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  1. Yes it is. That's a memory of the ECU a main dealer can have a look at. If the max RPM has been exceeded, under hard downshift, Lotus can cancel the warranty (depending on how hard and how many times). I would highly recommend to any potential buyer to have a look at that.
  2. All Evoras produced are still under warranty. Just ask for the "performance information", to make sure that the car hasn't been mistreated and the warranty is still ok for the engine and gearbox.
  3. Humm, I think the fronts are (MO), "Mercedes Only" but the rears are (MO)1, which is Lotus specific, but not sure about that.
  4. Oh my god I made a terrible mistake buying one! Now that you say that I realize! Thank you! lol
  5. That looks like... the usual mansory job. I guess customers will have to chose between pink, green and purple snake skin for the interior, with a 10 billion dollars diamonds option and gold plated door handles. That's pathetic IMO. They will ruin the Evora like they did with many others.
  6. Captain

    Mk2 Evora?

    Yes it is. Mine has that. It's french.
  7. Proof that Lambo gets its ideas from here? Gallardo "Bicolore"
  8. Yeah... The roof and the front splitter, definitely. Why not the area around the license plate at the rear? I've seen that somewhere else and that looked fantastic.
  9. Great! I have a carbon Grey also, do you have pictures for me to see the result? Thanks a lot!
  10. I experience this addiction too. Yesterday, I went home from work at 4 am, and I couldn't resist taking the long way home, even If I was dead tired. This car just makes you feel good. I've always changed my cars after 1 or 2 years, this time I feel like It's gonna be a different story...
  11. Someone heard about the dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT? They've got a good reputation and the have a rim protection... Plus they're much cheaper than the butter tires...
  12. I drove my Evora yesterday and for now I don't need more power. I fear the "SC" will be more difficult to drive in town, and won't be able to show its full capacities on the small winding roads I like. On a track that would be a different story, I guess the SC will be aimed at this kind of use. Less of a daily driver, more of a track eater... One thing is pretty sure for me, I won't be selling my Evora to buy an SC, If I decide to go for the supercharger, I'll wait for the upgrade kit from Lotus or others. My dealer told me they were thinking about selling an upgrade kit, whether it comes from Lotus or Komo-Tec. Komo-Tec could provide a few more Hp, but as for the warranty, I don't know...
  13. Hi! I confirm after the upgrade the unit works better. Bluetooth works now perfectly, the SatNav signal seems stronger and the unit a little bit faster (or is it the "placebo" effect?). The procedure must be followed rigorously to be effective.
  14. Love the last one ;-) Next time with landscapes, I promess...
  15. Thanks! Don't worry GKP I'll enjoy it. A lot.
  16. Yes Google, I searched "Evoras Goodwood" I doubt many potential buyers would have the same idea...
  17. Nice spec! Do you have a custom engine cover?
  18. Thanks for the tip. Did that yesteday, it worked well indeed.
  19. Thank you very much, that's reassuring!
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