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  1. Hope so! 4k for 25bhp seems pretty steep for me too. Not interested at all.
  2. Fantastic, thank you very much! That works just fine now. Regards, Lionel
  3. Hi! How do you set the unit in USB mode? Thanks, same problem here...
  4. Hi, Same information from my dealer, he says they are working on a ECU reflash. Apparently he drove a "reflashed" Evora and it has much more torque and approximately 300hp. But the torque is the most impressive thing. I don't know what would be their intentions about orders on new Evoras (300 hp standard or an option to tick?).
  5. I would say go for the LE. I've had a very good price on mine and I don't regret buying it. A few minor defects have occured during the first week but all have been fixed. The toyota engine has got a very good reputation of reliability, and buying a demo car won't be too risky IMO, but reselling an ex-demo will be a little bit harder I guess. Anyway, whatever your decision, it will be a fantastic toy... When you say the one you were looking at is gone, is it the LE or the demo?
  6. Problem solved! After a few settings and the replacement of a fusible, all is fine. After reading your post, Al., I think I'm not gonna use this "drive away locking" again. Anyway, thanks everyone for your feedback. I will now try to get a rim replaced, as the garage damaged it yesterday
  7. Thanks for the feedback, still no news from my dealer. I've also realized yesterday that I couldn't open my glovebox, so no central locking, no electric boot opening, and no possibility to open the glovebox. Starts to be very annoying...
  8. I think that also depends on the country you drive in... In France, at 140 kph, the LR gearbox is perfect: you sit at 2500 revs on the motorway in 6th, yet if you need acceleration, 3rd or 4th are always good. In the USA I guess they never need this kind of gear around 110 kph.
  9. Thanks, I'll keep you advised. For now, still no news of my dealer after two days, so I guess they don't know the problem in Hethel...
  10. Hi! Hum.. today I had another defect no one has ever had on an evora (says my dealer). I tried to activate the automatic locking of the car (when it runs above 15 kph). I followed the manual, it beeing on my lap while doing it. After that procedure, my central locking was gone, I couldn't close or open the car whith an "electric tool": the key or the button on the console, and this includes... the boot. Does anyone know about that problem? My dealer is investigating but I fear this would take some time. Again thank you very much! P.S.: I couldn't find any topic about this kind of defect but perhaps I missed it. If you know of one please tell me :-)
  11. You're welcome indeed, great choice this Graphite Grey. I've seen and driven one at my dealer's: the very one in the last two pics. It looks fantastic.
  12. Hi! For information I think the 2d and the 3rd pics are of a Carbon Grey Evora, not a Graphite Grey.
  13. Thanks a lot I'll check this out. For now I didn't even have access to the menu with "curve1" and "curve2", and that's what worries me. About the sound quality, I think it's not so bad after a few adjustments, but indeed you can't compare it to a B&O equipped A5...
  14. Hello, I need help about a problem I've got with the "Imprint" button of the Alpine display. When I press it, all that happens is a "beep", but no Imprint menu as it should appear. I just have access to a limited menu with Bass, Treble, Balance and Defeat Mode... My car is a launch edition, I was about to call my dealer, but before I do that, perhaps someone here can help? Thanks a lot. Lionel
  15. Lionel Flamme Reims, France Evora 2+2 Launch Edition Sports Exhaust Carbon Grey Charcoal interior Forged Silver wheels SCCTC12269HP41033
  16. Congratulations! Laser blue is great, have fun!
  17. Good question cher compatriote! Even if it's not essential, I would like to have that information. I'll ask my dealer as I get my Evora Friday next week. Here are the details: Reims, France Evora 2+2 Launch Edition plus Sports Exhaust Carbon Grey Charcoal interior Chassis number to come next week...
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