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  1. Ah, my bad! Can't be 100% sure but I've a vague feeling that regional organisers of the local groups may be able to do so? No doubt Bibs - or one of the other ROs - will be along later to confirm.
  2. Happy birthdays to Marcus and Pete
  3. Pretty sure the ClubEsprit member (enhanced) functionality allows you to do just that, Ian. Go to the 'Compose New Message' page. Immediately below the 'Recipient's Name' field should be a 'carbon copy' field. Pop the other members' names in there and hit the send button. Job done!
  4. Just got home from a night out! Second working day of the week; met people on their way to the station. Presumably a bad thing?!
  5. All the best for a full and speedy recovery, Mike
  6. Thanks guv Now raised the bar to 04:55. Me thinks best I go to bed! Oh, and Mr TK, I'm switching my phone off lest you play any of ya early morning tricks!
  7. You'll have to trust me on this... rumour has it that there are some good IFAs out there! The fact they get in at 04:45 following a big night out has absolutely no bearing on their current stress levels... Oh, and unless you are prepared to take a long term view - 5 years plus - cash is king. Having said that I'm currently switching my cash positions back to equity, but I'm very stupid brave.
  8. This'll probably help Loads more equally useful 'how to' guides on Steve's Unity1 Lotus website too
  9. Erm, hello? Anyone else around? Why do I know I'm gonna regret this later?
  10. Open to all by the way - AEG members and non-members alike
  11. Oh, go on then! Sadly, I'll be driving as am off for a day's cod fishing at stupid o'clock the next morning. I've learned the hard way that hangovers and sitting in a boat in the middle of the North Sea aren't good bedfellows Frankly, eating curry the night before isn't a particularly bright move either but I'm not missing out! Simonf - food James - food
  12. That's certainly the case here in the UK (and presumably Europe too). Before a new model can be sold in the UK/Europe it has to meet stringent 'Type Approval' regulations; headlamp washers on HID equipped cars being one of the many stipulations. Quite why they're not also mandatory for halogen equipped cars I really don't know. That's regulators for you...
  13. Post immediately preceding yours > last few words. Sorted!
  14. Good man Brendan Andy C - food Ralph - food James - food Kimbers - food Simon - food Brendan - food Nifty - possible
  15. Firstly, a warm welcome to LEF, Richard Hopefully, someone will be along shortly to answer your query. Meantime I've moved your topic into a more appropriate section within the forum (G car technical room) where it is more likely to be spotted by those who possess the relevant expertise. Oh, one other minor point. Please could you switch your 'caps lock' off? Typing in block capitals is considered to be the online equivalent of SHOUTING (been there, done that too ). James
  16. Well, I'm just the tiniest bit inebriated One of those fatal "I'll just pop in the pub for a quick pint at lunchtime" gigs... only to arrive home some 13 hours later
  17. 51 cars sold in August 2008 v 13 cars August 2007 v comparable figures from other sportscar manufacturers... hardly a disgrace! Not sure of the relevance of the number of Europas within the figure either? 51 Lotus is 51 Lotus, non? Surely, we should be congratulating MJK and his team on such a dramatic turnaround, especially in such difficult economic circumstances, not castigating them. The first article makes reference to Lotus' accounts, presumably their latest year end audited figures. As such the data contained therein will have been based on a 12 month period ending earlier in the year. Assuming the accounts have just been approved and released the reporting period probably ended Q1, or very early Q2. The EDP article, on the other hand, is based on the latest position/figures. So while the accounts refer to staff being laid off, that could well have happened some 12 - 18 months ago. Since which time the balance sheet has been rebuilt thus enabling the company to begin hiring new staff again.
  18. And there's more... This from the Eastern Daily Press Onwards and upwards
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