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  1. very interested story, the 1/2 Leather is so strange at that time, my 951 is full leather and also all real Essex cars where full leather, very interesting story!
  2. i have 2 seats, half leather look at the picture @Tony21
  3. 951 first ever made Essex spec car after the Essex cars, i think 947 was a pre production car, but it was never ever a real essex!
  4. this is a strange car, its reg. in 1981, it must be a develomend car from lotus, as i read the ad. but it has a 907 or 912 engine inside, (i think its a S2.2) and build over to turbo, it has the rare compomotive, and the bumper from a essex, (without letters) and so on, what do you guys think? ad says: " Hi I am excited to bring you the opportunity to buy a rare factory prototype Esprit, the car is called a Type 79B on the vin plate. This car is very special, it was originally owned by Lotus Cars of Norwich, and was sent by them to Italy to the designer factory and was used as the prototype for the styling of the Lotus Esprit Turbo and HVAC Testing. The car was the development car from 1978-1983. The car has many prototype Lotus parts on it and is a very interesting car to own for any Esprit enthusiast. The car reads 13,087 miles on the clock and has been dry stored for its entire life so very little corrosion. The car has not run for many years but I can’t see why it wouldn’t run with a new timing belt fitted, some new petrol and the exhaust putting back on. In its original Monaco white the car benefits from factory AC, Galvanised chassis, single support louver panel, rear bumper pre Lotus letters, 4 stud compromotive wheels, ,prototype engine parts, LHD , still the original how to run it in stickers and dewaxing instructions still on the windscreen. The Interior panels have had their covering removed so will need recovering. This is a time capsule car and is complete with matching numbers confirmed by Lotus. I am selling the car due to lack of space. "
  5. here you go, LHD last ever build,
  6. my garage, a little bit to full, i hope to sell the ford GTD40 soon, and my black Esprit Turbo with compomotive wheels
  7. i wish you good luck, maby i have 2 back wheels for sale soon,
  8. Hi Could somebody help me? if i put on a battery on my Esprit S4s, the alarm goes off, and the horn is repeating constandly, how do i get it off? i want to drive her, thanks allready!
  9. if you are interested, just send me a PM
  10. My first Esprit (about 5 years ago) only have driven 19.500 KM. (around 12.500 miles!) only the engine was not so nice anymore, (car has stands for over 20 years!) but it was running again!
  11. GTD40 and its for sale ;-) and RHD.
  12. i really like the car, but i dont like the interior, it need to have big bumps inside the seats, and tears in the door pannels and all around, now it looks like a 85 turbo, and not as a early (dry sump) esprit, maby i can swap my Ford GT40 to this car ;-)
  13. I just bought those's white wheels (on the picture on the right side), they are the same as a Turbo esprit CX500 wheels, (8J and 15 inch) but there are also some lips, i could ask him if he sell's them, i also dont know the size, i will pick up the wheels this week
  14. they are always Polished, i never seen the CX500 Anodised
  15. 3 Grand they also will go, they are so hard to find, somebody who needs them will pay 3 Grand for them, (i still think its a fair price) but they also need a polish,
  16. Back to Topic, Great find, very rare, only the back wheels are orginal, hard to find! they will go up in price the last days of the ad. on ebay if you ask me, i allready have 2 sets, i hope this wheels come back under a dry sump esprit!
  17. i also have seen that white Esprit Dry sump for sale, @ 50.000 GBP. but somethings are not right in the Ad. its a FYEO car, but the white bond car in the money had Tabacco brown interior, and not red! and the Tabacco is more rare then the Red Leather, because there are many bleu esprits deliverd with red leather, only have seen a couple esprits with Tabacco (3 or something) and my car is build in Dec. and has #950 this is #973 and also build in Dec. then they made many esprits that month!!! but still i really love the Dry sump cars with the Compomotive wheels, (and white with red is very nice! but no bond spec...)
  18. The other black Dry sump car with compomotive's was also for winning, by JPS i still got a big Poster of it, (bought it a couple of years ago)
  19. do you still have a set? i would like also one,
  20. i had a picture only made of the item you search for, i dont can find the picture, i still search if i find it i will upload it
  21. i have a spare set of BBS wheels for sale, just send me a PM
  22. You did again a great job! nice that you find another set of Comp. wheels they are hard to get! this thing looks great, it only must have a Full Leather interior then the car really was done!
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