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    Lotus 7 S3, 340r, Elan M100 S2 (800/800), Evora 410 (Jim Clark tribute), Exige 380 Cup (Komotec IDS), Exige 430 Cup FE, Elise 240 FE, Emira
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  1. Also just arrived, bringing the 100,000th Lotus built back to the house for the day.....
  2. How tall are you? I'm 6' exactly and here is headrest for me, with around 3" space to the roof with the seat at the lowest position.
  3. I think a 'serious assembly problem' would be more prevalent and not limited to European cars?
  4. I'm pretty certain all these 'reports' of problems are fuelled by classic self-confirmation bias on internet forums for/by those that sit on a fence. The Emira forum now has 10+ actual owners who have gone to the trouble of posting their experiences with their actual cars and it's nothing but positive (19) Lotus Emira Journals | Lotus Emira Forum In contrast the forum dedicated to where owners can discuss their problems is a ghost town (19) Lotus Emira Problems and Issues | Lotus Emira Forum as well as Harry's pretty extensive coverage.
  5. Here is mine, uncleaned since I drove it back from Hethel to Fife a couple of weeks ago, and it's not missed a beat. I love it, mostly the fact that is drives undoubtedly like a Lotus (I also have an Evora 410) but just takes it to a new level in terms of usability and practicality. The drive back back was superb, with wireless carplay, heated seats, good stereo, really comfortable, but as soon as I got closer to home and on to the A roads, even in sub zero temps (I do have the Goodyears but on Sports suspension) it really felt close to my Evora. It's a little softer all round yes (pedal feel, suspension, response, noise) but we are talking small amounts, and all in a good way in terms of just using it more. I think the biggest takeaway is just how much I use it on a day to day basis, even with the shitty weather we have been having. No way I do that with the Evora. I've not had any of the issues that have been 'reported' and as usual I'm sure they may have been some, but no doubt these are more vocally discussed whilst typically the majority are silent if they have no issues to discuss! Is there anything I would change on the car? Honestly nothing springs to mind. I would still advise people to test drive an Evora if they want something that's more sporty and a weekend only warrior, they could be great value against an Emira, and for that reason I will keep mine, but the Emira delivers 85% of the experience but you will get so much more use out if it imho.
  6. Well, just as a counter balance, I picked my car up from Hethel a few weeks ago,was an April 2021 depositor, drove it back to Scotland in sub zero temperatures and have been using it daily and not a single issue or concern to report. Love the car, it's everything I hoped it would be, and finally a Lotus that feels perfectly balanced in terms of usability, practicality and looks/performance. I know Lotus have been struggling with issues, but given everything they have faced, and the price point they have delivered at, I think they deserve some kudos overall.
  7. anyone know of suppliers with stock in these sizes, of the AR1's or AO52's? I cant seem to find any......
  8. Just drove my Exige 380 Cup back from Mendig to Scotland, as just had Komo-tec carry out the IDS conversion, along with their 460 upgrade and AIM dash. Really transforms the car as you can imagine. They did a great job, all within roughly 3 weeks. Have a track day at Knockhill next week so keen to see how it performs. I was already impressed with the car, but the manual gearbox was def not great when warm, so decided to go all in on making it track focused. It's certainly pretty loud, I guess the race cats must contribute to that. No problems on the trip back from Germany, car handled it easily in auto mode most of the way, but Race Mode + Paddles and it's a bit of a beast now! Really impressed with Komo-tec and the attention to detail they have, great company. Dave
  9. Yes, military grey, sister car to my 380 Cup, which is interesting to note the small design details they changed. I do like the script above the fuel filler on the 380, and the extended yellow on the service panel lines, and the larger endplates on the wing.
  10. Finally mine was ready for pickup @ Parks in Glasgow, roll on the decent weather....
  11. Any reason the front number plate now sits higher on the car, and blocks the towing eye hole? Previous cups the plate sat lower allowing the eye to be in place permanently....
  12. I remember it at auction last year, congrats on buying it
  13. Does anyone know the history of the military grey auto for sale at Hendy? It looks like the one Sizona posted a few years ago, but the seats are different. DJ
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