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  1. The ride is absolutely magical. The looks are incredible: yesterday a guy in a Ferrari California stopped to take à picture of my car... It has a soul, even if sometimes it means being à b**tch... I've had lots of problems during my first year of ownership, but when I watched it go that was very painful. My first true driver's car. Now, owning a Porsche instead? No, thanks.
  2. Hi! I'm selling my diamond cut wheels (19/20, two shades of grey) with the corsas in France, and... I don't know how much they're worth... A new set without tyres is 5700 euros, with fronts at 80% and rears at 50% and knowing the price of the Corsas, i'm thinking around 6000 euros... Do you think it's reasonable? Three rims are perfect and one has a tiny defect, barely visible. Thank you, soon there will be pics of my S IPS with her new PB Racing shoes, hopefully
  3. I've owned an Evora and have an S IPS now, and am convinced the IPS is faster than I was to change gear in sport mode, when pressing hard. For info, 3rd in the IPS is actually shorter than CR box. 5 and 6 are longer, 4th I have to check...
  4. Thanks for the great write up! Your dealer has a veeeery good service apparently. You mentioned a rattling in the exhaust, I may have the same issue with my MY2012 S. I can hear it on startups and below 2000 rpm, kind of a high frequency rattling. Does it sound like your rattling valve? If yes, I would be interested how it's repaired. Cheers
  5. My new baby! MY2012 2+2 Evora S IPS SCCLMDSU1CHD10092 Aspen white Diamond cut 19/20" Black leather and red stitching Premium sport pack Tech pack Heated seats Electric mirrors Delivery 26/12/2011
  6. She's here! The IPS is just as I expected. I didn't want a double clutch cos' there's this little spice missing, when changing gear... In Sport mode, it's just great and faster than me in my ex-manual anyway, and the rev match is well calibrated... Fit and finish looks better, not on another planet but better, and the exhaust sound is spine-tingling. I'll have the rims painted gloss black and the paint detailed (bl**dy micro scratches), will post pics soon, and a full review when I know the car better. Thank you all for your advice Michadams, do you think 180 euros per rim is resonable for having them done in gloss black? I don't but maybe I'm wrong... I have the "diamond cut", and I'm willing to get the same in gloss black. If an owner wants to swap rims, I'm interested.
  7. No, I'm desperatly french and I love to drive on the wrong side of the road ;-). That's a dealer car from Toulouse in the south of France. Thanks for the review of the IPS, that makes me more confident about my choice.
  8. Merci beaucoup Michadams, I've found the gear ratios somewhere, and compared to the manual 'box, IPS has 1st and second about the same, 3rd shorter, and 4th to 6th are a bit longer. That sounds good to me! My order is confirmed, wednesday I will be the owner of an Aspen White 2012 S IPS with black "sport" interior (red stitching) and all the options you can tick... Can't wait
  9. Yep thanks all reviews are useful, negative or positive. My biggest concern is about reliability. A mechanic told me it was much more reliable than previous MY but I wanted to have first-hand info. About the gearbox, I think I will often use it in manual mode, and in "drive" only for commuting, so I guess it will be allright? Cheers
  10. Hi all, I'm about to pull the trigger on an Evora S IPS MY2012. I owned a LE and would like some informations: How are the ratios compared to the standard and sport on the manual? Is the audio/GPS system really better than the Alpine/imprint setup? Does the steering feel as great, especially with the 19/20"? Did you have the same kind of niggles many owners of LEs had? Are you satisfied with the gearbox? Sorry that's a lot of questions but I couldn't find a demo... Merci!
  11. Completely with you, drove an S last month and felt the difference only above 120kph, long after my driving license was virtually lost, so I decided not to upgrade.
  12. Captain

    MY12 Evora

    Oooops sorry forget this...
  13. The Lotus sports exhaust fitted by dealers is not on the options list, but is very good. I have it fitted on my LE and it has a more deep and growling tone in the low range, and shouts much more in the higher range, but it's not deafening. Fantastic.
  14. A new pic of mine, on the road that was part of the Grand Prix de Reims F1 circuit.
  15. Captain


    Even a N/A can do better.
  16. Yep there's no placebo effect, I didn't expect anything changed, and was surprised. The engine accelerates from 2000rpm to 3500rpm much better than before, and no problem keeping it between 1500 and 2000rpm. It's great.
  17. That's what they told me too.
  18. My LE had the "H" upgrade when I drove it for two hours before getting the keys of the S. The S was on its last ECU version "D".
  19. My LE was at the dealers for 1st year revision yesterday, and I'd been wanting to do it for a while to decide if I look for a trade-in or not... I thought it would interest some of you to have a comparison between a LE and a new S. So, my impressions: Inside, I didn't not see any change in built quality inside the cabin, except for the heated seats, that feel thicker. That was odd at the start, I had the impression to be seated higher, but I got used to it. For the rest it's exactly the same as my LE (no alcantara), and I didn't have problems of fit and finish inside the cabin, so that's good. On the move, the car feels a lot heavier, I think the steering assistance has been reduced. The gear change is more precise, so I guess it would be easier for someone who's never driven an Evora, but for me it was a bit hard to operate. The clutch pedal feels heavier but easier to operate, but you have less of a mechanical sensation. The brake pedal returns the same sensation. The exhaust in normal mode is very quiet, and in Sport mode, louder but artificial. However, the whine of the supercharger is very exciting. The car really comes to life while driving fast, it feels lighter, it revs very well. I didn't find it a lot faster than my LE (that works a bit better with the last ECU uppgrade) below 120 kph, but in 3rd and above it is much faster. I expected more character from the engine, it pushes but never surprise you. The salesman and I, together in the car represented an extra 500lbs, so it's possibly a factor... After this ride however, I doubt that many cars can follow on small winding roads, but with the N/A, it's also the case. This one had 18/19" wheels, and the ride was about as comfortable as my LE's (which is incredible), but it rolled a liiiiitle bit less in the corners. Well done Lotus. I thought the car would be exactly like my LE, but much quicker. But it was very different, it made me feel a little bit less connected to the road. That reminded me of the test drive of a Cayman S I had a few months ago, and perhaps it's what some testers considered as "better build quality", but it appeared to me as an extra layer of filters everywhere: steering, clutch, brake. That said, It's a fantastic ride, that allow you to reach incredible speeds in confidence, and corners beautifully. Voilà!
  20. Ooops I forgot, sorry mates...
  21. I'll ask the chief mechanic at my dealer's this week, keep you advised...
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