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  1. Excellent evening at the Ancient Shepherd, as always, despite the relatively low turnout. Thanks for making Sasha so welcome guys. I'd actually already left for Fen Ditton when she rang and it was clear that all was not well. Hence my last minute decision to return & collect her from the station and invite her along. As unlikely as it may seem, spending the evening with us really cheered her up! Oh, and Simon I want need your new car. Sex on wheels matey!
  2. Pretty sure several owners have sourced broadly compatible coolers from Merlin Motorsports
  3. Just ask a mod and he'll do it for you.... Edit - in fairness it took four attempts to get it to retain the UK setting.
  4. Sorry guys, can't make tonight's meeting. Sadly, during the last 10 days two longstanding work colleagues/friends have died. As a consequence life's been both traumatic & rather hectic of late. Hope you all have a great time and look forward to catching up in March (Ancient Shepherd at Fen Ditton).
  5. 1 & 2. sparky - hopefully wiv missus. 3 & 4. GT3 Jonny - hopefully wiv daughter 5 & 6. Setras- plus Katie 7 & 8. Bibs & Laura 9. Obione - Andrew 10. Tinywillyuk - Simon - NOT EATING AT RESTURANT 11. Red vtec - Chris 12. Paul C 13. Hilly - NOT EATING AT RESTURANT 14 & 15 . Tentenths (James) - with passenger 16. Trevsked. Any objections if it's not an Esprit? 17. Evil Dr Fish - In the Diablo *if it's dry!* 18. Andjons - Andrew 19 & 20. Temple -Alan & Jean 21 & 22. lguy - Len & Jane 23. Cliff ( gghc87) 24, 25 & 26 Bibs sister and kids
  6. Room for another? 1. sparky - hopefully wiv missus. 2. GT3 Jonny - hopefully wiv daughter 3 & 4. Setras- plus Katie 5 & 6. Bibs & Laura 7. Obione - Andrew 8. Tinywillyuk - Simon 9. SE Owner - Roger 10. Simon 350s (in an Esprit?) 11. Red vtec - Chris 12. Paul C 13. Hilly - Hopefully 14. Tentenths (James) - possibly with passenger
  7. Yep, another Gerald T devotee here. Paul, I'm just up the road from you so if you need someone to drive you back from Gerald's after you dropped the car off let me know and I'll accompany you.
  8. Another cracking night in the company of some great people. Was particularly good to see Mike again, notwithstanding his ongoing back problems. Outstanding effort on his behalf. Slightly miffed that I obviously missed out on a spot of hoonage though... That's the last time I take you home young Kimbers!
  9. So, time for an updated list - Simon - food required Buddsy - ditto Andy - ditto Kimbers - ditto James - ditto OwenGT3 - ditto Chris (marvin) - ditto Steve (hotrod99) - ditto Ralph - ditto MJK - ditto Colin - ditto Brendan - ditto Meet at 19:30 and eat at 20:00.
  10. Very well done, Alex. Cracking start to the New Year. Good work matey!
  11. 1. Anyone booked the BIH? 2. Colin, you attending?
  12. ^ what Alex said. Initially we (AEG) tried to do it democratically and just ended up with page after page of endless debate. Twas like trying to herd cats...
  13. This may provide one or two pointers - clicky, as might this one. If the bracket itself is actually broken you can probably fix it using Paul's how to repair guide.
  14. Colin (the real deal) - provisional Simon - food required Buddsy - ditto Andy - ditto Kimbers - ditto James - ditto Graeme - ditto OwenGT3 - ditto Chris (marvin) - ditto Steve (hotrod99) - ditto Ralph - ditto MJK - ditto
  15. Just as well we didn't all stumble out of the pub till gone 3 o'c then, Mark, else you may well have had some unexpected and distinctly 'merry' surprise guests at said fireworks party! A (very) belated Happy New year to all.
  16. Holy thread resurrections, Batman! Doubled your post count too...
  17. Provided you're using an email client e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora etc all new emails will be automatically downloaded to the relevant mail folder on your pc each time the email client is fired up.
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