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  1. i just read this, Great what you have done to the car, this #44 really deserves it great that you own it now, and finally finish the car, where SJ started with, i am looking out for a ROW (LHD) JPS, that should be great for me, keep up the good work, and when all is done, enjoy this piece of Lotus History! My Old JPS car,
  2. they would be not cheap!!!
  3. the brown full Leather on a S3 i have only seen on a White, Silver, and Yellow body colour , and only in 1980 and 1981 not the later ones, i also dont know what the reason was that the brown leather was not a option anymore, does somebody knows that? the most cars where White with Brown full leather,
  4. finnaly.... why did it took so long, those cars will be NEVER made again! Its a shame those esprits are still so cheap!
  5. exactly..... it dont sells, so "i will ask more" it dont works, they guys who want to buy a essex are rare, and only a hand full,
  6. Many Thanks, i will tell that to my friend who has a wheel company, he can do that for me, Greetings Bauke
  7. does somebody have more info about that diamond cut proces he did on those BBS wheels it looks amazing! i also want to do that, also about the paint, how he did that? many thanks allready
  8. My 155J Esprit S1 pictures made Yesterday nearby Leeuwarden
  9. so you really bought it!! great news! have a safe trip back! talk to you soon ,
  10. Thank you Bibs, yess it really was! never ever seen so much esprits at one place, next year i want this event bigger, and also with some UK guys! would be great!
  11. we had such a nice day! everybody was talking with eachother, and next to the esprits they where talking about things like ABS and engine things and so on, it was allready the best day from 2022 for me! @hml_xy great that you came over from germany, and thanks my car is very orginal and i love it! hopefully next year we can go to 30 esprits or more, that would be nice, also some English owners who come over, that would be great, my plan for next year is: that i take all my 4 esprits to the meeting, lets have fun just as yesterday! i never forget this day anymore! thank you all!
  12. Great that the word GOODYEAR stands the same on both wheels 😉
  13. UPDATE: the weather will be very good (that week of the 17th of Juli and also on the day its self!) for the UK , German and other people/owners who want to come over, there is a good and nice hotel nearby the meeting point, (only 15 min drive) and its located nearby the Netherlands Lotus Dealer (only 5 min away!) so if you come over on saturday on time you also could visit them!! website of the Hotel: to sign up for the meeting (and all the info you need): hope to see you then, it will be a great event! and you also get a little present 😉
  14. did you sign up allready?!!!!! it only cost 45 euro incl lunch and coffee and so on...... for a very great day! greetings Bauke
  15. Hi guy's this is the way to get access to the great esprit meeting day in the Netherlands, 17 July in Bunnik (nearby Utrecht) to sign up click on this link: its also for the guy's who send me allready a e-mail. its importent to get everybody on one List, it goes together with the Lotus Club Holland, hopefully i will see many Esprit owers that day! greetings Bauke ( Tocus )
  16. but its finnaly at the right owner ! who finish it very well, and love the car! great to read your story, and your work!
  17. i also had this Esprit, i bought it from SJ sportcars, and sold it to malta
  18. Here you go Guy's the sign up / free entrance paper for the Esprit meeting in the Netherlands, please fill the things up on the paper and send it back to my e-mail adres: and then i will put your name on the official list of owners that will be come over that day (17 Juli) hopefully a lot of esprits from UK, germany , Holland , Belgium and maby france, and maby other countrys greetings Bauke see you on the 17th of Juli Lotus Esprit meeting 2022 The Netherlands.docx
  19. Hi Guys here some more info: The meeting is on 17 Julie 2022 at the place called: Vroeg the adres is: Achterdijk 1, 3981 HA Bunnik so you just can take a look on google earth how it looks like, meetings starts in the morning at 10.00 o.clock untill around 15:00 or maby later (who knows) there is also a trip that we have made (around a hour) it starts at the meeting point in Bunnik and also ends at the same place, at the place "vroeg" in bunnik you could also have a dinner around 12.00 / 13.00 o'clock, i will make some sign up papers for the people who wants to come over, and then they can indicate if you want to have a Lunch around 12.00 / 13.00 or not, i am also busy with a special plastic sign, that you get when you will come over (to remember this day for always) hopefully a lot of UK and German, belgium, france and so on owners will come over this day (or weekend if you want to stay longer in a hotel) to this great and free event! i will make soon the Sign up paper, and from then on i can put you on the official list "coming over owners" Greetings Bauke
  20. the ferry will come over anyway or not?
  21. hopefully you could be there that day!
  22. Of course i will do! hopefully there will be much more guys from the UK coming over too The Netherlands, i could search for a good hotel nearby the meeting, just want a lot of esprits that day on one place! and ofcourse happy owners! that lovely car is always welcome!
  23. Great another S1 ! thats why i have put this event up , in the middle of the netherlands, i have allready 12 cars who come show up, hopefully i can bring this to 20 / 30 cars, so if there are more owners of esprits who wants to come over that whould be great!!
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