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  1. Need help, I just finished rebuilding my engine complete, and I have a worry in stock, DEFOIS my engine light and battery indicator lights up while driving and my car lost power, and its hop off again, all s' etaint, it takes only one second. My talk is that his might be my fuel filter, or see my ecu?
  2. Thank you! I push for the forum to find someone who sold a good price. For valves, I just ordered from They offer valves in their minds catalog at great prices, compare with lotus .....
  3. Do the valve exhaust is amiss and a lotus design from another manufacturer? I heard that its rover could come home?
  4. I was offered a good price for an air conditioning compressor to turbo se, I wonder if this is the same for the v8, the references are not the same, then I ask myself
  5. Question on the oil pump, I am in full rebuilding my engine and I wonder about the oil pump. You it must change in preventive or not? because seeing her do the price very expensive. It is there really need to change or not?
  6. I am looking for or I might find a good price for a complete set of valves and hydraulic push a good price. My engine and my mechanic reconstruction and said he must impérative change because there are a lot of games.
  7. tack

    Search OZ NOVA

    Hy, I am looking for 4 rims oz nova my mind v8
  8. Hello,

    I'm french, I speak little English. I own the same spirit as yours with the same color, I like your rims a lot, could you send me pictures of your mind and tell me the brand of your rims.



    email: [email protected]

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