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  1. Bottom of this page is worth a read are the dimensions of,mm%3B and wheelbase 2%2C575mm. How accurate is the information, I have no idea ! Neil
  2. Make sure to check the oil pressure sender unit. The tube melts during a fire !!! Good luck with the clean up, does not look to bad Neil
  3. Thank you for your feedback, glad to hear that resl life road testing with the final car is in the pipework. Neil
  4. While we are all (almost all) looking positively at the Lotus Emira, and marvel at the package and included gadgets, I ask myself when was the car properly road tested. Not a modified Evora chassis on the new platform, but proper debugging of the car and it ergonomics. Pre-Production models were used for long distance travel, cold and warm weather running, cooling, wind noise with window up and down, and many more. I am not talking of Nurburg fast laps, just miles of testing. With the performance of CAD systems, and simulations in CFD and FEA, this may be a thing of the past. If anybody in the automotive businees can shed some info, it would be appreciated. Thanks Neil
  5. Neil D.

    Lotus Emira

    Ay-my-ra and Ay-vigh-jah 🙂
  6. The details are in service bulletin, can't seem to get my hands on it at the moment. But yes a worthwhile improvement.
  7. Neil D.

    Morse Code... Emira Elevo
  8. or this Neil
  9. Hi I have the same setup on my Eclat. It is a good set up and makes bleeding more simple (only one nipple) You can even add a Cu/Ni tube to the bleed nipple, and fix it to the diff forward mount arm, this extension will make bleeding easy. Neil
  10. compressor visible in pic 161
  11. A copy of part of my invoice, should have a picture with the original plates somewhere..maybe... Neil
  12. There is a grub screw that holds the switch part in the key cylinder part...does this make sense. Remove the switch and you can start with a screw driver Ideally best to replace the faulty part Neil
  13. Bernard, The whole body has a lip. The top half of the shell is bonded to the bottom half, and this creates the "lip". The door outer shell is a signle sheet of GRP, so a carrier is rivetted to the doos skin, this allows the trim strip to be fitted. In the 80's many car had the "lip" ground away, with sometimes catastophic results, as the top and bottom halfs are not bonded together as strongly. hope this helps Neil ake a look at the top half of an Esprit
  14. Ooops, I stand corrected...time for new specs. However I do not understand using CF for the airbox. It does not save much weight, and is not structural. Still, nice box N.
  15. Hi , I doubt it is carbon fibre, just standard glas fibre, with insulation layer on the outside. Neil
  16. Neil D.

    Neil D.

  17. Roland Thanks, only just saw the post Neil
  18. Anonymous quote from May 2014... "yes - I've changed the chassis for a 2nd hand galvanised one which has a chassis number stamped at the front off side just rear of the front suspension mounting point. I'm not sure what is actually original on this car now - even the wheels show signs of being bought later." Then we can debate, chassis vs space frame vs subframe 😉 Or Elite; Eclat, vs Seven; 11; 23 vs Elise; Exige Neil
  19. Hi, with some luck, the chassis number hard stamped, close the the steering universal joint. Neil
  20. Hi electronic ignition is good Swirl pot appears to be incorrectly plumbed ! brake master cylinder is strange, but appears to have a hyraulic clutch . radio is original ventilation controls have been modified trim, you mentionned Looks like a nice car, and A04 is the best colour 😉 Neil
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