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    Tocus from the netherlands
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    Lotus Exige S1 (audi power), Lotus Esprit S4s 1996, Lotus Esprit S2 1978, Lotus Esprit Turbo 1985, Lotus Esprit Turbo (first car ever build after the essex run) 1981, TVR tuscan,

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  1. did a small drive this evening, here some pictures, (the Netherlands)
  2. this is how we did it a couple of years ago, only the hole, used a piece of roof from a lotus Excel SE 1986. 😉
  3. Thats the same i thought! but Dave many thanks for sharing this old, never seen pictures of a Esprit Essex!
  4. that will sell quick, no worrys about that dry sump esprit!
  5. you are right it was a option from 1985... thats what i need to say,
  6. go for a 1985 onwards, they have sunroof from factory, and more room for your head, i have a 41.000 miles model in stock (sunroof and 1985 model) for sale, and she drives beautifull, i drive it now with nice weather, the car is red with a light full leather interior, and A/C , if you want more info just send me a private message, i have walk around video's and many pictures, great car for a good value greetings Tocus
  7. the strange thing is, at a Excel/Elite/Eclat you take a look to the front of the Cams "marks/dots" and by a esprit you take a look from behind 😉
  8. please make some new pictures!!
  9. maby i got the right car for you in stock, its a RHD esprit turbo from 1985 with a sunroof and rebuild cylinderhead, and 41.000 miles
  10. would you sell me one jacket? i am after that,
  11. my car had those stickers still on the car when i bought it, they had put it on the car from new, 5 years ago i removed it, so orginal is my car.... never been rebuild or restored.... only a respray, i put the stripes back on...
  12. wanne know something more about prices, and also 4 and 5 stud wheels??
  13. so only 2 bond cars left in the world, the one from @Lex Templar and my car, the wheels will be soon rebuild, engine is back in the car, now she is almost ready for selling, its allready on classifields but if you are interested, i am open for offers (nearby my asking price, no silly offers please...) and do you want some more info about the car, please send me a private message, its 10982 chassis number the last full james bond Spec car ever build ....
  14. it was a RHD car, and yess peter delfgaauw still owns the company, ofcourse did i ask my friend / mate about the number on the Essex, but he dont know anymore, must be 015 or 019 ... parts are sold by peter to lotus bits, and i think the wheels are sold to the guy who made 2 early esprits with compomotive wheels, the black / gold car that i had, and a copper fire one, and the wheels from my black gold one, must be the old wheels from 015 or 020 i bought the wheels back, so i will use them under a LHD esprit Turbo that i will remake as a early Esprit in copper fire colour (its a 1986 model now)
  15. almost right, its the guy who started Vansten engineering (his name was Maarten) he died on young age by cancer... he started up the company with 2 other guys, and one of them had a Essex Esprit (i know him very well) but he dont know the number anymore, when the company was given or sold (i dont know) to one of his people who work for maarten at the time, that guy sold all the parts that they had in stock (old parts) and also the essex from my friend in parts because the parts from the car where also on the upper floor so they sold it all to Lotus bits, its a real shame!
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