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  2. I have sold the Evora, my 4 spare valves (bought from Raf) are available. If you are interested Ryan, keep me advised, I have to find them in my garage but it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. At the time I bought the wheels, they were listed on PBR as "antracite", if it helps.
  4. Interested as well. I've found an "Evora TPMS service kit" on ebay, apparently it includes new seals.
  5. Winter is there! My daily driver Evora S IPS MY12 with PB Racing wheels
  6. Not yet Justin I've had loads of work lately. I'll try to find some time soon to make some
  7. I haven't noticed a difference in comfort, and the suspensions are set up for the standard 18/19 as well as the heavier 19/20, so I guess that wouldn't make much of a difference on the car's behavior. If you want exact weight savings on 18/19, ask Danilo Moroni from PB Racing, he answered my questions. The only other picture I have for the time is this rather crappy one, I'll make some more asap. About the performance, I didn't mean the car was actually faster, but it's more immediate at the moment you put your foot down.
  8. I had this exact problem sometimes with my LE, that was solved by either: a: a cleaning of the brakes by my dealer b: a couple of hard brakings on a spirited drive. But if I spent a couple of weeks driving it in town only, the problem would come back. She just wants to be driven fast
  9. For those who could be interested, I fitted a set of 19/20" PB Racing wheels on my S IPS '12. They look very good in matte black, especially on an Aspen white Evora. The best thing is they are lightweight compared to diamond cuts and I can really feel it (-3kg per front rim and -1.8kg per back rim). I'd lost a bit of road feel when trading my LE for this S IPS, and it's back! The car feels more lively, the acceleration a bit more immediate. I'm very satisfied.
  10. Great! For the rattle, my tech told me it was just a loose screw...
  11. Oh no! Sorry mate... My dealer spent two hours doing the alignment...
  12. On full auto mode, driving it gently on long journeys I get 25+ mpg from my MY2012 S IPS. The board computer revealed itself pessimistic (!) when I checked the real range. One thing to note is that from the factory, the wheel alignment was catastrophic, and after having it redone properly, the fuel consumption dropped. And I mean dropped. Perhaps by 15 to 20%...
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