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  1. I remember it at auction last year, congrats on buying it
  2. Does anyone know the history of the military grey auto for sale at Hendy? It looks like the one Sizona posted a few years ago, but the seats are different. DJ
  3. What are the Knockhill lap times like with the 430?
  4. My VIN has 0094 last 4 digits, October delivery UK car
  5. Is it only the discs that have been upgraded on the 430 or are the calipers upgraded as well? (over a 380/380 Cup)
  6. I have been trying out, here is a short video of it in my old 350 Sport (mount was not on right so a little shaky) It's pretty good for the price. Can do 720p at 120fps, or 1080 at 60fps. OBD support. Very neat and compact little unit and the control app is pretty good. DJ
  7. I still prefer the 350 rear transom, it's quite an expanse of black with the single lights
  8. Military grey, with matching interior, titanium exhaust, airbag delete and no headlight/spoiler matt black finish.
  9. Anyone know which cooler the 380 uses, as it was a revised one from the previous ones correct?
  10. Good read. I take badly to driving any car on track having had an Exige for a year. Going back to power assisted steering is night and day in terms of feeling the front end. The brakes coupled with the lack of mass just give you so much confidence on how late you can be. I jump into my sons track prepared M3, which is stripped, caged and on track suspension, and it still feels imprecise and lardy! It still handles well though . It's also a lot more effective at chewing through parts. Exige just feels bullet proof from track day to track day. Surprised at the understeer comments. I don't experience that (well, not in a 350). I run the same pressures as you too. Maybe a difference in the Corsa's to the Cup 2's.
  11. Lovely. I see you went without the black 'eyeliner' for the headlights too. I requested the same. That top down shot is the best pic of a Cup yet imho
  12. Even the camera angles are almost the same, as well as the plates
  13. Someone took a pic on a trackday as seen below. I have the harness bar/harnesses fitted which are great (aftermarket), thoroughly recommend. It will be for sale at Murrays in the next few weeks as I'm trading it in against the 380 Cup. No doubt the nitrons will be the biggest difference on the new car, especially for road use, so interested to see how these affect the car in that area. For track I'm sure they will be superb. Also looking forward to the Cup 2's as these seem to be a step forward. I believe the 350 Sport does not have the sound insulation as standard, so not expecting a lot of difference there, but I have not included carpets on the Cup so expect NVH levels to be higher. I've spec'd the titanium exhaust so very much hoping for a big step up in audio feedback For colour I've gone for military grey in combination with yellow calipers/highlights, but also I've had the interior components also done in military grey as I felt yellow was too bright for inside the car. Deleted the airbag as well, so have the alacantara wheel though I do have the removable wheel here ready to go (not a factory option now ). I have some vbox times from my 350 from Knockhill so will do some back to back comparisons asap to see how the new one compares. The 350 was superb around Knockhill though. In respect of the long term ownership question, I have had a lot of luck with many of my other cars when considering whether to spend money upgrading one or going for a manufacturer special (I have a 993 GT2, 430 Scuderia, had a Diablo SV) and in the long term they have been much better investments than sticking with a regular production model and spending less money to upgrade. I think (hope!) the 380 Cup will be similar in the long run, but it's always a leap of faith as well. That's not my main motivation though, I do rate the V6 Exige as one of the best cars I have ever owned, and that makes it justifiable to go the extra mile for a long term keeper. DJ
  14. I'm about to go from a 350 Sport (Carbon grey too!) to a 380 Cup, so should be able to provide some comparisons in a couple of weeks. I absolutely loved the 350 Sport for the year I have owned it, one of the best driving cars I have ever owned, so for me it's purely down to budget and preferred looks but the premium is pretty hefty between the two cars so I would maybe recommend doing what I did, buy a lightly used 350 Sport to get to know just how highly you rate the car, then if like my you absolutely love it, and foresee long term ownership, it then makes the premium easier to justify. Without a doubt the price point for a lightly used 350 Sport are superb just now. Really can't see them losing much within the next year. DJ
  15. I thought the split exhaust was the source of the diffuser melt on your car Jokke?
  16. That's the best colour yet imho
  17. Was the plan to to retain the titanium exhaust as part of the upgrade? Or do some parts of the titanium need to be changed as part of the upgrade?
  18. Where does the titanium start on the titanium exhaust option? Is it from the cats back?
  19. Worth reading this thread on Pistonheads which shows the difference of the 2.5" restrictive pipe on the 350, versus down to 1.875" on the 380.... Also the comments on the very poor welding quality exhibited Is the no warranty coverage from an official response? How would that even be questioned on a new car?
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