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  1. Any reason the front number plate now sits higher on the car, and blocks the towing eye hole? Previous cups the plate sat lower allowing the eye to be in place permanently....
  2. I remember it at auction last year, congrats on buying it
  3. Does anyone know the history of the military grey auto for sale at Hendy? It looks like the one Sizona posted a few years ago, but the seats are different. DJ
  4. What are the Knockhill lap times like with the 430?
  5. My VIN has 0094 last 4 digits, October delivery UK car
  6. Is it only the discs that have been upgraded on the 430 or are the calipers upgraded as well? (over a 380/380 Cup)
  7. I have been trying out, here is a short video of it in my old 350 Sport (mount was not on right so a little shaky) It's pretty good for the price. Can do 720p at 120fps, or 1080 at 60fps. OBD support. Very neat and compact little unit and the control app is pretty good. DJ
  8. I still prefer the 350 rear transom, it's quite an expanse of black with the single lights
  9. Military grey, with matching interior, titanium exhaust, airbag delete and no headlight/spoiler matt black finish.
  10. Anyone know which cooler the 380 uses, as it was a revised one from the previous ones correct?
  11. Good read. I take badly to driving any car on track having had an Exige for a year. Going back to power assisted steering is night and day in terms of feeling the front end. The brakes coupled with the lack of mass just give you so much confidence on how late you can be. I jump into my sons track prepared M3, which is stripped, caged and on track suspension, and it still feels imprecise and lardy! It still handles well though . It's also a lot more effective at chewing through parts. Exige just feels bullet proof from track day to track day. Surprised at the understeer comments. I don't experience that (well, not in a 350). I run the same pressures as you too. Maybe a difference in the Corsa's to the Cup 2's.
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