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  1. i had a chat with Lex yesterday, and thats why i thought the cars are build with a black chassis (and underneath ofcourse galvanised silver) but out of the factory they look black, my car (951) is not been restored, and still has a black chassis, thats why i thought every early chassis must be black deliverd, (later ones without paint on the chassis just normal galvanised silver) so its true that the early cars had a black paint job above the galvanised silver chassis, great find!
  2. then this also must be 952.. and lotus needed also a new ad. to sell the "normal" Esprit Turbo, so i think they used this one, because its a early one,
  3. it also has the later front lights, so for sure no essex,
  4. and this also is #952 then (the car in the ad.)? or not?
  5. very nice car! and i dont get the point why he wants to sell it, its a real esprit lover! talk a lot with him, on facebook, 75.000 GBP is to much, they dont get it, not because of the car, but take a look to the corona stuff, and its just to high for a esprit. i think he will get 50.000 / 55.000 GBP for it, the wheels are beautifull, but not orginal, we will see what happens,
  6. i really like this topic, hopefully we will find them all! (all the cars who still exist ofcourse) and maby some more pictures from the past with compomotives under the cars
  7. its a dry sump with chassis number: # 1061 its allready in the Netherlands since 1988, and the owner who has it right now, owns it since 2002, it must be the last car with the brown Tobacco interior, and its yellow from the outside, (very rare yellow on a G esprit turbo) and the spec is also strange, (without roof radio or CX wheels) the stripes are also missing, but i still love the car, just because of the rare Tobacco interior,
  8. found this tonight on Youtube, horrible Sunroof, but nice spec Esprit S2.
  9. change the hubs to 4x100 and you have one of the best looking esprits out there! not with those BBS wheels sorry, i dont like them! 10 times more the CX500 wheels
  10. when can i buy it from you! what a hell of a car, just real factory new, it looks like, i am still thinking, i am 33 years old, and one day i will have a real Essex, i am very happy with #951, but still one day................
  11. where can i do a PX with my Silver Esprit Dry sump #951, i also will pay more ofcourse! where is this car?!
  12. i have send it to peter now, if you also want it, send me a PM with your email adress and i send it over also,
  13. i have it on PDF file complete, if you are interested,
  14. damn! i am in love with that brown leather! we own great very rare cars my friend! much more rare as Red from the Essex! greetings from #951
  15. the wheels are 5 stud wheels, so its a later Esprit Turbo, maby with a early Louvre on it...
  16. you have good eyes! i dont saw it yet!
  17. Hi Guys, i am searching for a Left side (when you are sitting in the car) Wheel Hub for a 1988 x180 stevens esprit turbo, just only the wheel hub, because mine has a crack hopefully somebody has a spare one in stock and want to sell it to me, Greetings Bauke from Holland.
  18. does he must sell it for him???
  19. there is one real essex (RHD) sold to the Netherlands, years ago (i think about 20 or maby 25 years ago) the guy i know bought it from this guy who bought it in the UK. the new owner wanted to do a complete restauration, so he get the car total in parts, (body off and engine out and chassis and suspension, just complete rebuild) then this parts where at his friend a lotus specialist, but they where there for years, this lotus specialist past away, so the company was sold, the new owner of the company, sold all the parts to Lotus Bits, its a very sad story, but i really dont know the chassis number and this friend of mine also dont know it anymore, maby somebody knows the lotus bits guy;s and can ask them, then this story also has a name.. (or better saying a chassis number) of witch Essex there is gone,....
  20. not any more, i have sold i thought 5 of them, in the past, i know a LHD Elite for sale here in Holland and in Germany
  21. very nice Bond spec! be happy with one of the 3 with brown leather interior!
  22. yess i get the point, (never know there are only 3 left, from the 6 build) mine is very orginal, i need to change the gear cabel at the moment, so i got the middle console out, it never been out before! the black paint goes of the screws when i get them lose, so nobody went there before, it all looks so great, and orginal, i love that! and this is number??? #9XX
  23. i could shoot some more pictures soon if you wish,
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