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  1. HI, here in the netherlands the people are strange, if you have a eclat or elite then you (i think) never make you car as a ferrari (because you are a truly lotus lover..) butt some people make there one special eclat.... this one is for sale butt for a really really high price.. 5.900 euro ( thats around the 4900 GBP) (click on the links for more pictures..) strange butt real did anybody see more like this modifacations?
  2. maby a very very stuoid question, i thought allready that the gear lever must be out.. and i did remove all ready a Safety ring (or how do you you wanne call it..) butt i think all bolts must be lose on top of the gearbox (where is standing LOTUS on..) or can i just pull it out.. fastly???? thanks for the helping!!!!!
  3. hi, does annybody know where the orginal window rubbers from? do anybody has a X type of spare??? or do i can get then at the local lotus dealer still? especially the back window of the trunk.. or are they the same as the doors? thanks a lot
  4. thanks you for explaning me how to get the gearbox out.. butt still its not working.. i have get 3 bolts out ( one from 19mm and two from 13mm) en then the hole gearbox is loose, butt now it comes: the problem what i have... i dont have space enough to get the drive axle out of the gearbox and i dont can push the gearbox down and forward because i am stuck with the lever (gearbox shifter... ) how to get the main drive axle out i just need a little bit more space.. do anybody have a idea?
  5. hi, everybody knows it that the lamps stand up at a eclat or a elite s1 type.. but i wanne know what i must get to fix it, because my eclat the lights are always down butt the elite they stand always up.. and i want the elite lamps also down i know of course that the work with facuum at the s1 butt is the rubber hose leaking? or whats is the problem so i can fix it.. thanks already
  6. hello lotus lovers, i know a few people how owns a elite and everybody has the same problem, and that is the gearbox... its noisie or the 2 or 3 gear dont work.. butt now its my question how to get the gearbox out... i allready have the engine out because i want to clean and overhaul, (revise) i dont have a workshop manual any more so thats not so good i know butt the only thing what i wanne know witch bolts i must take off for the Gearbox support getting free.. and how is it with the driving axle can i just move the gearbox to the front (because i have space now because the engine is out..) and then it will fall down ?? all ready much thanks greetings from holland
  7. yess i hope there will be also more young people how gone love the 70's style.. i just groing up with the lotus feeling and my dad do every 2 months a tekst message in the club magazine from the lotus club holland butt now i drive one for my own what a nice feeling and also a lotus cars from the good times when c.c lives.. i get many Thumbs up from people how see my on the highway they dont know this car.. and they all think that it is "daddy's" weekend car hahahaha i like that so much i am enjoying it... and get every day a more and more lotus feeling
  8. i also want to start that topic... its amazing every day i look and i never see so much elites for sale butt its a good thing that the elite is still good alive new members will buy them i hope...
  9. yess i know and i know also that there are people looking for a elite there... because this car was for sale before butt now i putting a leather interior into it butt a original LHD europain elite is very rare... when the car is finisht i gonna sall the car because i want a s2.2 or a esprit turbo or maby a excel
  10. thank you cliff, the yellow car i have selld to someone how gone restore the hole car (also living in the netherlands) i have now contact with 4 elite owners in the netherlands and we wanne go do a drive with the 4 of us.. maby this summer butt we looking for more netherlands germany or belguim elite/eclat owners.... here some more pictures of the engine bay and a sign in the car: greetings from the north of the netherlands
  11. hello lotus elite eclat and excel lovers, i am bauke 23 years old from the netherlands and i am new here on the forum i own a elite 501 LHD 1977 (orginal lhd very rare) and now also a eclat 522 RHD 1979 before i ownd a yellow elite 503 from the uk butt i selld it because i can get this one LHD i am very very much addicted to eclats and elite's because my dad buyd a esprit turbo se back in 1994 and year after year i also want to get one day a lotus and now i am every day seeing on ebay in england to see to elites i am now putting leather interior into the elite here a couple of pictures of the cars: (if you want them in high quality picture then i will hear it..) i want a elite s2.2 in the future or a esprit turbo
  12. mike you are not the youngest member of a elite anymore i was 21 then i buyed in the uk a yellow elite and now i have a LHD white elite 501 and a red eclat 522 and i just turned to 23 years old... butt have a good time with your project greetings from the netherlands
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