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  1. On 05/08/2021 at 04:47, v8vantage said:

    Bazza you have the wrong car, you're thinking of 337 that was white when it left the factory. 307, this car in discussion, was Essex Blue.

    you are right.... so far i know the 307 it was always bleu, from new,

  2. On 20/07/2021 at 23:32, said:

    For sale my 1981 Lotus Esprit Turbo

    On the Dry Sump Register, the previous owner, SimonE, posted on the Forum regarding his rebuild of the engine in 2009, seemed there was an oil leak when it was started and he thereafter lost interest, I purchased in March 2019 from a Classic car dealer who presumably purchased from Simon. It was running rough when purchased so I tuned the carbs and had it running sweetly for about an hour, only then did I notice the copious amounts of oil coming from underneath, it must have leaked at least a litre in that hour, so I duly shut it down and haven’t attempted starting it since.

    I believe there was mention of the front crankshaft oil seal leaking, I suspect it was split when installing over the crank, easily done if the correct installation sleeve is neglected.

    I have the invoices for engine parts from PNM when the build was undertaken, Simon mentioned that the scavenge pumps were inspected and found to be in excellent condition.

    The cambelt is now 12 years old and I wouldn’t attempt another start until that is changed and the crankshaft oil seal replaced, it was my intention to take the engine out and attend to its requirements, however, I have other commitments and I doubt I will ever get around to it, 10 years ago I would have whipped the engine out on the day of purchase, I find that I no longer have the inclination, sign of getting old I guess.

    I have owned four Esprits and worked on them all, but I am not sure whether the crankshaft oil seal can be changed in situ, I believe it can but I can’t be certain, the cambelt can be done without removing the engine and I have done so several times.

    It is a highly desirable car nonetheless, body and paint in great condition, the interior was slightly faded when purchased and I have had time to recolour the leather in the original Lotus shade which was colour matched to Mustard by Furniture Clinic after I sent them a sample removed from under the seat, the interior now looks like new and has a great smell, there are no splits in the leather, just had to fill in a few nicks.

    I currently have the Esprit, an Altair Green Elite S2.2 and a Monaco White Eclat S2.2, I have decided to sell two and consequently will be putting the others up for sale, whatever remains after two have sold will be kept, if it is the Esprit then so be it, I will eventually get around to sorting out the engine.

    At the moment it is up for sale and initially I am looking for offers, ideally from Forum members but it will soon go on EBay, not that it will sell on there, they rarely make reserve, but it is a medium to alert potentially interested parties, my intention is thereafter to put it into the next classic car auction at Duxford, however, I am more than happy to allow viewings at any time from now and will listen to offers made, so if interested please don’t hesitate to contact me, I am in Cheshunt North London, not far from the old Lotus factory, I am available most days, David 07458395770, or email me on [email protected]

    The post 1981 Lotus Esprit Turbo Dry Sump appeared first on

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    allready sold? great!

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  3. On 21/03/2021 at 10:40, steve clack said:

    I mentioned a few weeks back that a good friend of mine's brother had a dry sump Esprit turbo, Monaco white with red leather interior. If he wanted to sell would anybody be interested in buying....

    that will sell quick, no worrys about that dry sump esprit!


  4. On 12/03/2021 at 20:09, GreenGoddess said:

    Hi all,


    I'm finally in the position to be able to buy my dream car (Giugiaro Lotus Esprit Turbo) and I would like some buying advice. If any of you could offer some advice I would really appreciate it, specifically:

    1. I'm 6ft 3" tall. Will I actually fit in a Giugiaro Esprit Turbo?

    2. How much should I aim to pay for a very nice low mileage example (with less than say 70k miles). I don't want a car that needs heaps of work.

    3. What are the main things I need to check when buying one of these cars? (I am only interested in the Giugiaro Turbo Esprit.)


    Thank you.

    go for a 1985 onwards, they have sunroof from factory, and more room for your head,

    i have a 41.000 miles model in stock (sunroof and 1985 model) for sale, and she drives beautifull, i drive it now with nice weather, the car is red with a light full leather interior,

    and A/C , if you want more info just send me a private message, i have walk around video's and many pictures, great car for a good value



    greetings Tocus

  5. On 17/02/2021 at 14:00, steve clack said:

    Hello, a good friend of mine's brother has a dry sump Esprit turbo, that is not on your list.


    Monaco white with full red leather. 2nd of 4 in total of that spec.

    4 bolt split-rim 3 piece compomotive wheels.

    Roof stereo.

    It has been hiding in his garage since 1998 in Southampton.


    please make some new pictures!!

  6. 6 hours ago, Bling said:

    Thanks @Bibs, I have seen that video and partly the reason for my question regarding pre HC cars.


    Thanks for your reply @Bazza 907

    I don't think I have seen many NA S3s advertised, I will have another look although coming from a 911 Turbo, there may be too large a performance gap. Paul Matty's only has one Esprit but it seem to be very top end price wise. I only want to spend up to around £40k but at that price it would probably need to be from a dealer. I am open to earlier cars but it seems that S3 is the best option for the Giugaro cars.

    At £30-40k, I would want a cherished and looked after example that only really needs yearly maintenance and upkeep.

    Any other views on living with these ?

    As a left field thought, would a Stevens GT3 be a better proposition ?


    maby i got the right car for you in stock, its a RHD esprit turbo from 1985 with a sunroof and rebuild cylinderhead, and 41.000 miles

  7. so only 2 bond cars left in the world, the one from @Lex Templar and my car,

    the wheels will be soon rebuild, engine is back in the car,

    now she is almost ready for selling, its allready on classifields but if you are interested,

    i am open for offers (nearby my asking price, no silly offers please...) and do you want some more info about the car, please send me a private message,


    its 10982 chassis number the last full james bond Spec car ever build ....

  8. it was a RHD car, and yess peter delfgaauw still owns the company,

    ofcourse did i ask my friend / mate about the number on the Essex, but he dont know anymore,

    must be 015 or 019 ...  parts are sold by peter to lotus bits, and i think the wheels are sold to the guy who made 2 early esprits with compomotive wheels,

    the black / gold car that i had, and a copper fire one, and the wheels from my black gold one, must be the old wheels from 015 or 020

    i bought the wheels back, so i will use them under a LHD esprit Turbo that i will remake as a early Esprit in copper fire colour (its a 1986 model now)

  9. On 03/12/2020 at 01:51, Veilside said:

    020 first went to Douglas Valley and finished up at Lotus Bits, someone was trying very hard to resurrect it at the time.
    The VanSten connection needs investigation, was it another Essex, for example 015 ?
    Vansten must have a connection to the Vansten I knew many years ago, he was very ill with cancer at the time, use to come over to Donnington & Stonely every year, have I got the right Vansten ?

    Roo, Thanks for that a job for tomorrow.

    almost right, its the guy who started Vansten engineering (his name was Maarten) he died on young age by cancer...

    he started up the company with 2 other guys, and one of them had a Essex Esprit (i know him very well) but he dont know the number anymore,

    when the company was given or sold (i dont know) to one of his people who work for maarten at the time,

    that guy sold all the parts that they had in stock (old parts) and also the essex from my friend in parts because the parts from the car where also on the upper floor so they sold it all to Lotus bits, its a real shame!

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  10. Just now, stephenwhyte said:

    That white ones lovely - any inside pics @Tocus? So is this the one that’s been getting the work done at SJ Sportscars.....or is that another one?

    no thats 953 thats Alexander his one, this is the other one what is still out there,

    it has a red interior, (but its deliverd orginal with brown leather) so i will make it orginal again,

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