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  1. Yep, Ancient Shepherd it is then Simonf - food required James - ditto
  2. Can't help thinking that KB might just have something to say about that...
  3. Don't forget the Strattons' 10% discount for ClubEsprit members, Owen.
  4. Try this - Firstly, exit LEF using 'log out' (top of page, adjacent to username) Firefox user - Tools > Clear Private Data Or Internet Explorer - Tools > Internet Options > General Tab > Delete Cookies > Delete Files > Clear History
  5. One of your worst nightmares come true! But all is not necessarily lost... Sim recovery software (Free trial version available) Sim recovery widget Know nothing about either but could be worth a try?
  6. Surrey Rolling Road - reckoned by many to be the best and most professionally run RR facility in Southern England. Have a word with Charlie (the boss).
  7. Happy Birthday Rog Thought you might like these for the Golf... Nice bit of bling. Supposedly James-proof too B) Hope you have a cracking day matey!
  8. UK based JDO Instruments have rebuilt many such Esprit speedometers to good effect, and are highly recommended. But am sure there must be similar services available on your side of the pond. Hopefully one of our US based members will be able to point you in the right direction.
  9. Dude, having just got back from a long(ish) session at the pub, I really feel for you (ooh-er missus!). Life without beer? Erm, just doesn't compute! But, look on the bright side. At least you'll not be turning up to a 09:00 meeting feeling decidedly below par, half asleep, nor asking people to whisper!
  10. Up to its usual high standards, but completely let down by the weather. Three or four torrential downpours from lunchtime onwards had many visitors and car owners heading for the exits. Even so, there were loads of cracking cars to admire. But the highlight for me was the Tesla. One of six of or so UK based development vehicles, it was accompanied by a Tesla (UK) engineer (ex Lotus) who was more than happy to chat in detail about the project. I'll post up some pics and more info later tonight or tomorrow (though I suspect that Owen may beat me to the draw).
  11. Tentenths


    Afternoon all Yet another Esprit owner/LEF member popping over to say hello. As to the Evora I'm just so very very tempted but the prospect of a potentially costly separation/divorce on the horizon means the timing isn't exactly ideal. Still, a good a reason as any to await the launch of the blown version...
  12. Just returned home after a beer or nine So, time to rescue this thread from oblivion. Looks as if everyone else has fallen by the wayside and I've now got the thread to myself. Unless, of course, you know different... Err, hello???
  13. Right chaps, we now have a venue - The Dog Inn at Norton (where we met in April). Discussed various other possibilities with Nifty, shortlisted three, visited them all on Wednesday evening (tough job etc!), and eventually concluded The Dog Inn best suits our present needs. Attractive, easily accessible pub, offering good & reasonably priced food, decent beer and adequate parking. The Dog Inn Ixworth Road Norton Suffolk IP31 3LP Click here for map (zoom in for precise location) Table will be booked for 8 o'c Tuesday 5th August, suggest we aim to arrive 7:30 - 7:45. Access to car park is from side road (The Street) between pub & filling station. Tuesday is normally a fairly quiet night so should be sufficient space in car park, if not plenty of parking in side road. Confirmed attendees - Simon F - food required Nifty - ditto Owen - ditto Andy - ditto James - ditto Ernie - ditto (?) Anyone else?
  14. Another of the aged parents' regular haunts. As Nick says, more-than-adequate portions of v.decent pub food. Damn good value for money too.
  15. It is all backed-up isn't it???
  16. Take Wendy and/or the family here matey. I guarantee you won't be disappointed
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    Ken Baird/LEF - clicky
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