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  1. Last week I installed refurbished pod motors from SJ Sportscars and they run fine. Last night i "borrowed" the relay for the rear heated screen and installed in the missing relay slot luck, then checked the fuses in the panel to the left of the steering wheel and found one that had blown. Replaced it and the pods work fine now. So happy to have this sorted, thanks Thomas.
  2. Thomas, Thanks for the clarification and details. You are correct that the two 87 contacts are in fact 87 and 87a. I have changeover relays and when i insert one into the missing relay space the headlight pods do the "up down, up down" cycle repeatedly. time to look for a bad ground??
  3. One of the original relays has gone missing. Does anyone know of a correct replacement relay? The other relay is a 5 pin but it seems to have a diode symbol on it.
  4. Atwell, Many thanks for the lead. I will contact JAE.
  5. Hi all, My radiator fan relay started buzzing and clicking a few days ago. I tried a relay from Napa today but the radiator fans start up without the ignition on so clearly it is the incorrect relay. Both the stock relay and the Napa one are 5 pin. My intent is to replace both the Interior Fans Relay and the Radiator Fans Relay. I've searched for the Wehrle replacement but cant seem to land on the correct part number. If anyone has gone through this and sourced the relays I would appreciate some help. Pics are attached. Thanks, Dan
  6. It's not an air by-pass, it fully restricts airflow when closed, thus my suspicion that it is related to emissions reduction or minimizing pressure blowback on the turbo when the throttle is closed
  7. Thanks Jon. I'm about to do the same after researching alot of engine pics online where this thing doesn't even appear to be installed. May be a North American requirement for emissions.
  8. So I have searched and can't find out how to properly set up the springs for the actuator at the turbo end of the intake plenum pipe. It looks to me like the purpose of this mechanism is to prevent reverse intake pulse slowing the turbo down. Back when I bought the car one of the springs on this assembly was broken and I've never gotten around to fixing it. I simply cable tied it open and the car seems to run ok. Any help to explain the purpose of this thing and how to get it set up properly would be very much appreciated. Happy quarantine to all btw.
  9. Just purchased a 2012 Evora S and want to change the gearbox oil as it's never been done. The drain nut is obvious but I'm not so sure about the fill hole. Does anyone have pics of the procedure?
  10. Andy, Mine would be a US Spec car (I believe) as it was shipped to Canada and had all of the air pump kit (since removed) that the US cars required. My next step is to assume the new relay won't work and swap the known operating relay to the right-side headlight to see if it works. If it doesnt then I suppose the motor is at fault.
  11. Well I thought I had it sorted. Swapped the relays and the left side light worked fine. So, figured it was the relay yes? Found a new relay and inserted, blown fuse again. Back to square one and will swap the new relay to the right side to see if that motor is ok.
  12. I have done what you're suggesting. Have now found that the fuse was blown and the left side lift works but the right side keeps blowing the fuse. I will experiment with switching the relays to see if all is good with the right side motor. If the relay is faulty will any 5 pin relay work?
  13. Hi all, After removing the front bumper for a foam/bumper anchor repair, I re-attached the headlight lift arms to the motors and now the headlights won't go up/down. The headlights, high-beams, turn signals, wiper and horn all work. At the relay cluster beside the left headlight, there appears to be a relay that is draining the battery if I leave it inserted (#5 from the top in the attached pic). It was buzzing at some points during the repair and seemed to eventually drain the battery. Also, my manual does not indicate the relay setup I have so I don't know what some of the relays
  14. .......well, lots of interesting thoughts....some rather frightening!! I will look for pedal movement on throttle (maybe best done with a willing test passenger) but am sure that the slave is secure and bolted in tightly. I've already checked the lever freeplay and the exposed threaded bolt is at spec. I'm half suspecting some corrosion so may try to lube the pressure plate somehow..carefully
  15. Thanks John, Appreciate the advice. I will remove the slave rod and see if this isolates the issue.
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