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  1. Here are more pictures: You can see the rest in my Picasaweb photo album:
  2. While Viking Motorsports is working on my car, I ask them to do more additional work and find me some missing parts on the car. Thanks to all your suggestions, the list got longer and longer. I just got the additional quote from Harry, and here it is. 1, Tensioner bearing $100.00 no labor 2, Needs the clutch line, $170.00 plus $115 labor. 3, Hub caps $200.00 a pair no labor. 4, Rear Valance $175.00 plus $57.50 labor. 5, Wiper blade $30.00 no labor 6, A/C recharge $150.00 no labor 7, All four dampers adjust $115.00 labor (No. 8 was adjusted the doo
  3. Once again I appreciate all the replies. Here are some pictures I get from Viking working on my car so far. I hope to have more later. Of course, the best pictures on the Esprit Engine rebuild is from Travis: (awesome details) Howiiieee
  4. As most of you already know, my 1995 Esprit S4 timing belt broke and I was stranded on the road on Sunday July 25, 2010. There was a strong peer pressure from the Esprit community wanted me to have it fixed right, not fixed cheap. Therefore, I towed the car to the Lotus specialist that everyone recommended in Southern California, Viking Motorsports, to get it fixed. The shop owner Harry inspected my car and told me the bad news – all sixteen valves were bent. Usually only a couple are bent when the belt breaks. Harry thinks only one or two teeth were gone initially so the engine was still runn
  5. Once again I appreciate all your inputs and suggestions. I have re- towed the car to Viking Motorsports in Costa Mesa, Ca. It cost me another $200 just to get it there, but you folks are right. If I want to keep this fabulous car running for a while, then it has to be done right. I have undusted my "high limit" credit card and hope for the best. Harry will tell me what needs to be done and I will get the car to a clean bill of health again. If I learn my lessons here and keep up the maintenance from now on, I hope the car will keep running for years to come. It is interesting that you al
  6. Thanks again for all the quick response. I don't think the timing belt is 16 years old. Previous owners have done a lot of works on it, like blow of valve, new wheels and suspensions, new exhaust systems, and others which I don't know. The problem is I do not have much documents on it and don't know when they were done. The engine bay was clean and the hoses looked fairly new. The car was last inspected by a Lotus specialist - Claudius, in Cerritos, California, in March 10, 2010, just 4 months ago. A speed sensor was replaced to correct a Check Engine light and the ECM was reprogrammed to S
  7. Hi folks: I truly appreciate all your reading, replies, and suggestions. I just came back from the repair shop. The problem was obvious, the timing belt was not turning. I could not see it while cranking, but when mechanics pointed to me, there is no doubt why the car won't start. They even found a couple teeth of the belt. The car has 47000 miles on it; so much for the Lotus claim of 100K timing belt for California on the 95 and newer models (one of the big reason for picking this car). Now my questions are: 1. Why the belt failed? Age? loose tension? Engine froze up? Others? 2. H
  8. I have enjoyed my “new” 1995 Lotus Esprit S4 for one month now. It was almost trouble free and I really enjoyed it almost daily, until today. I drove the car to go play tennis in the morning. Everything was good. After tennis, the car started right up and I am driving to have lunch. A short flash of “check engine” yellow light came up for two seconds, then went away while I was slowing down on the freeway. After I exit the freeway and stopped at the traffic light, I have noticed the check engine light came up again and the oil pressure is dropping from 6 towards 0. I made a right turn and the
  9. Man. This is a very exclusive club. People can just look at the picture and know where the car has been hung out. Yes. I bought this car from an owner in Buena Park. I live in Rialto, near San Bernardino. I am actually flying to Asia for business and visit the World Expo in Shanghai next week. Once I returned in late June and get my body clock readjusted, I will drive the Esprit S4 to the Cafe on a Saturday morning to meet other owners. Do you have an e-mail list for this group in OC? Here is another picture of the car.
  10. Thanks for the replies. They are very valuable. I hope more people will share their "First impression" soon. Let me try to up load a couple pictures. Howiiieee Southern California
  11. Hi folks: This is my first post. I just bought a 1995 Esprit S4 with 46000 miles on it. It was a salvaged title but I think the previous owner did a very good job restoring it and then drove it for 2 years. He needs to unload many of his "toys" so I was very happy to get it off his hand. I have dreamed of owning a Lotus Esprit ever since grade school when I saw James Bond driving it. Now my dream is finally fulfilled. I don't have the car in my garage yet. The previous owner needs to get it smog checked before the transfer of title can take place so I paid, but left it with him for now.
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