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  1. not any more, i have sold i thought 5 of them, in the past, i know a LHD Elite for sale here in Holland and in Germany
  2. very nice Bond spec! be happy with one of the 3 with brown leather interior!
  3. yess i get the point, (never know there are only 3 left, from the 6 build) mine is very orginal, i need to change the gear cabel at the moment, so i got the middle console out, it never been out before! the black paint goes of the screws when i get them lose, so nobody went there before, it all looks so great, and orginal, i love that! and this is number??? #9XX
  4. i could shoot some more pictures soon if you wish,
  5. bought it allready a couple of years ago, when i rebuild the engine, its a SHAME that this part is not in stock anymore!!! getting angry about that, there are 150 dry sumps around i think? maby more...
  6. love the interior, its maby a little bit hanging on the rooflining, but its how it is Yess its very orginal, just the way i want to keep it, only 4 owners and all history is with the car, just had a complete rebuild (everything is new inside the engine) now after 4 or 5 years i could drive her next summer, also i will drive my S4s, but this thing is magic! what a very very nice orginal car, still the orginal stickers on the wheels from compromotive! love it!
  7. picture of a very orginal Dry sump interior #951
  8. mine #951 is NOT WHITE, but has roof stereo (body colour Silver) A/C and it has the brown Tobacco interior only one is build with this brown leather,
  9. The Guy is here on the forum or not? i have seen his car and his talking somewhere around here,
  10. looking forward to the pictures!
  11. picture from Belgium back in 1981. at a car show in Gent,
  12. sorry i dont have them in stock for sale, hopefully you will find some,
  13. this is how i rebuild cylinderheads, Great job to do! if you ask me, (did that job many times now)
  14. Many thanks for this anwser !
  15. does the same injectors from a SE fit in a S4s??? because it only says: for Lotus Esprit turbo SE (and not for S4 or S4s or Sport 300) because SJ sportcars will also sell them and they say its the same for all models: what do you guys think?
  16. now we know also another Early dry sump, #953 is found!
  17. Tocus

    Dry sump purchased

    great! my car the only silver Tobacco, !
  18. asking is a thing, but real price will be much lower, prices are going down, but many owners dont want to know that, its just how it goes, there is also a new member here in Holland Geert who has bought a LHD S2.2 esprit, orginal dutch deliverd, great to know a car will be droven soon,
  19. Tocus

    Dry sump purchased

    there are pictures on this forum from the Belgium "motorshow" (i thought its Belgium) there is also a White LHD tobacco with roof stereo on the picture, but i ask my selfs, how many Tobacco with roof radio, my car is silver, but i think only the white cars and my Silver car are deliverd in Tobacco brown, i know its very rare! and i am very happy with it, because my car is the first car ever build! after the essex run, looking out for the whole research!
  20. Tocus

    Dry sump purchased

    my car is 951, the first one ever build, 952 is in switserland, so far i know, also on this forum or in the reg. great Buy! be very happy with this car, orginal body colour?
  21. Thanks Neil, for the words behind the picture, (i am to young i think... never seen the glory days of Lotus F1) i wish i have seen it at that time, the model car is from western models, i like it, because its essex!
  22. still for sale? and what kind of price, nobody know's so maby thats the matter it dont sells,....
  23. Old Picture bought this little Essex Model, never seen it before, it seems to be very rare, i love it!
  24. Yess with the ash tray in the middle console! love it!
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