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  1. yess guy's My black turbo is still for sale, and i lowerd the price also! so thats good news for the new owner!
  2. really Like the pics! only who likes this number plate???? its not a bug!
  3. many thanks!!! this is very very usefull! i need it tomorrow, so i will take a picture and let you know ! @Steve4012
  4. Many thanks for this picture! first time i see #950, its very funny because i own #951 this car has stand before my car on the line...
  5. Thanks Guy's I just went for a spin/drive on wednesday and i turned into a Mcdonalds, but then they say my car, and they where texting eachother, when i came outside the Mcdonalds there where 3 carspotter boys from 17 / 18 years old, and they have made this clean nice pictures!
  6. I have both for sale, and you could trade in ;-) the S4s is also a orginal Belguim car !
  7. does anybody has picture's of the number 25 of the Essex list? chassis number 950.. does it still has no MOT?
  8. a rare LHD. but with LOTUS on the bumper
  9. Thats fast John! i am also waiting for the first guy who comes over and take a look, but nobody has send me a e-mail yet, otherwise the car will stay also no big problem!
  10. thats for sure! i have KM hahahaha
  11. wish you good luck with the sale, i like the text inside your ad: "This must be the best S4S avaliable at this time" its maby the best of the UK. dont forget i also have a low mileage S4s for sale hahahahaha (with one orginal pipe )
  12. John, i am now doing a lotus excel, cylinderhead rebuild. i took the engine out this morning, and get the cylinderhead off when i did that i was thinking back on your movie, hahaha wish you good luck with building up and set the valve´s right!
  13. Saab / Rover shims are the same, that ones i always order very cheap and easy to get
  14. yess i know, i removed allready the balance weights, thats how i bought this very early dry sump car, i also dont like it, but i like the wheels, they are still after all this years factory orginal!!
  15. This wheels of my Dry sump Esprit are still orginal and never been redone, the innerlines are black, and outside silver (orginal rim colour) it had a clearpaint on it, thats what i have removed, because after all that years it was very bad, now it looks great (to keep it orginal!) maby this give's you some info
  16. i really enjoy your Youtube movies about removing the Cylinderhead, i have done it a lot before, but i always take the engine out, (only because then i have space all around the engine) and it works faster then with the engine in.... please also make a movie when you build it up again, its nice to see a "newby" working on a 910 engine!
  17. some info about my #951.... its also interesting, there where 4 owners before me, 1th 81 - 83 2th 83 - 86 3th 86 - 11 4th 11- 15 and now me, car is almost done (complete rebuild engine, all parts are new inside) back in 1986 the car shows 27.766 and now the mileage in 2018 is: 51.200
  18. the final was 950, not 949... i own 951, the first car after the essex run,
  19. My Esprit Interior (car is for sale..)
  20. You are right, but in the UK you can sell easy the other 3 wheels, that would be no problem, the most esprits are still running in the UK.
  21. waiting for pictures!!! Love to see them!
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