheelbase 2%2C575mm. How accurate is the information, I have no idea ! Neil
  6. Make sure to check the oil pressure sender unit. The tube melts during a fire !!! Good luck with the clean up, does not look to bad Neil
  7. Thank you for your feedback, glad to hear that resl life road testing with the final car is in the pipework. Neil
  8. While we are all (almost all) looking positively at the Lotus Emira, and marvel at the package and included gadgets, I ask myself when was the car properly road tested. Not a modified Evora chassis on the new platform, but proper debugging of the car and it ergonomics. Pre-Production models were used for long distance travel, cold and warm weather running, cooling, wind noise with window up and down, and many more. I am not talking of Nurburg fast laps, just miles of testing. With the performance of CAD systems, and simulations in CFD and FEA, this may be a thing of the past. If anybody in the automotive businees can shed some info, it would be appreciated. Thanks Neil
  9. Neil D.

    Lotus Emira

    Ay-my-ra and Ay-vigh-jah 🙂
  10. The details are in service bulletin, can't seem to get my hands on it at the moment. But yes a worthwhile improvement.
  11. Neil D.

    Morse Code... Emira Elevo
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